Light, Water, Muses

Or It's All AJ's Fault

Written by Shatterpath & Stormwriter

With help from more friends than we can name...

Please note that the only books "done" are those with links currently listed. We are working to get the rest of the books finished, but RL has been a real bitch to us.... The links for the timeline and the photo galleries will be working just as soon as we get those pages ready to go.


Shatterpath & Stormwriter
& the Muses

Book 1: Reflections .. Set in an alternate Stargate SG-1 universe

Book 2: Resurgences .. Picks up one year after Reflections

Book 3: Refractions .. Picks up five months later, set in an alternate ER universe

Book 4: Rapids .. Picks up in January 2002.

Book 5: Ripples .. Picks up in February 2002.

Book 6: Rainbows .. Picks up in August 2002.

Book 7: Currents .. Picks up in late August 2002, the continuing story of Helen & Nikki from Bad Girls.

Book 8: Conversions .. Picks up in late October 2002, the continuing story of Alex & Rachel from Poltergeist: the Legacy.

Book 9: Convergences .. Picks up in January 2003, the convergence of every major plot thread thus far in the series, convening at The West Wing's White House.

Prisms .. aka A collection of stories that ended up being too complicated to be Reverberations, but not complicated enough to warrant a book of their own within the LWM universe

Reverberations .. aka Stuff we didn't want to lose, but got dropped from the main books

The LWM Timeline

The Glossary of Greek Terms

The LWM Family Photo Albums