Book 1: Reflections.

Series: Light, Water and Muses. An alternate universe for a variety of television series. See disclaimers below.

Rating: NC-17

Category: Yet another mirror universe for the SGC.

Pairings: Janet, Art and Sam.

Disclaimer: Stargate SG1 and all their characters belong to MGM, Showtime and Gekko Productions. But I think we all knew that, hmm? Art and Lucky are mine.

Spoilers: References aplenty to the majority of the third season here, consider yourselves warned…

Summary: Some loose ties are knotted off.

Chapter 20 New Beginnings

++ Janet ++


Some indefinable sensation roused me from sleep. Around me, the house lay quiet and dark. What had woken me? A tense, ready sensation buzzed along my nerves to center low in my body. Oh yeah, I was hot and bothered. There was one loose body curled up near my knee, another at my shoulder. With a blind grope, I latched onto the nearest, instantly recognizing Sam's taste on my tongue. She moaned sleepily and began to respond to the lusty kiss even as Art stirred to life. A desperate groan coaxed Sam to arch over me, taking the lead in what I so obviously craved. Art began to kiss and caress my swollen body, driving my burning passion higher. It was a compulsion, fire under my skin, this need that threatened to short-circuit my nervous system. They had grown accustomed to my bouts of horny energy over the course of the pregnancy, so much so that Sam had dubbed them 'Gate fucks' because they were speedy and efficient. The term brought a whole new meaning to 'open the iris'. There was little preamble as Art settled herself in for a quick snack while Sam devoted herself to distracting the hell out of me. How I adored them and the single-minded attention they paid me. Not to mention their patience with my wild hormones and eclectic needs.

“Oh yeah,” I groaned into Sam's mouth and felt her smile. “Right there love, please.”

With a growl, Art did as I begged, sucking at me as though to pull my very soul from my body. Despite the awkward weight of the twins, I arched up into Sam and heard the sharp whine escape me.

“C'mere Sammy,” I rasped, urgently tugging at her slim frame until she was crouched over my mouth. She tasted as good as ever, warm and wet and ready. A sharp cry at the ceiling told me she was pleased by the attention. I needed it so bad, the relief of the pressure inside that threatened to split me open if it didn't escape. It was a good thing Sam liked it a little rough as I fed from her with bruising intensity. Tighter and tighter the pressure spiraled until my whole universe became these women, the tiny lives growing within me and the bonds that drew us together.

It escaped from me like a flash flood, the blinding orgasm that ripped through me with a jolt that was almost painful in its intensity. Sam stiffened and she screamed along in chorus to my own release. A great weight was taken from me as though I had expelled a physical pressure that had been making me uncomfortable, and the sensation was electric. Then reality began to return as Sam weakly arched up a few inches to let me breathe more easily. There was a pool of wetness on the bed and the twins had settled heavily into my spine. Even as those peculiar feelings registered, an aftershock rumbled through my body.

Oh my…

“Um Jan, hon,” Art managed to squeak out in a strangled voice as Sam scrambled for the bedside lamp. There was the proof in the glare of the light. Art was drenched from eyelashes to collarbones, the slightly thick liquid still running in rivulets over her skin. Despite the gravity of the situation, I began to laugh like a madwoman.

“Now that was an orgasm!” I crowed in delight as my body geared up for another warning contraction.

The time for our children had come.

Upon later reflection, I remember very little of what happened. Big surprise, considering that my lizard brain had pretty much taken over. It happened so damn fast that my co-workers never even got a chance to do more than help clean up and cart us all off to the Academy Hospital to be checked out. Cassandra arrived at Sam's yell, Art remained wrapped around my head and shoulders and helped talk me through it. I had no idea what she was saying, but the beloved voice helped keep me anchored. Lucky crouched on the edge of the crowded bed while the others howled along from the doorway. Then I felt it, a sudden relief from the driving force that had seized control of my body and mind.

“It's a girl,” Sam called out in an awed voice and a moment later there was a wriggling weight on my chest. We stared at her, my love and I, in awe of her tiny presence there with us.

Oraya,”Art breathed quietly. “She's beautiful.”

