Book 1: Reflections.

Series: Light, Water and Muses. An alternate universe for a variety of television series. See disclaimers below.

Rating: Back to the nastiness again. We've got a NC-17 rating, we've got serious kink here, we've got… oh just read the silly thing.

Category: Yet another mirror universe for the SGC.

Pairings: Janet, Art and Sam.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 and all their characters belong to MGM, Showtime and Gekko Productions. But I think we all knew that, hmm? Art and Lucky are mine.

Spoilers: References aplenty to the majority of the third season here, consider yourselves warned…

Summary: Merry freakin' Christmas…

Chapter 18 Happy Holidays…

++ Janet ++


“Not much longer now,” I answered Colonel Raymond's cheery question about the twins as I walked past him to the Infirmary. The bulk of them on my small frame was becoming very noticeable. Everyone was in good spirits this day, the magic time of Christmas Eve, and relative peace in the SGC was intoxicating. My staff turned a blind eye when Art slipped in to grab me in a hug from behind and lightly kiss my neck.

“Hey gorgeous,” she purred and I giggled happily. “See you tonight. Have a wonderful day.”

A little note was pressed into my hand before she had sauntered out to finish her day. Her sexy half-smile on the way out sent me scampering for my office as soon as I could. It was concise and to the point, like my sweet ahgahpee.

*The show starts when you walk in the door tonight, but no getting home early.*

Show? Anticipation dried my mouth and sent my heart rate soaring. What were they up to now?

++ Art ++

The change was startling, despite my hand in it from the beginning. Sam and I had ducked out early on our shifts, having arranged it a week ago with O'Neill. Cassandra was spending Christmas Eve with Uncle Jack and Daniel and they would bring her back tomorrow morning. The living room had been prepped and the final touches were going into the costumes. Considering how obviously Sam was trembling with anticipation, I wouldn't be surprised to find that my makeup was a mess. She had been painting tiny lines of black around my mouth to simulate facial hair. Already, she was dressed like one of the Backstreet Boys, every inch the scruffy teenage punk. With her slight build and a baseball cap pulled backwards over her hair, the transformation was quite convincing at first glance. Blue eyes had gone dark with the need building inside her. A while back, we three had talked about fantasies and things that turned us on. Poor Sam missed certain things that being a man had taught her all those months ago. So we were going to attempt to make some new memories along those lines.

Abruptly, I let my own burning arousal break free and grabbed Sam to press her body back into the sink. She gasped and moaned as the pressure of my kiss thumped the back of her skull into the mirror. In the nesting of our hips was the firm press of the surprise packages strapped to both of us. When I felt her hands creep into my hair, I growled menacingly into her mouth, “keep you hands to yourself boy,” and smacked her hard across the upper curve of her ass. For a long moment I leaned back only far enough to see that Sam had grabbed the edge of the bathroom counter in a desperate grip, eyes closed, chest heaving, skin flushed. Stars above, she was sexy as hell, even in full boy drag. Again, I ground her pelvis into the unforgiving tile and ran rough-gentle hands across her chest to pinch sensitive nipples. “Pretty boy,” I purred in my lowest tone, fully lost in the fantasy now. “So good, so needy. Aren't you?”

A demanding bite just under the edge of her hair brought on a cry and a convulsive shifting of Sam's hips. “Y...yes.”

“Yes what?”

The wheels in Sam's head were turning frantically to come up with an appropriate term. A jerk of my hips brought on another groan and her head rolled forward to rest on my shoulder. “Yes sir,” she whispered almost soundlessly and I could feel the burn of embarrassment on her skin. Oh, this just kept getting better and better. I let just enough space between us to reach down and wrap a firm hand around the false erection beneath the baggy pants and grind it firmly into Sam's hairless crotch. As sensitive as she was from being shaved earlier in the evening and all this playing, she was soon howling from the quick orgasm that crashed through her. Chuckling in delight at my ehromenee and her enthusiasm, I slipped that same hand under the jeans and boxers to gather up both her moisture as well as a squeak of response. She stared at me with passion-dazed eyes as I painted that pleasure across her soft mouth.

“Now go wait on the couch and be a good boy.”

“Yes sir,” she sighed dazedly and crept from the bathroom. That left me to try to ignore my own distracting arousal and finish my costume.

++ Sam ++

Originally, the beer was to have been merely a prop, but after that quick ravish in the bathroom, I was overheated enough to put half the bottle down while still in the kitchen. I had no idea all this role-playing was going to be such a damn turn-on. Still tingling from that latest orgasm, I was fully prepared to do anything to get more. The taste of beer and my own come that Art had so deviously painted me with, heated me right up for the next round. The memory of the brute she had strapped around her hips, just for me, added fuel to the fire. Suddenly, the front door rattled open and I froze. There was a long beat while I stared at the kitchen door and waited in nervous anticipation. Then the sounds of the most recent Colorado Avalanche hockey game filtered into the kitchen. Janet had pushed the 'play' button on the remote control as the note instructed. That was my cue.

It took real effort to act as though I was unaware of Janet's presence near the entertainment center. In that shadowed corner, lit only by the sparkling Christmas tree lights, she had a perfect vantage point of our stage. So I flopped lazily onto the couch and thumped both sneakered feet onto the coffee table. Those sultry brown eyes burned over me, taking in my boyish appearance. So I slouched lower into the cushions and took another long swig from the beer. Any second now…

“Dammit boy! What the hell are you doing?!”

Art had snuck into the room so quietly that I nearly jumped clean out of my skin when she shouted in that menacing cop voice. Snapping my head around, I saw that the gunbelt had been buckled over the civilian cop uniform. Oh yeah, I was in for it now. Remembering my role, I hunched my shoulders and whined, “nothing.”

