Book 1: Reflections.

Series: Light, Water and Muses. An alternate universe for a variety of television series. See disclaimers below.

Rating: NC17.

Category: Yet another mirror universe for the SGC.

Pairings: Janet, Art and Sam.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 and all their characters belong to MGM, Showtime and Gekko Productions. But I think we all knew that, hmm? Art and Lucky are mine.

Spoilers: References aplenty to the majority of the third season here, consider yourselves warned…

Summary: The girls bond even more closely through memories and conversation. Not to mention really hot sex…

Chapter 17 Close Shave…



This was going to drive me insane.

And Art knew it.

Damn her.

I still burned and fizzled under my skin like electricity, the push and pull of my suddenly unfamiliar uniform threatening to send me into screaming fits. It was maddening and thrilling, the almost painful sensitivity in my groin. When I'd begged Art to shave me, I thought I'd been prepared.

Wrong. Oh so very, very, dead-ass wrong.

Pulling together my scattered attention, I focused on Daniel, who was eyeing me oddly. “You okay, Sam?”

“Wha? Oh… um… just a little tired, that's all.”

Art's focus didn't shift away from O'Neill, but I saw her smirk. I wanted to reach down and rub away the burning sensitivity so bad that my vision was blurry. Not a good frame of mind to be in for hand-to-hand combat practice. Shaking off the distraction as best I could, I raised my fists in their padded half-gloves.

Normally, Daniel couldn't best me, despite the fact that he'd become a much better fighter over the years of Jumping. I dodged the first punch with sheer reflexes, then the second, then… I had to twist to avoid a decent body swipe, and my damn pants rasped across my crotch. Daniel's body impacted into mine and we tumbled toward the floor. Some primitive instinct tried to jerk me out of the way of his larger mass. The effort was amazingly successful as I twisted in midair to put Daniel's larger body under mine. He hit the mat with a 'whuff' and my body crashed down.

And the most amazing sensation exploded across my nervous system.

It was like an explosive orgasm and a swift kick in the crotch all rolled up into one. Daniel's elbow broke my fall, so to speak, and the rough ride down his raised arm compounded the sensations. By the time I finally came to a stop straddling his chest, I was concerned that I had truly burned out a few synapses. There was a brief glance of his shocked and concerned eyes as I curled up into a fetal ball.

Gradually the intensity lessened slightly and other sensations crept in. Hands on my back, Daniel's frenzied apologies, and O'Neill's calm instructions that I should be taken to the Doc. Twitching and gasping, I was draped between the two men and hauled off to the Infirmary. Janet's voice was asking questions, Art's hands grabbed my legs and I was settled onto a firm exam table.

“She basically got kicked in the crotch,” Art explained and Daniel spluttered. Wrung out from too many shocks to my system and desperate for some relief from the humiliation, I groaned plaintively. That was Janet's cue to shoo the others out of the exam room.

“Poor Sam,” she soothed softly and stroked my forehead. The other hand curled, ever so gently, around the burn between my legs. “Maybe a bit too sensitive, hmm?” I moaned again, for her tender touch soothed and stoked the fire, reminding me what she meant to me now. When I moaned again, peering up at her through unshed tears, she bent over to kiss me softly. “Relax love, I'll take care of you.” It was simple enough for Janet to remove my boots and tug at my belt. Still unable to verbalize clearly, I must have made some small noise, for she grinned at me. “I need to make sure your goodies aren't damaged, now arch your hips up. Carefully now…”

She shucked off my pants and underwear with ease and it was a relief to have the snug cloth away from my newly-shaven skin. Socked feet in the dreaded stirrups, I awaited her touch. The air in the room was almost chilly against the hot flush in my groin, the vinyl cool on my ass. Settling onto a stool, Janet slid up between my feet and clicked on the little spotlight. I jumped when I finally felt her, but the dull pain faded as my body remembered her lover's touch.

“You look intact,” Janet murmured as she examined me gently and I tried to ignore my growing need. “You need to quit playing so rough with the boys.” Pleasure sang along my nerves as her tone and touch changed. The pads of her fingers stroked along the tiny shaft of my pleasure, and through the pooling wet of my guilty arousal.

