Book 4: Rapids.

Series: Light, Water, Muses. An alternate universe for a variety of television series. See disclaimers below.

Rating: NC17, hold onto your shorts people, this is a HOT one!

Category: The continuing saga of Reflections/ Resurgences/Refractions.

Pairings: Dace/Jo/Catherine/Sara.

Disclaimer: "ER", see Chapter 1.

Disclaimer: "The Division", see Chapter 1.

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Summary: My favorite kind of bonding.

Chapter 18

Luck of the Draw

++ Sara ++

I needed to pee badly enough to untangle me from Catherine's somnolent embrace and creep from the bed. It had been a long night of painkillers, poker and strangers, and I had slept like the dead.

That made me wonder what had become of Dace and Junkie, but before I could call out for them, the most incredible sound carried through the air.

It was like an animal in heat, raw, desperate and needy. Only the crying moan that followed it convinced me that the sound was made by something human. A growl that might have been a word followed it and the conversation of feral noises continued. There was something perilous in the exchange, something thrilling and compelling. Helplessly, I was drawn to the bathroom door where a narrow slice of light cut into the room. Danger, raw need and my eternal curiosity made me peek like a voyeur.

And I was absolutely stunned.

++ Dace ++

I'd woken up that morning alone. Needing to piss, I climbed from the bed and stumbled into the bathroom. Only to freeze in my tracks. Now, I didn't have many shock values anymore. Hell, I never really did, but I was left pleasantly speechless by the sexy tableau that Jo had made of herself. She was standing in the enormous marble bathtub beneath the waterfall-style faucet. Water sheeted over her beautiful body, slicked her hair black against her skin. My mouth went dry and my body hot and heavy at the erotic vision. Then she flashed a hot, shy look that turned me into an animal for her. Only my urgent bladder had the power to drag me away from the scene.

When I returned, the ante had been upped. I hadn't noticed the chrome plumbing that made up the waterfall faucet, but Jo obviously had, and was stretched up to grasp the metal, every muscle taut under her skin.

"Please Leonacouer," she whispered only just loud enough to be heard over the gurgle of the waterfall. So I paused for a moment to let the persona settle around me like a cloak. Once I felt the surge of power and pleasure, I stepped into the tub to stand close to Jo's tense body. A single finger slithering down her spine made her whimper and pull harder at the pipes.

"Why Junkie," I growled in that tone that drove women wild. "Whatever is the matter?" Since she'd gone to all the trouble of this, I'd certainly play along. How Jo loved and hated having to beg, I could tell. She squirmed and moaned, but all I did was step away and cross my arms. "If you need something, ask. Beg. Convince me that you really need it."

With tension like wire cables under her skin, breath harsh and shuddering, Jo fought with her own need and the humiliation of being forced to plead. So I again stepped in close, not quite touching her.

"What do you need?" I whispered feather-soft.

"Please Dace, please," Jo whispered. "I need you so bad... please make me scream. Please."

Feigning shock in my tone even as I smiled wickedly, I teased, "why Puppy, you know there's only one sure fire way to get you to scream."

"Yes," she enthused and squirmed against the smooth tiles. "Please beat me, make me scream!"

"Well, since you asked so nicely..."

There were many who insisted that playing rough meant painful restraints and expensive leather gear. While those were tons of fun, as well as the handcuffs from our 'day job', I had been thrilled by our initial bondage session with the towel. If she ever trained with me for any period of time after all of this was over, laundry was going to be really interesting!

I used the robe sash to tie her securely to the plumbing before collecting my prop. When the soft terrycloth tickled over her tight ass, Jo moaned in earnest. Oh yeah, she knew what was coming.

++ Jo ++

I wanted it so bad I could cry. Spending the night so close to Michael and yet so far, had left me feeling a little crazy in my skin. Not to mention the stressful encounter with Liv! This morning I had gone to the bathroom only to be stopped up short by the piles of thick towels and the exotic bathtub. Since Dace wasn't a heavy sleeper and vice-versa, I deliberately set up the seduction.