Footsteps clomped over in the heavy boots to stand beside my knees. I looked up into glittering dark eyes, only the hockey game and the tree illuminating the room. Gesturing to the bottle still clenched in my fist, Art continued in her role. “And what the hell is that fucking beer doing in your hand? You know you're not old enough to drink that! Worthless piece of shit, I oughtta put you over my knee and spank you, since you keep acting like a child…” Still ranting, she leaned over me to pull the beer away and I could see the dildo outlined clearly by the tight pants. It distracted me so badly that I found myself grabbed by the shirtfront and shaken lightly. “Are you listening to me boy?”

“Umm… yessir, sorry sir.”

“Damn well better be. Spoiled brat, haven't I taught you any common decency at all?”

This needed to go to the next level and I knew it. Slowly and teasingly, I placed both hands on Art's strong thighs and stroked those long muscles. “I'm sorry daddy,” I whispered just loud enough for Janet to hear. “I know I've been a shit. I didn't mean it.”

Art's eyes were warm and loving as she gently kicked my legs off the table and stood there by my knees. “I know that boy, but you are such a pain in the ass. Don't quite know why I put up with you. Maybe I should just throw you out and find me a new boy.”

Alarm that was only mostly feigned, made me sit up and grab the heavy belt. “No sir, please sir.” The words fell from my lips, fear of ever losing these wonderful women giving the brief dialogue a power I hadn't expected. Art's breathing deepened as she fell further under the spell of this kinky game. Janet was already panting heavily in her shadowy corner. Suggestively, I traced my fingers over the bulge in Art's pants and fired a coy glance from under my lashes. “Forgive me daddy?”

It took a long moment for Art's upper brain to work its way through the haze of arousal. She reached down to push my hat away and run gentle fingers through my short hair while the other covered my hands and the brute. “I might be persuaded boy, but you better give me a damn good reason.”

Oh, maybe I should have let the scene play out further, but I was desperate to bring that beast out to play and fumbled with the heavy belt until it clattered noisily to the table. Art chuckled, her voice rumbling low with arousal. Hands shaking, I tugged at the black shirt and pants, leaning forward to press suckling kisses to the scarred flesh.

“Good boy,” Art panted, still stroking my head and ears. “Show me what a good cocksucker you can be.”

++ Janet ++

It was extremely titillating and a bit disturbing to see them like this. Oh, I knew this was my beloved puppies playing yet another of their endless games, but it was easy to get drawn into the act. Sam freed the large dildo Art wore and proceeded to get it good and wet. The illusion was complete when Art grabbed the tousled gold locks and moaned along for effect. The hand Sam had slipped under the harness was probably helping. It was impossible to reach the throbbing center of my own need around the bulk of the unborn twins and I was forced to watch and burn. Finally, Art pulled Sam away and dragged the slender woman to her feet by the grip on her hair. “Enough boy, enough. Get on your knees.”

“Y… yes daddy.”

Despite the costume, it was my gentle Art that yanked Sam's belt open and let the loose pants drop. With a quick, almost rough move, Sam was suddenly kneeling on the couch, hands braced on the back of it and moaning loudly. Art's hand was busy between Sam's shaking thighs while the other stroked the length of the pseudo-cock. “Brace yourself boy,” she managed to groan while she positioned herself to ravage Sam's willing body. Using the smaller dildo Sam wore as leverage, Art slid home and Sam screamed out her pleasure. “That's it,” Art growled in a tone I don't think I'd ever heard from her before. “Tell me you like it.”

“Yes! Do it daddy! Do it!”

It was hard and fast, Art's grunts lost among Sam's strident cries as they screwed frantically on my sturdy living room furniture. It didn't take long for Sam to start shaking, her sounds taking on that desperate tone that sets the neighborhood dogs to howling. Twisting her head, I saw white teeth latch onto the black collar to muffle the noise. The orgasm ripped through Sam with enough force to leave her limp in Art's strong hands. I could only stare.

“Jeez…uz,” Sam murmured quietly and yelped when Art pulled away to smack her across that tight ass.

“Watch your mouth boy.”

“Yes daddy,” Sam sassed back with patented Jack O'Neill sarcasm. Though I doubt that O'Neill had ever been ravished doggy-style over the back of a couch before. Still, one never knew…

Tired, but game for more, Sam shifted so that she was sitting back on her heels, facing Art. The baggy pants were still around her ankles, tangled around the sneakers she wore. Art loomed over her, hands braced on the back of the couch, breathing ragged. Sam ran teasing hands over Art's chest, pulling open the uniform shirt to get to the warm flesh beneath. “Please daddy,” she whispered coaxingly, her tone all teasing coyness. “Let me show you I'm sorry. Please.”

I couldn't see Sam's suckling at Art's body because of the trailing edges of the shirt, but the low noises my dearest spouse was making left little to the imagination. Slowly, Sam squirmed until she was able to duck around Art's legs and sit on the table. The black pants were tugged down and the harness loosened enough for Sam to get at her. Art's eyes were closed as she concentrated on the feelings racing through her nerves. Once Art's pants were around her ankles, Sam knelt with knees splayed on either side of the booted feet. Still murmuring submissive encouragements, Sam went to work on Art's dripping pussy like a starving woman. And as regular as the sun rising in the east, Art began to murmur quietly in Greek, only the occasional phrase coherent to us.

Sam hung on for the wild ride while Art's hips jerked and bucked. Far more quickly than I was accustomed to, Art went rigid and made those sexy little noises that accompanied her release. Moaning and shuddering, Art dropped her head between her braced arms and Sam gentled her suckling until calmness settled. Sam moved until she was sitting on the couch again and tugged Art down to straddle her. Playfully, she pressed nipping kisses to the dark skin and purred seductively, “thank you daddy. I promise to be a good boy from now on.”

“Liar,” Art chuckled and pulled Sam's head back with a hand in the gold hair. “You'll start misbehaving the second you get hard and wet. Isn't that right?”