“Oh Janet,” I groaned softly. “Please.”

“You need a little TLC?” She purred softly, her light stroking maddening, pushing aside any lingering pain. “Daniel's various body parts not good enough for you, eh?”

Ablaze with embarrassment and need, I arched into her and heard her chuckle. Exquisitely gentle, Janet peeled back the naked, sensitive lips of my sex and just held me like that.

“Please… please…”

It was an eternity before I felt the tickle of her hair, the feather brush of her tongue where my need was hard and tight. With that soft stroking she drew up the incline and let me loose to fly free. The rolling orgasm left me drained and relaxed.

++ Janet ++

It took a moment to fix my makeup and drape a sheet over Sam's hips. “You rest sweetie and I'll be back to check on the swelling soon.” Sam hummed wearily at me and tossed one arm over her eyes to block out the overhead lights. Poor thing was wiped out lately. “Oh, and Sam?” One blue eye peered out at me. “Don't forget that you're scheduled for a Jump tomorrow.”

“Oh God…” She moaned as I closed the door behind me with a chuckle. Once she'd calmed down, Sam would be ready for her regular physical. In the meantime, I could get started on her teammates.

Art was making faces at Mac while the Navy physician did her damnest to concentrate. The antics made me laugh and got Art a smack on the knee. Beneath my hands, Daniel chuckled along. “What a difference a year makes,” he grinned softly and gave me a warm smile. I didn't get it. I didn't…

The hubbub of the Infirmary faded away as I realized something so big and so glaringly obvious it was like suddenly noticing that there was a florescent elephant standing on your foot.

It was December seventeenth.

It was goddamn December seventeenth!

Horror made my stomach roil and I made an apologetic noise at Daniel before bolting from the room. I hadn't suffered incessantly from morning sickness and nausea while pregnant. The queasy tornado ripping through my guts was making up for lost time. Only the prick of a needle broke through the storm of sickness and it receded a bit. Gasping and panting, I leaned against the knees of my savior and tried to get a grip. “Better?” Mac asked and I could only nod weakly. “That was just dolasetron. You sounded like you needed it.”

“It's December seventeenth,” I murmured woodenly, still shivering in horror at forgetting.

“And?” Mac prodded quietly and rested a gentle hand on my shoulder.

“One year,” I sobbed and leaned my forehead against the toilet seat. “One year.”

++ Sam ++

Tucking in my shirt, I was prepared to leave when someone stepped in. Since it was Mac, I didn't think anything of it. “So, we good?”

“I need your help.”

Now I was paying attention and took note of the sudden strain in her expression. “What's wrong?”

“Janet's tweaking over something and Art's un-findable. Can you help?”


“Bathroom, c'mon.”

I heard the sobbing as soon as the door swung shut behind us. Mac's voice barely registered as I rushed over to drop to the cool tiles and gather Janet into my arms. “Shhh, I've got you,” I purred softly over and over again while rocking her soothingly.

“Oh Sam, we forgot,” Janet sniffled. “It's December seventeenth. Poor Art. What are we gonna do?”

One year ago a grenade had exploded only feet from Art, blasting fourteen chunks of ragged metal into her vulnerable body. By some miracle she had been saved by a team of Army doctors and returned to her own country. Broken and barely healed, with no possibility of a future with the military, Art came to the SGC as an unexpected last chance. I remembered the quiet pride and wry humor that was so characteristic of her and made her so irresistible. Only nine days later I had stood over her with the Healing Device I could barely control and finished piecing together the damage modern science could do nothing for. Now she was happy, healthy and successful, with a long and prosperous future ahead of her.

“We're going to go home and make her happy that she's alive,” I said simply and Janet's expression began to clear.

“Yes. Thank you Sam. That's exactly what we should do.”

Mac flashed a relieved grin as we left the bathroom and assured us that she would cover us for the day. Now to go home and show that woman precisely what she meant to us.