Then I hissed as the other made that first appearance into the world with a lusty cry that made my heart swell. After a moment, Sam sat beside me to settle the second against me. “And a boy,” she whispered and made no attempt to stifle her tears.

Being fussed over by my peers passed in a haze that did little to interfere with the wonder I felt at having them in my arms. Both fed busily, creating a very different pressure. They were truly miraculous, tiny little people with fine shocks of inky hair that tousled into the loosest of curls and petite little noses that I knew would look just like mine.

“How are you doing?” Art asked me quietly as she stroked her son's head with gentle fingertips. As though sensing her father's hand so close, our daughter flailed out weakly and she began to whine. Only when she had a firm grip on one of Art's fingers did she subside.

“Wonderful. Aren't they amazing?”

“Seven languages and I don't have the words.”

++ Jack ++


This was gonna be a ton of fun. New babies in the clan, and a surprise that I could pull on multiple people. Pocketing the paperwork and the hinged box that almost looked like it contained jewelry, I met Sara at the front door. We'd felt odd going to see the new babies, Charlie's ghost never far from either of us. together, we had the strength to carry on, and I was dying to finally meet the much-anticipated Fraiser twins.

It was Sunday, and they were a week old today. Since Janet had only been home from the hospital for a few days, we had let the new family alone. Thankfully for everyone's thin patience, Art had called several of us and invited us to a little get together to meet her son and daughter. It was to be a quiet and casual meeting, for they were both still tiny and bonding to their nuclear family. Since both she and Sam had gone on paternity leave, it would be good to see them again. This was pretty much SG1, Karen and Darya and the general.

It was Emily that met me at the door, yanking it imperiously out of Cassie's hand. “Unca Jack,” she whispered in a hushed voice squeaky with repressed excitement. “Meet babies!”

“Yep,” I whispered back, as though this were some glorious secrete to be shared. “Real soon. Are you being good?”

“Oh, yes, unca Jack. Want to see babies!”

“What do think their names will be?”

So far, the Fraiser family called the boy, Cubby, and his sister, Fawn. Today they would be named in a informal ceremony with what family was here.

“Dunno,” Emily mused, even though I knew that she had been trying to guess for the whole week of anticipation. The girl was extremely into these new kids, and they weren't even blood. But, then again, we all were.

Cassie shut the door and hugged me. “Excited?” I had to ask and her silly grin grew even sillier.

“Like how. I heard them a little while ago, so it should be soon. Hi Sara, glad you came too.”

“Me too, sweetie. I'm glad that we could be here.”

Sending the girl's off, I hugged my wife, who I had so very nearly lost forever. This was so bittersweet for her, and I admired her strength of character so much.

++ Darya ++

As exciting as this whole event was, I had to admit that there was an additional reason I was fidgety with impatience. Emily had been positively obsessed with this pregnancy, and I was absolutely curious to know why. It seemed like more than just the excitement of new children, but a real bond with the then-unborn twins. Janet had tenderly tolerated my toddler's fascination the same as she did Cooper's endless hovering. But Art… Art seemed to think the same thing I did.

There was something more to Emily's unwavering fascination in the last stages of the pregnancy.

Voices in the stairwell hushed all of us, and Janet appeared, steadied by Cassie. “Hi guys,” the new mom grinned brilliantly. “Thank you for coming. Art and Sam will be down in a second. We wanted you here, because we feel it's necessary that the twins know their extended family, now that they've had a week to bond with us. The SGC has provided us with a unique opportunity that most people in uniform don't get. We get to stay put.” We all chuckled in agreement as Janet came over to sink into the couch beside me. “And all of you have something valuable to offer these kids. Here they are.”

Art appeared first, tenderly cradling a bundle in her arms, Sam right behind her. “Hi guys,” the proud father grinned and stepped over to me. “Hey Emily, I think this is the person you've been wanting so badly to meet.”

My heart raced with the honor as Art knelt before me and leaned in so that I could gently accept the precious weight in her arms. Emily squirmed in impossibly close as I sat back to rest between hers and Janet's bodies.