Instantly, Sam was moaning and squirming. “Yes daddy, but I'll do anything for you, sir… please.”

“Anything boy?”

“Yes, yessir, please sir.”

“Well, in that case, I believe our company needs some attention. Do as you're told and make me proud, boy.”


Only then did they acknowledge me, two pairs of burning blue eyes lasering across my body and soul. They both yanked off their pants and shoes, Sam quickly dropping to her knees when she finished.

Art stalked over like some great jungle cat to lean over me and I drank in her loving kiss. “Welcome home ahgahpee mou,” she murmured against my lips and I could feel her smile. “How are you and the cubs feeling?”

“Mmm… wonderful. This was quite the delightful surprise. Thank you.”

“Oh, I think me and the 'boy' still have some Christmas spirit left, isn't that right, boy?”

“Yessir,” Sam sighed from near my feet. Gently, they began to strip me while Art continued the seduction with her deep voice.

“Think you can make it over to the comfy spot we set up for you on the dining room table for some TLC?”

It took a little maneuvering to get my pregnancy-swollen body positioned, but my strong lovers managed it. Art gave Sam a rough kiss before shoving the taller woman so that she was bent at the waist. “Get in there and earn your keep.”

There was a muffled 'yessir' as Sam pressed teasing kisses to the inside of my thighs. I watched Art pull a tiny tube from the pocket of her dangling shirt and liberally cover the dildo with lube. By now their teasing was making me whimper and Art smacked Sam hard across her vulnerable ass. The movement made her jerk into me and we both moaned loudly in appreciation.

“Quit fucking around, boy.”

Oh yeah, that was more like it. I wouldn't last long at this rate and we all knew it. Propped up in my nest of cushions, I watched Art's glistening hand teasingly run up the crack of Sam's ass, outlining the imprint of her hand and dropping to press into her dripping sex. But her thumb made Sam squirm and suck even harder at me. Seems Art had found another kinky fetish of Sam's, gently priming that sensitive spot, fingers in Sam's wetness and the dildo teasing her clit. I could barely see what they were doing from my prone position, but I knew Art's body language intimately and could follow along in the dance. My orgasm was rushing at me as I watched and Sam sucked at me with desperate intent. Then Art carefully pressed the toy around her hips home and Sam gave into the invasion with a shuddering moan. That was enough to send me over the edge, the universe gone white around me.

I returned to myself to find Sam braced above me, eyes slitted and face contorted into a grimace of pain and pleasure. Crooning softly to her, I trailed gentle fingers over the boyish undershirt to catch and pinch hard nipples. Drenched with sweat, every muscle taut, she was magnificent. “Gently Sam, I want to feel both of you, please…” I begged and she nodded jerkily. There was a pause in the action as Sam carefully positioned herself to slide the small toy she wore into me and I groaned in appreciation of the subtle sensation. Mostly, I just wanted the sense of closeness this act brought me and it didn't disappoint. Every thrust of Art's hips ground Sam into me and drove those depthless azure eyes further towards insanity.

Gently, I trailed my fingers up to trace the lines of Sam's face and the gesture seemed to ground her. Her eyes focused and her lips pulled back away from her teeth like an animal. Art's fingers ran through the gold tresses and traced the flushed ears.

“C'mon ehromenee,” my dearest love groaned coaxingly and Sam growled. “C'mon…”

Art suddenly changed the angle of her thrusting and both our pleasure spiraled higher. Only then did the beast in Sam's eyes finally break through, it swept, howling across her body to drip wet from her mercurial eyes. I traced her soft mouth and the crinkly lines of laughter and stress bracketing the blue. And like a burst balloon, Sam collapsed onto her elbows, head on my chest, Art's strong hands holding her hips up. Broken sobs warmed my skin while she trembled back to herself. Art stared at me, dark eyes wide in shock and worry. My quick head shake reassured her and I held Sam until she calmed.

As quickly as the storm hit, it was gone. Sam quivered like a hunted animal and clung to me. “I love you guys,” she whispered as though she couldn't quite believe it.

“Good,” I purred soothingly and continued to pet her hot skin. “Because it's entirely mutual.”

Art made an affirmative rumble as Sam resettled her feet again. That done, Art could join me in stroking Sam's spent body lovingly. Gradually, Sam allowed us to maneuver her gently to the push and pull I craved from her. She moaned and growled as overstimulated nerves were tortured by our two bodies. The orgasm that finally rippled through me was like a warm bath and I kissed her deeply in appreciation. “Mmm, thank you, Sam love.”

We remained like that for a long beat, joined by the toys and the heat between us before Sam gently pulled away from me and bent over further.

“You ready?” Art asked softly and it took a long moment for Sam to nod. The low moan was evocative as Art slowly pulled out and tugged Sam upright into a powerful hug. “Thank you, Sam. That was beautiful.”

Sam could only whimper and cling. After long moments, Art pulled away only far enough to strip them both of what clothing remained as well as the harnesses.

“Just give me a moment to clean up a bit, just in case we sleep in tomorrow and we get company early,” Art chuckled and gave my swollen belly a fond pat. “Then that big, comfy bed sounds damn good about now.”

Sam stood quietly beside me with one hand wrapped loosely around my knee and I relished the sweet gesture. It was a quick job for Art to gather up their stuff and kick all of our shoes under the coffee table. A bundle of clothes and adult toys were deposited into Sam's arms with another powerful kiss. “Bed ehromenee, we'll be right behind you.”

Nodding blearily, Sam toddled off in that general direction with a distinctly awkward list to her stride. We grinned after her for a moment before Art leaned over to kiss me. How I loved kissing this woman, she made me utterly believe I was the center of her universe. While we learned one another yet again, she gathered me up into her arms and followed Sam.

“So, how was your day?”