++ Art ++

If I was honest with myself, I had mixed feelings about this day and the fact that no one had brought it up. Cassie had merely flashed me a weird glance on the heels of a smile as I walked in and headed upstairs. There was a mirror there and I usually avoided it while the scars were uncovered. Yanking off my fatigue shirt, I gathered handfuls of the black t-shirt and paused. My reflection looked scared and lonely. It was a real effort to peel of the soft material and face the scars. They looked no different, no outside change marked this milestone in my life. Ragged and puckered, the massive zipper started under the soft sportsbra and ran down my torso to vanish under my pants. It was terrifying to look at and always had been, no matter how brave I might act about it.

The puckered scars were rough yet soft against my fingertips as I explored them. It was rare that I did this, this self-exploration of the marks. So little sensation from my torso, and so much felt through my fingers. The dichotomy of feeling never ceased to amaze me.

There was a creak and light from the hallway spilled into the dim room. “Are you okay?”

It was Cassie, concern strong in her voice and the warm weight of Cooper and Lucky were suddenly on my legs. “No,” I heard my voice answer against the bidding of my fear. In a soft rustle of movement, she was standing beside me, this girl becoming a woman. Fourteen and a half with a gravity to her no child should ever have to know.

“At least you get to carry your scars on the outside,” came the wise words that froze my self-pity in its tracks. I met her eyes in the mirror, and looked down at my loyal and loving dogs. Sam and Janet were probably on their way home by now and I had two children on the way when I would have never be able to have any of my own. Laughter bubbled up, carrying something dark and morbid and infected with it.

“You're right Cassie,” I chuckled gently and gathered her into a tight hug. “Thanks for reminding me to quit whining.”

“Wasn't whining,” Cass mumbled and hugged me back. “It was pain. I know how you feel.”

We were still standing like that when Janet and Sam filled the doorway with their presences.

++ Janet ++

In the deepest hours of night, with a Stargate Jump awaiting them and days of worry for me, none of us could sleep. We'd made love for what felt like an eternity, showered and dozed off. Only to remain too restless to rest for very long. So the night had turned into twenty questions, which turned to sexual revelations, which got my puppies all riled up. Luckily, they remained careful of my swollen body as they rough-housed.

“Sam, you ask the strangest questions,” Art chuckled and brought my attention back to my lovers.

“If you don't ask, you don't learn,” Sam responded primly and dissolved into giggles as she was tickled.

“I swear you two,” I groused good-naturedly. “You can't go more than an hour without acting like wolf pups.” They desisted their wrestling with a laugh and once more snuggled up to me. Murmured apologies earned them fond kisses on their heads. “What turns me on, huh? Besides the two of you?” More chuckling and soft kisses accompanied Art's evil grin and Sam's bashful pleasure. “How you can still be red faced around us Sam is a miracle,” I teased lightly and she buried her face into my shoulder with a strange noise that was as pleased as it was disgruntled. “I like knowing the way things work, what makes a body tick so to speak. Years ago I started bugging any adult that would listen to tell me what my heartbeat was and why I had to eat food and why we had to use the bathroom. Things like that. My mother bought me a book about body functions and I was hooked. Sometimes it's hard to separate my job from the physical attraction I might feel for a patient, but I have to. Coming home to you two gives me a whole new appreciation of body and soul.” I saw their matched smiles, felt their silky skin under my wandering hands. The play of strong, flat muscles and the steady rhythm of their hearts thrilled me endlessly. “But I'd adore you both even if something awful happened to you. As long as you're with me.” First Art and then Sam thrilled me with slow kisses and gentle caresses. Satisfied with that for the time being, I hooked a finger under Art's chin to catch her eye. “What about you ahn-dhras?”

There was something odd in Art's expression, something perhaps a bit embarrassed and shameful. Before I could ask, she spoke very softly. “I'm fascinated by power and I have a thing for uniforms. My first girl lover back in San Antonio was a civilian cop. Sexy uniforms those Troopers have. At least on the svelte ones.” We chuckled at the reality of those not quite suited by body type for uniforms. Uniformity was sometimes overrated.

