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Title: Reflections

Email: to get both authors or to reach us individually, try &

Rating: This depends on the section you’re reading, but it will go as high as NC-17. Consider yourself warned! If this is illegal where you live, for Goddess sake, move! If you’re a minor, be patient, this thing will still be here after your eighteenth birthday. Think of it as a wonderful birthday present to look forward to…

Pairings: Girls with girls, girls with boys, boys with boys. It’ll all make sense in the end!

Category: Yet another mirror universe for the SGC.

Date: Begun in December 2000 & still going strong.

Series: Oh yeah, sure, you betcha!

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 and all their characters belong to MGM, Showtime and Gekko Productions. But I think we all knew that, hmm? Art and Cooper (and the other newcomers) are mine, but feel free to send them on additional adventures. All I ask is that you keep them relatively classy. Oh, and send me a copy to add to the ‘What if…’ collection!

Notes: Artemis Goldston was originally created for ST: Voyager. Karen was based on a favored role-playing character in a system called Shadowrun. I adored them both so much that they were reformatted for the modern day and added to this universe instead. Hope you all like them, I sure do. Darya is an old role-playing personality of AJ’s that we felt needed to be here and Jolynne was just for spice in the mix.

All words in italics or with links are phonetic foreign words, mostly Greek.

Warnings: Serious kinkiness will ensue here folks. Straight sex, queer sex, threesomes, Daddy scenes, you name it. This was originally to have been fairly PC, but the muses have made their wishes very clear…

Spoilers: Arrr! Beware maties, there be references aplenty to the majority of the third season. Bad pirate accent aside, consider yourselves warned…

Summary: The SGC gets two new recruits who immediately begin to change some established dynamics… Things just get weirder from there.


The Big Six:
George Hammond
Janet Frasier
Jack O’Neill
Sam Carter
Daniel Jackson

Artemis Goldston & Cooper/Lucky (SG1, later CO of the SGDs)

Carol Astor (SG15)
Betty Garibaldi (nurse, Infirmary)
Mary Jimenez (Technician)
Darya Farazell

Bob Makepeace (later removed)
Eric Kelly <Major>
Mark Barron <Captain>
Chris Greer <Staff Sergeant>

Karen Taylor (later, Hammond’s executive assistant)
Dr. Billy Masters

Jolynne Regan <Captain>  AF
Burt Anston <1st lieutenant> & Grover  AF
Manny Gugliamo <1st Sergeant> & Bandito  ARMY
Patrick O’Connor <Major> & Turtle  AF
Frank Striker <Captain> & Macintosh “Mac”  MARINE

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