The blasé question made me laugh and hug her. “Fine, except for having my imagination conjure up all kinds of wicked ideas of what you two might be planning.”

“Ah hah, then my devious plan worked,” Art smirked and I laughed harder. In the bedroom, Sam was sprawled on her stomach, arms and legs akimbo. When she stirred, Art soothed her down gently with her low voice. “Relax Sam, you've had a long day.”

So Sam went limp again with a sound that was half groan and half whimper. When Art laid me down, Sam wriggled around until she was cushioning my upper body with her lanky frame. Despite her whipcord leanness, Sam was soft in the right places and I snuggled in happily.

“What now ahn-dhras?” I asked playfully and she grinned.

“Since you haven't been able to work much lately, that long shift must have worn you out, ahgahpee mou. How about a massage? That'll let Sammy get her second wind. Or is it her third?”

“Sounds heavenly.”

While Art worked the oil into my skin, Sam lazily caressed my scalp and upper body. It was heaven to let their four hands soothe away the perpetual tension that pregnancy had brought into sharp focus. In time, I was in that blissful place of pure sensation and utterly primed for them. Sam shifted to curl along my side and kiss me sweetly. Hunched up against me, she was just barely in a position where I could tuck a curious couple of fingers into the soaked treasure between her legs.

“Mmm,” I hummed and Sam moaned softly, thrusting against me. “No wonder you're so eager. Amazing that you haven't spontaneously combusted.”

She was baby smooth again and her skin was feverishly hot. The first shaving had made both of them a bit wild and tonight was more of the same. While I was teasing Sam, Art was leisurely stroking the bulge that contained our growing children. The gesture always relaxed me and made me hot. Once she had me good and ready with both mouth and hands, I gave Sam a firm push down. “Go take care of your daddy,” I purred and managed to not laugh as the pale eyes went smoky. A quick tug at her ear made Sam moan softly. “And no touching yourself either. We'll take care of you in good time.”

Eagerly, Sam scrambled from the bed and ducked down to fuel Art's growing pleasure. To the chorus of our loving, I was soon pushed over the edge into yet another glorious orgasm. Another wrestling match broke out between my puppies as Art twisted to pounce on Sam. They growled and laughed, the language between them incoherent but surprisingly eloquent. It was Sam that actually managed to pin Art, despite the darker woman's greater mass. They kissed hungrily as their hips rocked together and their passion drove higher. But eventually the teasing grew to be too much and Art urgently tugged at Sam until she got the point and I felt myself grow hot yet again. In one lithe motion, Sam had twisted her body around until they were in a classic sixty-nine. I could hardly wait until I was slim enough to do it again. It was the first time all night that Sam had a mouth on her and was soon screaming from the tender pleasure. Weakly, almost lazily, she suckled until Art trembled and went limp.

“Come to bed, my sweets,” I coaxed and they blearily complied. Curled tightly along each side of me with their sweaty heads on my shoulders, I felt full to bursting with love for my precious family. “Merry Christmas.”

New Traditions and Old


And to think I still had another month and half of this… Sighing heavily, I awkwardly gathered up the clean laundry and waddled back into the living room. I despised sitting still, but my erratic energy levels had finally gotten me ordered away from the SGC to stay at home. So here I was, alone and bored, my mood quickly degenerating into self-pity.

Especially after that show last night! I would definitely have to get those two to give me a repeat performance one day. I was still tingling in all the right places. Sam and Art had taken Cassie to go get a Christmas tree, after I had insisted I would be fine alone for awhile. Company would be over soon enough, but I was still feeling lonely. Cooper trotted over to lay his big head in what little lap I had left. He pressed one sensitive ear up against my swollen belly and I had to wonder if he could hear them. It wouldn't surprise me. So with my hand idly fondling his soft ears, I let my mind drift…

The doorbell startled me out of my doze and sent Cooper scrambling for the door. “I'm coming,” I muttered irritably and dragged myself after him. Starjumper was there as well, whining eagerly in anticipation.

For a long moment I could only stare. I had been expecting the boys, not this free-spirited gypsy with her waterfall of loose, silky black curls and flashing aquamarine eyes. White teeth flashed in an irrepressible grin and I found myself smiling back.

“You must be Janet,” the young woman said in a delighted alto voice. “Merry Christmas.” The wooden case and battered military duffel thumped to the porch and she extended a hand. “I'm Zo Goldston.”

Of course. There was a definite resemblance, particularly in the engaging smile. When I hadn't responded after a brief, startled moment, she continued on.

“I know I should have called, but I wanted to see Art so badly and I couldn't tolerate the idea of spending Christmas away from her after what happened last year. And I wanted to meet you so bad. Hi Cooper, do you remember me?”

When I glanced down, Cooper's tail was wagging. A blast of chill air made me shiver and I finally grabbed her hand to pull her inside. “Janet Fraiser, pleased to meet you. Come in and defrost, you look cold.”

“Oh yeah,” she agreed cheerfully. “Don't know how you people stand this weather.”

Beneath the long coat she wore a loose, wild-print shirt, a long wool skirt and heavy leather boots. The expansive mane of curls barely restrained at the back of her neck fascinated me. Zo rambled on about her flight and her spontaneous visit like she'd always known me. Was this what Art had been like before the Army had shaped her? So unfettered and carefree?

“If you'll have me of course.”

That last statement made me smile. “We'd love to have your company, Zo, come sit.”

Within an hour, the young woman had thoroughly endeared herself to me. With a steady stream of lively, intelligent conversation she had entertained me. Even better, she had finished folding the laundry, tidied up, made hot chocolate and befriended the pets.

++ Art ++

It had taken far longer than I could believe to find 'the perfect tree', and I was tired and cold. But every time crankiness threatened, I would catch Sam eyeing me with that hot, shy stare and the memories would flood over me. No wonder we were useless in helping Cassie decide.