“Is that where that silver Texas button came from?” I asked curiously. “The one that's tied around that ratty shepherd stuffed animal on your desk?” It was a ridiculous looking thing, with a lolling pink tongue, a coonskin cap and a red collar with a 'Huck Finn' tag hanging from it.

“Good guess,” Art chuckled and I gave her a mocking glower.

“And here I thought it was from Jo.”

We chuckled for a moment before Art sobered and reached out to lightly trace Sam's lower lip, her expression thoughtful and vulnerable. “Your power, both of you, it's awe-inspiring and intimidating.” Sam and I grinned with pleasure and Art continued in that soft tone. “You two are the cream of the crop for the brainy end of the human spectrum. Maybe you don't see it the way I do. Not to say that mere ordinary folk like me or say Karen or Mac aren't any less valuable and competent than you two or Jo or Daniel, but the raw intellectual power and focus really is amazing. Add in that we're all among that ten-odd percent of the military and you're both high ranking officers and you can see where I'm coming from.” She'd gone from deadly serious to grinning madly and I could only laugh and pull her into a warm hug.

“You always did have a way with words,” I chuckled lovingly and accepted her kisses willingly. “Thank you love.” Art's delight deepened almost shyly as Sam roughly nuzzled her temple and growled possessively.

“You guys broke me out of a self-imposed prison I didn't even know I was locked in,” Sam murmured harshly, her expression heart-breakingly sincere. “No one's ever made me feel so safe and loved as you guys do. That's important to me.”

++ Sam ++

If only they knew how important. Yet, every time I looked into their eyes, unguarded in private like this, I could see that they really did understand.

“I like it when I can play rough with you Art,” my voice spoke up and my face flushed. She just nuzzled my face gently. “You always seem to know how I feel. No one's ever even come close but my mother.”

“No one's ever tried hard enough,” Art soothed and tugged at me to clamber over Janet's body and be pulled into a suffocating hug. “I intend to spend the rest of our lives getting to know every nuance of you. Both of you. Now tell me what that repressed dirty mind of yours has conjured up.” How did she always seem to know? Embarrassed as hell, I burrowed into her neck and shoulder and could feel the burn of awkwardness. But I had started this conversation and chickening out now would only get me tickled or wrestled into submission. Not that the whole idea wasn't appealing…

“I want to break the rules,” I hedged feather-soft in Art's ear. “But it's hard. Sometimes you push me too hard and I like it. It makes me try harder and do things I probably wouldn't be brave enough to do on my own.”

“Like getting involved with us in the first place?”

“Exactly like that.”

“Like getting shaved naked?”

Burning with a flood of kinky hormones, I squirmed anxiously into her sturdier body and squeaked when she bit my neck. Thank God those strong tendons connecting neck and shoulders were hidden under the uniform, that bite was probably going to leave a bruise. The disciplined, stoic part of me fought the arousal from the rough treatment. I wasn't supposed to like this, it railed angrily at me. But really, who wrote the bedroom rules? Shouldn't the involved parties in the relationship dictate them? Hadn't I just complimented her on pushing me to hard?

The moan echoing up from my chest was a relief to finally let go. Art chuckled lovingly as I rolled my head off to the side to give her easy access to my vulnerable throat. Neither of them would hurt me and I knew it.

++ Janet ++

Oh, now this was getting interesting. Seems Sam's love of the rough play extended deeper than we'd thought. Art was being very careful not to leave any marks on the long column of Sam's arched throat, but was taking no such precautions across shoulders and clavicle. When Sam jerked and squeaked from a particularly aggressive nip, I thought that would be the end of this experiment. Something must have shown in the pale blue gaze, for there was an answering blaze in Art's darker gaze. “Don't stop,” Sam ground out harshly and threw her head back with a groan as Art attacked her breasts with a growl. There was little I could do when they got rough like this, but it was a ton of fun to watch. As Sam writhed and stretched, I impulsively grabbed her wrists when she had them above her head.