And Dace didn't disappoint. The woman knew me so well already, anticipated me like a telepath and left me second-guessing for more. No wonder I was already half madly in love with her. Needing to tell her suddenly, I turned my head to kiss the corner of her mouth. "You're the best Dace," I whispered softly as to not jar us completely from our playing. The admission made her smile winningly, warmth shining in her pale eyes.

"Flatterer," Dace hummed and kissed me softly. "You ready?"

Ah yes, the tickle of the towel against my ass. "Yesssss... Do it Leonacouer, please."

There was something magical about a rolled up towel in my new lover's hands. She had done things with a yard of terrycloth that had sent me straight into orbit. The thick fabric had enough weight behind it to feel the thump of its rolled length against my ass. One, two, three, four, five: it was starting to get damp now from the water on my skin, becoming heavier and harder. It was the perfect buildup to the loving beatings I had learned to adore from Michael and now from playing with Dace. By the time the blows really hurt, I was so close to a stratospheric orgasm I was ecstatic to take it hard and fast.

"Please! Please!" I dimly heard myself plead, the cries becoming more incoherent and guttural as our passion wound tighter. The marble tile wall pressed into my sensitive belly and breasts, scraping both nipples raw on the grouted seams. Every thud of the roll of terrycloth on my ass sent my body lurching into the pleasantly warm water and uneven surface. Burrowing past my wet hair, Dace bit down on the back of my neck as hard fingers wormed between my shaking thighs. With the wet towel crushed between our two bodies, her teeth in my flesh and her fingers deep in my cunt, I felt the rush scream through my nervous system, ready to turn me inside out.

++ Sara ++

Terror made me run. Or at least try to.

I was seven years old again on the outskirts of my home in the wilds of California.

Being stalked.

It had terrified and fascinated me, the glint of golden eyes in the moonlight.

An eternity had passed while the cougar; only later did I know it was a cougar, stared at me. The mutual curiosity had been a palatable force between us. This rare wild being suppressed beneath the weight of humanity and a tall, gawky girl with a fierce inquisitiveness. Before it occurred the young me to be afraid, the enormous cat vanished into the moonlit dimness without a whisper of sound.

I never saw the cat again. Nor did I ever tell a living soul of the encounter.

But I did always wonder what that cat wanted, if it was a curious as I was, what its fur must have felt like... what it was like to be hunted by something so feral and untamed.

I stumbled painfully from the bathroom door...

The predator was right behind me.

In a burst of adrenaline and hormones and superior physical adeptness, I was taken down like the completely willing prey I knew I was. An expert, tackling roll had me completely pinned beneath Dace's greater weight and I was forced to stare into her eyes. My common sense, the higher brain functions that made me a decent, law-abiding citizen of humanity, took one look at that feral glower and ran screaming into the depths of my skull. Like a mouse hypnotized by a deadly snake, I stared up at her and waited for my doom.

"Hey!" Catherine yelped in shock as a small bedside lamp blazed to life. "What the fuck..."

A harsh growl silenced my partner as a hard hand wove itself into my hair to thump my skull into the carpet just hard enough to rattle me. "If you're gonna play at being a voyeur," Dace growled in a tone that made every fine hair on my body stand on end. "You'll play my way." And in a few expert moves, I was hauled to my feet by the hand in my hair, the other tight in the fabric of my t-shirt.

"And you," she growled at Catherine, who I could almost feel freeze at the aggressive demand. "Will stay right where you are and listen." It never even occurred to me to object at the rough treatment; I was seduced far too thoroughly by my animal brain. Sleep, shelter and sex, that's all it cared about and Dace was obviously capable of handling any need I could throw at her. Or so I hoped and prayed. "Stay on that wall and don't move," Dace barked as I was hauled into the bathroom and thrown against the wall nearest the door. Jo stood frozen as well, trapped by the growling voice just as effectively as the tightest of bonds.

++ Dace ++

I'd reacted without thinking, fully lost in the role. Half reflexes and half the kind of human predator I usually hunted, I had tackled Sara with no thought to consequences. And just as my sense of propriety and rules was about to start making sense to my reeling mind... I had looked into her shadowed eyes.

And now she was mine.