“Here! Sam, Art, look at this one!”

Cassie's excitement was contagious and the three of us stood around the perfect tree.

“Excellent. Now let's take it home!”

It took another 20 minutes to get the tree cut, wrapped up and strapped to the roof of the Jeep. By the time we pulled into the driveway, it was nearly noon.

“We gotta stop staying up so late,” I groaned around a stretch as Cass and Lucky scrambled out of the back of the Jeep.

“At least we didn't have to work today,” Sam said softly and I glanced over. So I hadn't imagined the faintly hopeful tone in her voice. She was demurely studying her hands, clasped in her lap, and her ears were pink. I couldn't resist reaching over to tweak one of those flushed shells.

“I think we both have some energy to burn off, hmmm?”

She was so cute when she colored like that. It took only a few cuts to the snug twine and we adults hefted the six foot pine between us. When I entered the house, I heard Janet's laughter floating from the living room. Even as I stepped into the room, I recognized the other voice and froze.

++ Sam ++


There was a flash of post-modern gypsy clothes, a cloud of wild curls and the lanky woman had pounced on my startled pal who dropped the cut end of the tree to the carpet. After a shocked moment, they were conversing in rapid-fire Greek that left my head spinning. Taller and more finely boned than Art, this stranger could only be the younger sister. The resemblance was obvious in more than just their coloring. She had flashing aquamarine eyes and an incredible waterfall of the familiar inky curls. After a moment, Zo gestured to Janet before firing me an intensely curious glance. Whatever she said in that suggestive tone got her smacked across the shoulder. Laughing, she waved her older sister's comment off and let Art break away only far enough to coil an arm around my waist. Startled by the public display of intimacy, I tensed for a moment even as I was pulled up against her side. “Sam, this is my sister, Zo.”

The magnetically familiar smile in the almost-familiar face made my heart catch. With my hands still full of my end of the tree, I smiled weakly and Zo chuckled, “pleased to meet you Sam. Hey Art? I think your tree is damaging the carpet.”

Sto-dheeahvalo!” Art muttered and we quickly finished getting the tree into the living room and into the stand. Now overheating in my warm clothes, I stripped down to my t-shirt and watched Art kiss Janet hello.

“It's beautiful,” Janet sighed happily at the proud pine. “Thank you.”

Art received a long, lusty kiss that had Cassie rolling her eyes, Zo giggling and me salivating. Once she was let up for air, Art was flushed and distracted. Janet merely smiled enigmatically and Cassie sighed melodramatically. But she went willingly enough to accept to accept a light kiss on the forehead. “Doesn't Sam get one too?” Cassie asked with exaggerated innocence, a distinctly Janet-like twinkle in her eye. Before I could protest, Janet gave me a mischievous grin and crooked a beckoning finger. I never could tell her no and slunk over self-consciously beneath Zo's curious stare.

“Thank you, Sam,” Janet purred playfully and tugged at my belt until I bent down and accepted her gentle, chaste kiss. Except that the barest tip of her tongue snaked out to brush against my lips in the quickest of teasing gestures. I managed to refrain from jerking my head back in surprise and gave her a glare before standing.

“You're welcome,” I managed to say calmly despite my embarrassment and burning hormones.

“Quit teasing, ahgape-mou,” Art chuckled. “People might talk.”

Janet pouted, but there was no malice in the exchange and I escaped into the kitchen. In the other room, I could hear the sounds of Art mustering the troops into putting lights up on the tree before the others arrived. I was hot and bothered with no foreseeable relief for a long time. Unless…

Poking my head back into the living room, I called out softly, “Janet? I'm going to go grab a shower.” She smiled knowingly and I ducked away.

I had only been up to the little apartment the Marines had built me long enough to drop a few things off. It was their way of apologizing for what Bob had done to me. Sighing, I let the melancholy feeling be smothered by the amazing love I had found in my two best friends. Despite the understandable wariness of my heart, I adored them to the depths of my soul. And from those warm feelings came the reminder of my jangling need.

If the bedroom smelled of fresh paint, then the bathroom reeked of it. Fully a third the size of the three car garage underneath it, this was sheer luxury. A big whirlpool tub and a shower encased in glass beckoned me. Which to use? Bless those Jarheads for catering to this long-ignored need to be pampered. I stripped and savored the dilemma of which way to enjoy a hot soak. The cool air felt exquisite on my oh-so-bare skin and the lack of clothes a sincere relief. I never thought I'd hate the feel of fabric against me. Retrieving soap and shampoo from my duffel bag, I dove under the hot water and sighed in bliss. The Marines had spared me no expense and that included a sixty gallon water heater. Today I planned to find out how long that much liquid would last me.

In time, the staccato beat of the water reminded me of other needs than cleanliness. My hands lingered over my breasts where both nipples stood out hard and achy. A pinch and caress made me shudder, that flaming path from chest to groin lighting up like an airport runway, leading my hands ever downward. My exploring touch drifted over midriff and belly, pleased with the firm, pliant muscles beneath my skin. While I didn't get the curvy muscles Art had, the tight sleekness suited my slender frame better. The taut curves of my butt muscles were even better, making me look less like a teenage boy. Skin on skin slick with water, I moaned when the temptation to press against my aching anus became too much. Still tender from the reaming the night before, the sensations skittered across my body like the cascading water. Art in particular was so damn good to me, though I knew Janet would be far more active once the twins were born. They were holding her back strictly with the bulk of their physical presence.