“I've got you,” I hissed softly and those pale eyes stared at me in grateful shock. There was no way in hell I could restrain Sam like this unless she wanted me too. The angle was bad and she was far stronger than I was. It was the psychology of the restraint that was working. Of all the times Sam had been trapped, physically, mentally and emotionally, this was a safe way to alleviate all that. And there was nothing the two of us wouldn't do for her.


As awful as I had felt about missing this anniversary until almost the last minute, the payoff had been well worth it. With Sam still sore from her accident earlier in the day and the twins as bulky as usual, we had both ravished Art slow and sweet. In turn, she had lovingly mapped every square inch of our caramel and cream skins, making us both feel cherished and loved. It made saying goodbye to them the next morning both harder and easier. I watched SG1 and Art head for the active wormhole and step bravely through. As usual, I sent off a quick prayer and prepared to go about my day. How I hated waiting…

“Doctor Fraiser?”

It was Eric, newly promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and now in charge of SG3. All of them had been promoted up a rank for good service and reward for remaining loyal. They looked supremely uncomfortable, even Mac, and she worked with me all the time.

“What can I do for you Colonel?”

“Do you have a minute?”

“Sure. Is the Briefing Room okay?”


Chris sat on one side of me while Mac took the other. That left me to watch Eric and Mark and their stoic pain that was barely disguised by training and effort. “Carter's living at your place now, right?”

Whatever the hell I expected Eric to say, I certainly wasn't prepared for that comment. Fear blasted up my spine and threatened to short-circuit my brain. Everyone knew about Art and I, but Sam wasn't protected, she wasn't safe. Eric suddenly waved me off and scowled in that brusque and endearing way of his. “Shit Doc, I wasn't implying anything. Jeezus…” Mark smirked and Mac choked on a cough while Chris just laid his head on his crossed arms and sighed. It was actually kind of funny and I let my lips quirk up in a queasy grin.

“Can't really blame me for worrying about her reputation,” I shrugged with utterly false nonchalance, but Eric took the comment at face value.

“Yeah, that's fair. Look, I'm only bringing it up because we still feel awful about what happened with… you know.”

I did know. And I understood that they couldn't talk about it yet. They had adored Bob Makepeace, followed him into danger a hundred times or more, laughed and bonded with a camaraderie that seemed unique to Marines and their Navy counterparts. The devastation of his treachery would take a lifetime to heal. My solemn nod was enough to reassure Eric and his body language perked up a bit.

“We wanna do something nice for her, y'know, let her know not all Marines are assholes. I overheard Goldston talking about building an apartment over the garage for Cassandra. We'd like to do that for Carter instead.” I must have looked as startled as I felt, because Mark suddenly jumped in.

“We already have the stuff we'll need and it'll only take a few days. An architect buddy of mine drew up some plans and Chris knows how to do electric wiring from his uncle.” Chris grinned and flashed a thumb up in the corner of my eye. “The permits from the city are already filed because we were really hoping you'd say yes.”

Well then…



Ah, four days locked in a cage or running for our lives, wondering where my partner was and listening to the locals have a religious pow wow over their origins in the universe.

There were times I really hated stepping through the Stargate.

Eventually our captor had convinced himself to throw away his beliefs of a divine entity creating his people on that world. Our presence had convinced him and he'd helped fashion our escape. Battered and frustrated yet again, we stomped down the ramp with a damaged Nyan in tow. Poor guy would have to live here now; there would be no returning to the world of his birth.

“Remind me why we do this again?” I smirked at Jack as we settled Nyan onto a waiting gurney and followed him towards the Infirmary.

“Don't ask me, I've been trying to retire for years now,” he chuckled and smacked me on the arm. I was seriously disappointed that Janet wasn't there, but it would give Sam and I something to look forward to when we got home. We slogged through debriefing, checked in on Nyan, said goodbye to our teammates and headed home. Now that the danger and boredom of our latest adventure was over, Sam was starting to squirm.

“Poor baby,” I chuckled and ran a friendly hand up her inner thigh. Sam squeaked and the car skipped dangerously on the icy road. “Full of adrenaline and hormones, with no way to bleed it off.” There was a screech of the Jeep's heavy tires as Sam took the four by four onto the sloped shoulder, thankfully away from the steep edge of the mountain. “Anxious?”