From the pictures, I knew this was Fawn, the daughter. She was perfect, with wild black curls like her father and a soft, bronzy-gold tone to her silky skin. She was so light in my arms, almost unsubstantial, not like my Emily had been! Her little face squinched up as though she could sense the strange gazes on her and thick lashes fluttered.

“Hey baby,” Janet cooed softly and little Fawn zeroed in on her mother's voice. Restless, her tiny body stirred and the dark eyes opened fully. Emily gasped and I smiled gently, not wanting to startle the infant. But her attention wasn't on me, but my two and a half year old daughter, all but hanging on my shoulder to see her little friend.

“There you are,” Emily whispered reverently and Fawn smiled brilliantly. It was the sweetest thing I'd seen since holding my own daughter all that time ago. I felt the silver electricity of the connection between them. It was strange, yet oddly comforting to feel that Emily had, indeed, been waiting for something special. So, I kissed Emily's cheek and spoke very softly, so as not to disturb Fawn.

“I remember when you were this little. Well not quite this little. You were never this little, sweetie.”

++ Art ++

Sharing an understanding look with Darya, I patted her knee and stood, content that my daughter was in good hands. There was something unusual about Fawn, and Emily had a strange connection that I didn't understand, but accepted. Zo had always been like that, outside the ordinary and beyond extraordinary. Sam was still standing alone, grinning happily at her new best bud in the universe, and Karen was craning her neck to see him.

Grabbing the big woman's arm, I dragged her over to Sam. “C'mere and meet Cubby. Since you're his godfather, so to speak, you should hold him.”

“But,” Karen objected half-heartedly, but carefully gathered up Cubby's tiny weight. In a glance, she was smitten and I traded a satisfied smile with Sam. “He's gorgeous.”

“That's my boy,” I chuckled in agreement to Karen's hushed assessment. Cubby stirred and yawned hugely, before sleepily opened his eyes. Both babies had been fearless since that first traumatic morning, which is one of the main reasons I felt comfortable sharing them with the others. Sure enough, Cubby was staring up at this complete stranger with quiet fascination. When Karen suddenly grinned like a complete idiot, he mimicked the happy expression.

“Oh wow,” Karen whispered with a gleeful undertone. Cubby made a happy sound, his dark eyes flickering from me, to Sam, to the new lady holding him. Tiny fists waved in the air and his energetic legs kicked at Karen's bicep. “Hi, happy guy. Pleased to meet you.” The emerald gaze rose and Karen flashed me the sweetly lopsided grin usually reserved for Emily. “So, what are their names?”

Raising my voice enough that the room could hear me, I answered, “Janet insisted that I keep Greek tradition and name them after their father. But I insisted that those became the middle names, which Greeks don't really do at all. So, the boy here is Jacob Artemesio, and his sister is Crystal Artemesia, after Sam's dad and Janet's mom. I think Fawn and Cubby have stuck though.”

“Figures you gave them animal names,” Karen teased and laughter rippled through the room. It was true, I had joking started calling them by their nicknames and it had stuck.

“At least I didn't start calling one of them a puppy.”

++ Jack ++

The twins had charmed everyone thoroughly. Only Karen and Darya had been allowed to hold them outside their immediate family, but that was only right. They were so darn little and needed to feel safe. Being held by masses of strangers might be traumatic. The fun was broken up by Fawn abruptly squalling in objection to the world around her and Janet took her little daughter to comfort her. A discretely draped blanket let the irritated infant suckle to calm her. Cubby became a little upset in response to his twin, and Karen reluctantly let Sam collect him. Immediately, aunt and child were lost in quiet, babbling interaction.

This was a good a time as any, and I nodded at Hammond, who grinned and leaned back in his chair. “Hey, Sarge,” I said casually and Art looked at me with thoughtful amusement.

“You don't really call me that off-base, O'Neill. What's up?”

“Me and the general were talking a few weeks ago and decided to slip you a Mickey Fin.” Casually draping an arm around the woman's shoulders, I grinned evilly.

“Okay, I'm scared,” Art joked and we all chuckled.

“We were talking about the president hitching you two up, and agreed that some idiot might get into his head that you two still broke a rule.” Now there were several alarmed looks and I raised a placating hand. “Relax, we took care of it.” Fishing into my pocket, I brought out the box we uniforms all recognized. “You're not in chevrons anymore, soldier. You've been promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 3.” I stepped away and let the announcement sink in.