Curious fingers smoothed over my shaven pubes, still fascinated by the delicate softness of the skin so long hidden. It was an intense, intoxicating sensation, every touch amplified a thousandfold. The tickle of water sneaking over those sensitive areas was almost as arousing as my fingertips. With little preamble, I slipped inside and pressed my thumb to my aching clit. There was something thrilling about my predictable touch. At this moment the entire SGC could have been watching and I wouldn't have cared. I needed relief so bad…

It was upon me like a flash flood, my cries dampened by the internal soldier warning, 'danger, be quiet.' Cassie and Zo certainly didn't need to know what I was doing up here. Panting with exertion, I stood quietly with my fingers still in and around my sensitive sex. Arousal still chimed across my nerves, but I was at the point where further stimulation would be painful. I needed a talented mouth desperately and frustration made me groan.

I wasn't certain what caught my eye, but I yelped in alarm, jumping back into the shower wall defensively, adrenaline flooding my system. How long had she been standing there? Deep blue eyes burned with hunger and my racing heart picked up the beat of her need.

Yanking open the shower door, Art stepped in, uncaring that she was still fully clothed and water was spattering all over the bathroom. Deadly serious in her need, she ducked her head to capture the slick fingers I had raised defensively at her unexpected presence. I very nearly passed out at the hot, wet caress of her mouth and tongue over my sensitive digits. Slowly, she increased the pressure of her sucking until my legs began to shake. Once I was nearly hyperventilating, Art dropped soundlessly to her knees in the scattered spray of the shower. A tug at my hips had her mouth deep in the burning softness between my legs and I was in heaven. Head thrown back in ecstasy, fingers deep in her curls, I cried out wantonly and to hell with anybody hearing me.

A second orgasm swept over me, but Art was unmerciful and slipped a thick bundle of fingers deep inside to help coax me up that incline once more. I screamed willingly for her, helpless against the loving onslaught.

Boneless with completion, I slumped over to be expertly draped over Art's shoulders in a fireman's carry. Smacking the taps closed and snatching a towel from the rack, she carried me into the bedroom. There she unceremoniously tossed me onto the bed like a sack of potatoes and I giggled madly. She was feral with need now, lips pulled back from her teeth in a smile that was a snarl. Delirious with pleasure, I whispered, “strip, please Art, please.”

I enjoyed watching her familiar body emerge from the water-spattered clothes. Once naked, she obeyed my tug at her leg and knelt over me. I knew even before I dipped into her dripping wet that she was good and ready. So I settled in for a long Christmas snack.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

++ Zo ++

Sounded like Sam was a screamer. Cassandra was either oblivious or ignoring the high-pitched caterwauling that had the Shepherds whining in sympathy. I couldn't resist flashing Janet a wicked grin and she ducked her eyes away with a blush. A delighted cackle echoed up from my chest and Cassandra looked at me like I was a little off. “What?”

“Your cat,” I bullshitted innocently and gestured to where the tiny kitty was inspecting my case of art supplies. “I'll have to paint her, just like that.”

“You paint?”

“Yep, and I'm damn good at it too.” Okay, the expletive earned me a maternal glower from Janet and I reined in the most extreme of my enthusiasm. “I never really go anywhere without at least my basic supplies. Here, I'll show you some sketches.”

“Cool,” Cassandra enthused and we sprawled out onto the floor to inspect my drawings. Not all of them would be become paintings. Truthfully, very few of them would, but I liked to keep my grasp of form and function fluid with pencil and charcoal. When some pals of Janet's arrived, I recognized their names and within minutes I had Emily and Karen drawn into the demonstration.

“Look! Look K'ryn! Is mommy!” Emily crowed as the lines of graphite made by my hand began to take shape. She squealed in delight as I handed her the sketch and she toddled over to Darya to show it off. There was something about the green-eyed woman that tugged at me. My empathetic abilities keyed into her almost in a territorial way, predators unsure of what to make of each other. It was nothing that serious, but my imagination and the heightened emotions around me were making me a little lizard-brained. That, and the somewhat squicky knowledge that my sister was ravaging the more desperate of her womenfolk upstairs. I could almost taste Sam's need like the sweet charcoal aroma of a bonfire.

“There's somebody here,” I murmured softly and Cassandra looked at me oddly as I took a wild guess as to their identities. “Packmates?”

Darya felt it too; I could see it in the shocked gaze she shared with me. I'd never met another who could sense others the way I could. On cue, there was a heavy thump at the front door and a middle-aged man stumbled in, laden down with bags of stuff. “Uncle Jack,” Cassandra yelled and galloped over to help him with the packages.

“Hey Cassie, Merry Christmas. You ready for some serious spoilin'?”

Behind him was a good-looking woman bearing a box and a warm grin, shadowed by an enormous bear of a black man that moved like a panther. Following was a handsome fellow in glasses that smiled, and a pretty young man with a waterfall of dreads worthy of admiration. When the latter's dark eyes flickered over, I grinned and he willingly returned the expression.

This might be entertaining.

++ Teal'c ++

I had been listening to them concoct insulting or whimsical twists of their names for the better part of our holiday afternoon. 'Art deco', 'Jack of all trades', 'I never understood Art', 'Jack in the box', 'Artful dodger', 'Jackalope', 'Art and soul', 'Black jack'; had all been traded. Little of it made sense to me and it appeared as though Daniel Jackson was having the same difficulty. Both Sergeant Goldston and O'Neill were doing their best to stare one another down while not giving into their amusement. Sara O'Neill, Doctor Fraiser and Captain Taylor had silently witnessed the entire exchange as well. Doctor Farazell and Zo Goldston had taken the children outside when it appeared as thought the verbal exercise had become subject matter they should not be exposed to. An indulgent expression crossed Doctor Fraiser's features and I resisted the urge to smile in return. Pregnancy had given her a feral edge that made her both appealing and dangerous.

“You gonna jump in, Carter?” O'Neill taunted and she anxiously waved him off. Goldston chuckled and grinned challengingly at O'Neill while his mate leaned into his side.

“Chicken?” Goldston taunted and was rewarded with Carter's pink tongue stuck out at her.

“Oh, I dunno,” O'Neill mused with feigned nonchalance. “But maybe we should change the subject.”