Sinuously twisting her body from under the wheel, Sam was abruptly straddling my lap and kissing me roughly. I chuckled deep in my body and reached down to drop the passenger seat flat.

“If you insist ehromenee.

++ Janet ++

They were late and I was worried.

Stress was never good for a body, but it was particularly bad news for me right now. With one hand resting on the swell of my unborn children, I waited for the return of the women I loved. Cassie flopped down beside me and snuggled into my side. “How're you feeling?”

“Decent. But very pregnant.”

We chuckled softly together, foreheads touching. What a strange family we all made, but I adored it. “They'll be home soon,” Cassie reassured me and on cue, headlights flashed across the living room window.

“Thank God,” I murmured and climbed to my feet to greet my tardy lovers. They were laughing and breathless with whatever game they had been playing this time. “You're late.”

Art grew sober and came to me with a warm hug. “Leepahmay my love, we got caught up.” The apology was as sincere as Sam's blush, so I willingly let Art kiss me hello.

“You should call.”

“I promise. Why are the outside lights all out?”

Ah yes, the surprise still awaited Sam. Cassie barreled out to tackle the blonde woman back into the door with a suffocating hug. “Hi! You have a present! Can I mom?”

“Be my guest sweetie. C'mon Art, you'll want to see this too.”

Together we herded the taller women upstairs to show them what the Marines had accomplished. “There,” Cass pointed out proudly and pointed at the end of the hallway. Blonde hair and black canted sideways in confusion at the new addition.

“There's a door there,” Sam pointed out unnecessarily and Cass and I chuckled.

“Open it. There's nothing scary in there, I promise.”

Trusting me, Sam went to the door and yanked it open. Both and she and Art needed to be prodded into the room beyond, where they gawked at the new space.

“What the hell,” Sam murmured as she took in the apartment that had once been drafty garage rafters.

“The Marines wanted to apologize for their own,” I explained quietly. “Go check out the bathroom, I'm jealous as hell.”

There was a plain bedroom with a double bed and a simple, sturdy dresser and desk. It had been Chris and Mark's joke to scare up camouflage print bedding and stitch a patch on it reading, 'Property of the SGC'. It earned the laugh I'm certain they had been hoping for.

Through the other door was a bathroom that any fancy hotel would be proud of. There was a whirlpool tub and a glass shower stall that had nozzles sticking in all directions. Mac had enjoyed embarrassing her teammates by making dirty comments about the potential uses of all that plumbing. The wall above the oversized vanity was completely mirrored with an enormous lighting fixture mounted in the ceiling.

“Holy Hannah,” Sam breathed.

“I'll let them know you like it,” Cassandra grinned in delight.

++ Sam ++

After ogling the room, Cassie discretely slipped away so that Art and Janet could soothe my overwhelmed emotions. Hugs and kisses did the trick as we cuddled on the firm new bed and its thick pillows. In time Cass called us downstairs with complaints of a growling tummy and a phone call with Mac on the other line. She was nice enough not to pass onto her teammates the teary catch in my voice. There was no doubt that I adored the gesture and willingly agreed to go drinking and playing pool with the four of them someday soon to celebrate.

Knowing we adults would be useless with emotions running high among us, Cassandra shooed us off to bed. It was obvious she knew exactly what was going on and was playing it cool. So Art cheerfully agreed with her and grabbed me in a headlock to haul me upstairs. Why we both liked this particular physical exchange was beyond me, but her tender/rough treatment of me was bliss. In the bathroom, she gave me that smoldering look that made me literally weak in the knees. Janet giggled in delight as she always did when we got frisky.

“You two are entirely too overdressed.”

While I had no idea exactly what Art had planned, there was that glint of something almost dangerous in her eye and I couldn't obey fast enough. Somehow she was naked faster than I was and my last boot was yanked off to let the fatigue pants fall away. With a sinuous move my lust-slowed brain couldn't track, Art suddenly had me face down in the mattress with my hands trapped in the small of my back. The expert police hold increased the fountain between my legs, made me whine shamelessly for relief.