Art ran a curious finger over the bright silver bars with their triple black boxes etched into the metal. “This is because Janet's an officer, and I'm not.”

“Yep. And President Bartlett said he was never happier to promote a Warrant Officer. You do realize that this promotion means that it came straight from him*? You're truly a specialist now, what with the SGDs and all. We should have done this a long time ago.”

Grinning, Art looked up and saluted smartly, which I quickly returned. We must have looked pretty silly, being dressed in jeans and sweatshirts, but the respect was still there. “Thank you, sir. Now I have to get used to yet another title.”

++ Sam ++

The evening had been a huge success. The newborn twins had completely charmed the new circles of family in their lives, and the bond between all of us felt stronger and more intimate. The conversation had ebbed and flowed over the course of the get-together and a relaxed quiet had now fallen over us. In the warm glow of the fire and the kitchen lights spilling in, I studied these precious people. There was a million memories and an entire chapter of my life in this room.

My eyes drifted down to where Cassie had fallen asleep with her head in my lap, her little brother's feet dangling against her hair. Cubby was dead asleep on my chest, his ear nestled down against my steady heart. This was my favorite spot to have him, and he seemed to really like it. Fawn liked me too, but Cubby and I had a bond that no one could deny. All kinds of primitive urges were stirred up with these tiny lives in the family now.

It affected everyone, I could tell when they had interacted with the twins over the evening. We grown-ups were being very careful to get Cassie to interact with her new siblings and all three of us. There was no way that we wanted her to feel neglected. Janet was snuggled into my side with Fawn, both of them more asleep than awake. Emily was snuggled into the small space amidst our bodies, still wanting to be near Fawn.

I reached out to stroke Emily's sunset curls, my feelings conflicted. “She's her cutest like this,” Karen chuckled into the quiet. “This would normally be about the time I'd carry her off to bed.”

It was an easy image to conjure up, Karen's strong gentleness gathering up Emily's limp body and putting her to bed. I stared down at Cubby, so soft and trusting against me. I wanted that.

I wanted to be able to be here for them more than I was.

But how? SG1 took so much of my time…

Looking up, I wasn't particularly surprised to see the men of my team looking squarely at me. This had been a bittersweet evening for all three of them. Jack, and his ever-present loss of Charlie. Teal'c and his promise to one day return to the planet of his birth and his son. Daniel, still mourning the loss of the wife who kept him going for so long. Why did we keep pressing on so hard?

Was it worth it?

++ Art ++

Pleasantly tired from the little party, I gave the living areas a critical glance before shutting out the lamp. Janet got agitated when the place was a mess and shouldn't be straining herself, so the rest of us had distributed out her chores. The others had all headed off to bed some time ago, and now it was just me and Lucky.

So, I knelt and pulled my partner into a headlock/body hug that made her squirm and play-fight back. “Good girl, such a good girl, aren't you? Either you're being coy, or Coop's shooting blanks. I want to see your pups, gorgeous. Bed time.”

Lucky led me up the stairs and curled up in her usual spot just outside the door, where I'd built in an alcove for her, complete with thick carpeting and old blankets as bedding. I stayed there, crouched in the hall, for some time, just stroking her head and looking into the soulful eyes. Then Lucky seemed to sense that I wouldn't leave until she rested and her eyes slid closed.

I spent a few more moments remembering the impact this beloved animal had affected in me, as well as her burlier predecessor. Choked up with all the goodness that was within this house, I left my canine partner to sleep. There were a couple of gorgeous women and two precious babies that I needed to concentrate on now.

The master bedroom was bathed in candlelight that washed over the familiar sights within. There was an oversized bassinet near where Janet was curled up on her side. Leaving her to sleep, I went for the bathroom, where the slightly open door gleamed with soft light.

Sam made an attractive picture, sprawled back in the huge tub we'd installed that was big enough for four. For a long moment I stood and watched her face, a study in relaxation and tension. Something had been bugging her most of the night and I wanted to help if I could. Since she was wearing headphones, there was no way to get her attention without startling her. And startling Sam Carter could be potentially dangerous.