“Yeah, I think we've jacked her up enough.”

The gleam in O'Neill's eye grew predatory once again as Jackson groaned softly. It appeared that I was the only person to take note of the gleam of perverse amusement in Fraiser's carefully neutral expression as she surveyed the others. “Oh I don't know,” she said with soothing calm. “You could always just put in a new Christmas carols CD, Art.”

“CD?” Goldston echoed in puzzlement. The gleam deepened even as her expression never changed.

“Sure. You know what they say, music soothes the Samage beast.”

It was delivered with the precision of a surgical strike and with such expertise as to warm my heart. With a droll quirk of a dark brow, Frasier calmly returned to her cup as the others could only stare. Despite myself, I smiled in appreciation of her well earned victory.

“Wow,” O'Neill breathed after long moments. “If I leave Art on some planet somewhere, can I have you?”

“No,” Fraiser replied dryly and we all braced ourselves. “But I'm sure the thought will make great jack off material.”

As one, the Tau'ri stared in shock until I was barely capable of restraining my amusement. Sara O'Neill began making strangled sounds of amusement only moments before Doctor Farazell did.

“Ouch,” Goldston winced under her breath and Fraiser smiled sweetly at the stunned O'Neill. Or to be more precise, showed her teeth. In an instant, her expression had morphed into a childish pout and Fraiser gestured at all of us with her cup.

“At least all of you can drink for inspiration.”

That petulant complaint made Goldston scramble over to kiss her lovingly, one dark hand resting on the swell of the unborn children. It had the desired effect as the small woman was once again smiling.

“Doctor Fraiser,” I intoned respectfully and the married couple looked over to me. “I do believe that Daniel Jackson has been excluded from this verbal exercise.”

There was a start of shock to my left and his pale eyes grew round in horror. The predatory smile returned to Fraiser's face and Art sat down carefully beside her. I was unable to tell if my teammate was upset or amused. Perhaps both? Long, breathless moments passed before Fraiser's eyes focused once more. In that same dry tone, she delivered what was certain to be the final salvo in this engagement. “With three doctors in the room, I'm surprised that the Colonel hasn't said 'Dammit' yet.”

The breathless silence deepened, at least a dozen ears trained on her reply. I did not understand and my expression said as much. That grin returned again and she explained in a silky, dangerous tone. “You see Teal'c, it's a play on words. Daniel, Sam, Janet. Dammit.”

“Ah, by combining fragments of your names, you were able to produce a Tau'ri expletive. I salute your effort Doctor Fraiser.”

She nodded regally, a subtle echo of my own body language that only deepened my humor.

“I surrender,” O'Neill said meekly and the others could only stare. Before anyone could recover from the decisive blow and muster return fire, the doorbell chimed through the house.

++ Hammond ++

Carter's surprised and delighted smile was worth the trip to the new Fraiser household. “Sir,” she spluttered and I smiled warmly.

“I come bearing gifts.”

“Peasants?” Squealed through the house as Emily came toddling over to collapse breathlessly against Carter's leg. “Peasants?” She lisped again and I grinned widely. Stepping past Carter, I crouched to flirt with the wide-eyed child.

“Merry Christmas Emily. Since you liked your teddy bear so much on your birthday,” with a dramatic pause, I brought out her gift from behind my back. “I brought a little sister.”

Her delight was a palatable thing as she squealed again and pounced on the blonde teddy with its white tummy and soulful glass eyes. Clutching it close, Emily went off to babble excitedly at her mother. “Look! Look, mommy!”

“It's pretty. Are you going to tell grampa George thank you?” Darya said patiently in the other room while I pulled the open door out of Carter's hand and she smiled vaguely at me. It closed with a click on the cold weather as Emily's voice bellowed out from the depths of the house.

“Sank you, gampa George!”

Laughter echoed out through the Christmas afternoon. In the living room, I spotted my original quarry and she lit up with delight at my mischievous expression. “Tickle face,” Emily giggled and laughter rang out once more. Rather than tickle Janet as my expression implied, I merely bent over to press a kiss to her forehead and to hell with protocol.

“Merry Christmas.”

“Thank you… grampa George,” she teased lightly and was distracted by the wine bottle in my hands. Then she realized what it was and her expression crumpled in disappointment. I knew she couldn't drink, and Goldston's glare nearly fried a hole in the side of my head.

“Yes, it's for you. But take a close look at the bottle.” After a moment, both women looked up at me and I was struck again by what beautiful children the twins were going to be. “It's an import my daughter recommended to me. She loved it when she was pregnant through Christmas, years ago.”

It was a non-alcoholic mulled wine from France. While prohibitively expensive, it was well worth the look on Janet's face. A wineglass and cork puller magically appeared at my right shoulder in a familiar hand and I flashed Karen a grateful look. A couple of quick maneuvers and Janet was blissfully happy with a glass of wine that she could actually drink and enjoy.

++ Jack ++

I couldn't believe how good it felt to have Sara back in my life. Especially around the holidays like this, with kids and friends surrounding us and taking off the edge of pain that had driven us apart for too long. When Charlie had died… part of us had died too. I'd been too much of a bastard to be there for her and was determined to make up for it now. She'd taken the bits and pieces we'd been authorized to tell her about the SGC in stride. When she nuzzled into my collar, I smiled down at my wife and was ever so grateful that we had never given up on one another completely. Separated was easier to walk away from than divorced.

“They're awfully cute,” Sara chuckled and I looked confused. “Look familiar?”

Following her gesture, I saw Art leaning over Fraiser and swapping sweet kisses. “If they were any cuter, they'd be nauseating,” I agreed and Sara chuckled.

“Look!” Emily suddenly crowed from where she was sprawled on the floor by the couch. “Bockers! Like Kryn!”

All us grownups laughed at the pair of gaudy holiday boxer shorts clenched in her little fists.