“Kinky, horny bitch,” Art mock-growled and I squealed in delight at the burn of her swat across my ass. What was it about this woman that brought out this side of me? A second spank on the other cheek brought my hormones to a nice boil, my hips arching eagerly off the bed.

“Please, oh please Art.”

“Bring your knees up under your body,” she rasped hoarsely and pressed my wrists harder into the small of my back. I was going to have to work for it and we both knew it. With real effort and limber muscles, I managed to get both knees splayed open, hips arched up a hand-span, so damn hot I thought I would die. “Janet love, would you do the honors?”

The bed shifted as Art moved to straddle my shoulders and settle lightly into me. Now I felt truly dominated and luxuriated in the trusting sensation. Art gave my wrists a warning squeeze before linking my hands in a parade rest.

“Keep them there, you hear me?”


Breathing short, every nerve tight and straining, I let my body feel the movements of Janet wiggling around on the bed. The brush of warm skin across my foot, calf, knee… soft hair trailing teasingly across my flesh. Distracted from the tender feeling by the impact across my tense ass, the sting translating straight into my groin…

“Fast or slow?” Was Janet's sudden purr as her hair tickled across my belly, breath hot in my groin.

“Might be fun to see how long she'll last, getting it hot and slow,” Art growled and I cried out in ecstatic distress at their teasing. Art shifted lower on my body, scars and curlies almost touching my clenched hands, trapped there by nothing more than my own need. Her hands stroked ass, thighs, the back of my knees and her scarred belly pressed into my locked fingers. Janet pressed kisses into my lower belly and her lips tugged at my naked labia. With her hands adding to the stroking, I flew higher. If I moved my hips more than the slightest bit, Art would swat me and admonish me to stay still. When I was good and did as told, Janet's exquisite mouth would tease deeper. The universe ceased to exist, only them and the firestorm of emotion and sensation only they could cause. The softest of sucking, firm-gentle hands, the weight pinning me, willing and vulnerable to the bed…

It built like a volcano, magma filling my whole body and the pressure ready to tear me apart. A thousand times I traveled to that cliff edge and was coaxed away to climb higher and higher. Strong arms wrapped around my hips so that Art's whole body was holding me firmly. “Do it baby,” she growled and I started screaming as Janet's mouth suddenly pulled at me as though trying to turn me inside out. A gentle, firm touch on my vulnerable anus shattered me even further apart…


Sensation filtered in slowly to comb back the darkness. Every muscle ached and twitched, my bones like gelatin. A low moan and a loving chuckle perked my ears right up and made me turn my head. They were so beautiful together, Janet sprawled on her back with one leg drawn up and Art wrapped carefully around her. Kissing and cuddling, they slowly made love, Art's arm flexing as she stroked her wife to completion.

Trembling and crying out, Janet shuddered in her ecstasy. “Good morning,” she purred softly and trailed healer's hands over Art's coca skin.

Kahlee mehra. Sam's up”

“Good, she'll have to judge my technique. Bring that luscious bod over here, you sexy thing you.”

My exhausted body whimpered to life as Janet slowly guided Art into position. That wicked tongue trailed over skin, scars and the outline of bone and muscle just under the surface. I was mesmerized by the beauty of them, desperate and leery of joining in.

Janet's hand slithered out to connect with my belly and walked up my torso and throat to slip in between my lips. While Art settled in over her wife's mouth, I suckled at the teasing digits caressing my tongue. Head thrown back, Art was losing herself in the expert loving. It only took a tug at my jaw to coax me into the action.

Carefully, I wedged my body between Art and the headboard, capturing her moaning mouth. Janet's wet fingers trailed down my side as Art and I caressed each other. I could imagine the sight we must make, the sexy image fracturing when those damp fingers slipped deep into the constant burn between my legs. It was as though they had tapped into a lifetime of need when they had uncorked my once-repressed sexuality.

To be continued…

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