Once again the role was settled around me like armor, and all everyday rules and regulations were shoved aside. Sara was a lightweight and I had no problem muscling her around. A harsh bark at Jo to keep her in character bought me a few seconds to adapt the scene to accommodate this horny woman I had a longstanding crush on. I remembered her curious and hot earthy gaze lingering on me and Jo. She was a different blaze of sexual connection, a willowy enigma with a fierceness and intelligence I really wanted to delve into. I liked the shyness and sensual curiosity that I had seen in her dark gaze from the first moment we had been reunited in the Staff and Scroll.

And now she was mine.

A fierce glare assured me that my new toy was not going to so much as breathe heavily until I let her, and I could return to my confused and horny Sub. There was no playing this time, I pressed myself into Jo's back and hugged her. "I've got you, baby," I purred softly and began to stroke her silky skin.

"Dace?" Jo whimpered in confusion and trust, wanting me, needing me to help keep her on an even keel while so vulnerable like this. My innate adaptability and my admiration for this woman scrambled to reassure her.

"You are so sexy," I whispered softly and nuzzled her ear. "I brought somebody to watch you, to appreciate you. Should I finish what we started? I think you need some attention, hmmm?"

Unlike our earlier play, this was affectionate and sweet lovemaking. Skimming my hands over her to comfort and arouse, I succeeded in coaxing out her moans, her hips beginning to rock to the energy still coiled deep inside. Poor baby had been left dangling from the cliff of orgasm and I wanted so bad to gently push her over. Tender and teasing, I slipped a couple of fingers beyond the wiry curls and was relieved to feel that she was still quite turned on.

"Come on, pet," I encouraged softly, stroking her slow and even in time with her deepening breathing.

"Dace," she groaned again, arching back and burying her face in my wet hair. This seemed almost harder on her; this slow, gentle loving that left her so vulnerable. The measured smolder that made her feel every nuance, instead of being burned alive by the sensations. Whining and sobbing, Jo rocked on my one hand while I stroked her belly and breasts to fuel her higher. She came with a gasp instead of a scream, her body shuddering in my hold. "Dace!"

"That's a girl," I praised as she began to come down from the orgasmic high. We breathed deeply together for long moments, our company forgotten. Once her hands were untied, Jo turned and threw her hands around my neck to kiss me soundly. I quite willingly melted into her.

"God, you're good," she whispered at last and the smile on my face threatened to make my face hurt. Then her eyes widened in something that may have been alarm.

++ Jo ++

Relaxed and happy in the circle of my new lover's arms, I kissed and nuzzled her, loving the deep smile I earned. Then something caught my eye.

Still a little high from post-orgasmic bliss, my brain refused to panic while it processed this new information. So much for well-honed cop reflexes. I was too well trained in the context of this role to react the way I would as Detective Polniaczek. Dace liked this willowy brunette from Las Vegas, that much was blatantly obvious. The thing with the blonde was weird, an intensity that was a little off-putting, where as with Sara, I think Dace just fiercely wanted to daddy the woman.

Maybe, once I was forced to walk away from this tall, blonde addiction, someone like Sara could replace me. As much as the thought torqued me, it was the truth. There was the whole of the United States between San Francisco and New York. It would be an off and on affair at best. And then there was Michael's mark burning my spine, reminding me that my loyalty wasn't entirely my own anymore.

So, I stared fiercely into the mercurial earthy gaze of Sara, willing her to understand. The last bit of lethargy evaporated as comprehension dawned and acceptance, willingly given, flooded her gaze.

With a last kiss to a very curious Dace, I stepped from the tub and slowly padded over to Sara. Dammit, it bugged me that I wasn't short, but I kept ending up around woman who made me feel that way. At least Catherine was shorter than I was. Wonder where she was right about now?

There was fear and curiosity and a sexual burn of need that looked to be borderline painful coloring Sara's eyes the shade of wet, freshly turned earth. I was torn about what to do, my head canting to one side as I held her gaze and pondered. Then my brain helpfully scrolled out a series of images against my mind's eye.

Tall, though not quite Dace's impressive height, with greyhound lines and a carefully coiled energy that she was nearly vibrating with, I had to wonder if Sara was a tiger in bed. These two slender Amazons wrapped around one another was something I really needed to see. So I smiled and Sara's eyes widened fractionally.