“Those are a little small for me honey,” Karen deadpanned and flashed Cass a wicked glance. “You bringin' company home?” Cass looked shocked and the Doc fired a murderously maternal glower that made the big woman visibly flinch. “Sorry Doc. Cassandra. That was inappropriate. Ignore me. What'd you put in this eggnog anyway Goldston?”

Flushed and in danger of her life, Karen slunk off to hide behind Darya. Having thoroughly intimidated a combat veteran twice her size, Janet calmed and grinned at the embarrassed Cassie.

“I wouldn't dare,” the teen mumbled and we all laughed.

“Sanna an' deer an' snow,” Emily sing-songed happily as she examined the bright cloth. I caught the glance flashed between Sam and Art, one laced with embarrassment and one with amusement. Finally Sam jumped to her feet and knelt beside the child.

“They're mine. Can I have them back?”

Emily gave Sam a long look of skepticism and disbelief. Dressed as Sam was, in a colorful, body-hugging sweater and skirt, I hardly blamed her.

“Boxers certainly don't fit the image,” I drawled and received an embarrassed glare. God, she was easy to rib.

“I must have folded my laundry down here and dropped them.”

Art snorted in amusement and commented, “boxers can be comfy. At least when wearing pants. They definitely wouldn't work in that skirt.” Sam's blush deepened and Emily sighed melodramatically before handing over the shorts in question. “Now you can add 'em back into the collection.”

“That's my women,” Janet chortled delightedly. “A couple of bad clichés.”

There was an odd lull in the room as Janet looked as though she wanted to swallow her tongue. An unreadable expression ghosted across Art's face and Sam went pale. That comment could be taken in ways that might threaten Sam's career.

“Do someone's laundry and you get to know a person,” Art shrugged nonchalantly. “And there're very few pretenses left in this house. Momma Doc here.” Janet squeaked from the tight hug bestowed on her. “Is territorial. Heaven help anyone who tries to entice Sam out of the pack.”

Both Sam and Janet were flustered now and Emily scrambled up to hug the former. “No tease. Bad unca Art. Bad.”

It was just too funny and any unanswered curiosity fled in the face of Emily's excellent comedic timing.

++ Zo ++

It had been a wonderful day, joyous and happy. Art's friends had been good company despite the air of secrecy that hung over them. I had been shocked at Art's reaction to my teasing this morning about Sam. She bristled and then winced, and then grew loving and protective of the tall woman. Throughout the course of the day I had watched the three of them and Cassie. The adoration flowing throughout the family was like warm summer sun, impossible to miss. They all touched and smiled and showed the obvious love among them.

No one so much as batted an eye over it. By hiding the true depth of the relationship in plain sight, Art, Sam and Janet were kept safe from idiotic, archaic rules. I was so proud of them.

Janet had wished me a goodnight with a warm kiss on my forehead and wandered off with Sam playing spotter. That left me to find my sister. She was in the backyard, sprawled out in the secretive grove of trees in the back of the property. It was bitterly cold in the deep snow and I shivered my way over to her. With no comment Art flipped open the heavy sleeping bag and I clambered in beside her. It was warm and cozy as we cuddled like kids and watched our breath turn white in the cold. “What are you looking at?” I had to ask quietly. Her expression was serene and I was calmed in turn.

Ta ahstehria.


“I've grown fascinated with them.”


A melancholy smile softened Art's face and I was sadly reminded of those first days after we had lost mom and dad. Many a long night we would curl up together against the chill of loneliness. “It's comforting to have something be so constant, I guess.”

“I never thought of it that way. Sort of like having someone watch over you.”

“Yeah, sort of like that.”

A long time passed in comfortable quiet as I soaked up the often-missed presence of my adored sister. In time I nudged her lightly. “I really like your family. All of them. You're really lucky.”

“The luckiest,” Art breathed with a sappily devoted smile that warmed my heart.

++ Sam ++

As much as I adored my friends, I was ever so glad to get the last of them out of the house. Even Cass had left, off to watch too much TV with her uncle Daniel, no doubt. Art had shooed Janet upstairs some time ago and left me to lock up. Cleaning up would wait until tomorrow. So I scooped up little Jaffa and took a quick peek into Quark and Quasar's cage to ensure that their food and water was okay. They came out to say hello, trade sniffs with Jaffa and lick my fingers through the bars. “Merry Christmas,” I chuckled and they returned to their plastic igloo to dream rattie dreams. Talking softly to the sleepy kitty, I climbed upstairs and quietly slipped into the master bedroom. A pair of candles threw warmth and shadow over the two figures on the bed, Janet's small, swollen body with Art wrapped carefully around her. As always, they were beautiful together and my heart swelled with adoration. Lucky had been allowed into the room this night and I patted her affectionately when her head came up to acknowledge me. When I looked up, I was startled to see both pairs of warm eyes watching me.

“Hey,” Janet murmured and stretched. “C'mere sweetie. This bed isn't crowded enough.”

Tired, but happy, I yanked off my clothes while they rearranged themselves underneath the covers. Ecstatic shivers thrilled up my spine as I cuddled up to Janet's warmth and felt Art's hand reach out to curl into my hair. “We have something for you ehromenee,” Art purred and I felt something small and hard in her palm as it pressed lightly against my scalp. “We want you to know, beyond the shadow of a doubt that we adore you and we need you, not just for today or tomorrow but forever.”

A strange sensation in my gut felt almost like panic, coupled with a swell of love that was suffocating. When Janet moved Art's hand and opened the curled fingers, something glittered there, blurry from my tears. “This is from both of us,” Janet explained quietly. “It's three strands of colored gold woven together, just like us.”

It was a simple ring, elegant with it's wire-like weaving of gold in yellow, rose and a pale blue. And it meant more to me than they could ever know.

To Be Continued…

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