++ Sam ++

Something skittered across my perceptions and my eyes flew open. Adrenaline flooded my system, body tensing in preparation of fight or flight. Then my upper brain wrestled control from the lower brain and smacked the later into submission. Art hovered just out of arm's reach, looking amused, a little sheepish and all loving. Yanking off the headphones and cutting off Venus Hum in mid 'I Feel Love', I smiled at my dark lover. “Hey.”

Art knelt and stroked one deft hand through my short hair, caressing my temple and scalp. The last of the lingering adrenaline left me then, my heart steadying in her warm presence. “Want some company?”

That was just like Art, to give me some mental space before starting to ask me what was bugging me. And I got the pleasure of watching her strip naked. Fluidly, the t-shirt came off, making the muscles along her belly flex around the scar. Catching my eyes, Art grinned and pulled off the sports bra much the same way. The soft cotton garment was still all she wore, in deference of the tender sensitivity of the scar ridge. Then the lower half came clean, and I sighed happily. Art was such a gorgeous woman.

When I shifted to move, she waved me down. “Stay. I'll make myself comfy.” Carefully, Art climbed in and settled herself between my legs and leaning against my chest and tummy. We both sighed happily and I wrapped my arms around her strong frame. “Much better.”

“I agree,” was all I could think to reply, to caught up in her closeness and my racing thoughts. It was a surprise that I had even dozed off in the first place. The quiet between was soothing, the drip of water as I lazily ran my warm hands over Art's skin, the tiny strains of the headphones and the cadence of our breathing. In time, I began to speak softly. “I was thinking to myself… that maybe. This is only maybe, you understand, that I should take a more backseat role at the SGC.”

Deep blue eyes regarded me thoughtfully, and I smiled faintly when Art kissed my jaw. “Oh? What kind of role?”

Her patience and kindness and calm once again grounded me, as it had so often before. “I don't know. I love being on the flagship team, I really do… but.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean,” Art mused.

++ Janet ++

I'd only been dozing, but was too relaxed to move when Art had slipped in. Now, I was sprawled loosely in the bed, listening to my lovers talk.

“Maybe it's too soon,” Art questioned hesitantly. “There really isn't anyone that can match SG1's skills and experience.”

“Yeah,” Sam reluctantly agreed and I heard water sloshing as one of them moved around. “Just something to think about, y'know?”

“Quite. Having babies in the house changes all kinds of priorities. Now, if Lucky would just get pregnant!”

Their low laughter finally drew me from the warm bed and a padded towards the light. For a moment, neither noticed me and I could feast on the sight of them wet and naked. Sam looked faintly startled when she noticed me, bringing Art's head around. “Hey baby,” the later purred and I sighed happily to myself.

“Well, since I can't enjoy your two in my favorite carnal ways for another five weeks,” I lamented and tugged my sleep shirt over my head. “A bath cuddle sounds like fun.”

Sam ran some more warm water while I climbed in and snuggled down into Art. Their four hands caressed me lovingly, soothingly, and I relished the attention. While I was still self-conscious about the weight I'd put on for the twins, and my misshapen belly, neither seemed to mind. Stretch marks adorned my middle, battle-scar proof of my sweet babies. Those I would wear with pride for the rest of my days. Art's hands soothed over my still-sore body, while Sam caressed my skull and shoulders.

“Couldn't ask for anything better than you two,” I hummed lazily and was rewarded with little kisses on my face. Opening my eyes again, I studied my two lovers, dark and light. “I love you two. I really do.”

The simple declaration earned me stereo delighted smiles and more kisses. Ah, this was the life!

The End For now….

* =
Warrant officers hold warrants from their service secretary and are specialists and experts in certain military technologies or capabilities. The lowest ranking warrant officers serve under a warrant, but they receive commissions from the president upon promotion to chief warrant officer 2. These commissioned warrant officers are direct representatives of the president of the United States. They derive their authority from the same source as commissioned officers but remain specialists, in contrast to commissioned officers, who are generalists. There are no warrant officers in the Air Force.

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