"Stay," I invited simply and gathered her cool hand in mine. Only then did a small smile warm her face.

++ Sara ++

In a deliriously happy five-year-old-at-Christmas kind of way, I tightened my fingers in Jo's loose grip. There was no backing out now, unless CD threw me out on my ass. Coherent thought fled again as Junkie tugged my head down to kiss me thoroughly. I'd been around long enough to have done a few crazy things, been loved and tossed aside, had memories both good and bad of my few lovers. This woman's talented, sensual kiss helped shove all those memories aside, all the self-recriminations, all the fears and doubts.

Both hands were in my hair now, and I slouched down the wall to wrap both arms around her and hold on for dear life. I felt more than heard the moan that rumbled up from deep inside as Junkie coaxed my lips apart and her agile tongue slipped behind my teeth to mark the territory as 'explored' on my body's map. Her skin was warm and silky and damp, an intoxicating balance of feminine softness and coiled muscle. Slowly, blissfully slowly, she began to pull away and I realized that I was shaking. Between their show in the bathtub, the adrenaline from Dace's taking me down, their acceptance and the draining soul kiss, I was shuddering as though buffeted by hurricane winds. Some banal corner of my brain was actually concerned I might hyperventilate and pass out.

A shadow moved across my vision, and thick terrycloth suddenly pressed against my wrists and hands where they rested on Jo's back. Startled at the new stimuli, I jerked my gaze up to be caught once again by Dace's feral stare. The heat in her gaze was like a caress on my skin and my already elevated body temperature spiked up a few degrees. Jo leaned back and allowed Dace to wrap her warmly in the big bathtowel. "Thank you, Leonacouer," Jo purred and the sound seemed unnaturally loud in the steamy bathroom. "And as for you," she added in a stronger, and very amused tone, jerking my attention back to her. "As interesting a tactile sensation as this fancy tie dye shirt might be on bare skin, ditch it. You're gonna pass out from heat stroke." She was already untucking the lightweight cotton, warm hands ducking inside to skim over my sensitive belly.

Then the most extraordinary thing happened. As though sensing that I was on the verge of unconsciousness or panic, Dace made some amused and mildly annoyed noise and hooked one hand around the back of my neck. In one quick tug, my head was nestled into her shoulder, Junkie's smaller body wedged between us, both of their silky manes hiding my face for a long moment. With a low chuckle, Jo slithered out from between our taller bodies only to hug me from behind. "Play nice, Daddy," she teased. I didn't want to move, didn't want to look into the cougar-bright eyes. Hell of a time to get shy. Strong hands soothed over my back as Jo crouched down to pull one foot up off of the ground to tug at my sock. Now I was dependent on CD for balance and clung even tighter.

"I don't bite," the tall cop suddenly purred into my ear. "Unless asked nicely."

I couldn't help it and started laughing.

++ Dace ++

Sara's laughter shook her slight frame even as she lurched awkwardly in my hold from Jo removing her socks. I gripped tighter until she was steadier on her feet. Jo stood and I felt her hands worm in between our two bodies. "So," I asked conversationally, my need growing sharp in my belly, making me reckless. "Care to stick around for awhile?" It was far too entertaining to make her laugh, especially when she rewarded me with a hesitant yet needy kiss. Shy, nibbling brushes of her well-formed mouth feathered over my lips and jaw. I was happy to let her experiment and get to know my skin.

Jo's hands wiggled around so close to where I knew I was probably dripping down the inside of my thighs and both of us tall girls moaned softly from the stimulation. "Catherine," Sara suddenly gasped and I turned my head to see the fierce blonde framed in the doorway. She looked annoyed as hell, but something deeper and more feral flashed in her sparkling blue eyes. All I could see was a bristled-up Coyote, and the cat growled back. Turning my back to Sara and deliberately keeping her tucked up against my back, I let the cat answer this challenge from this sunset mongrel that she needed so damn bad. It was so frustrating, this fire of connection that was both me and something living deep within me, but not me at all. Rather than back down from my toothy challenge, the Coyote snarled back, carefully dancing on dainty paws to prance sideways, back arched and fur fluffed up to make herself look bigger. I understood the irritated fascination all to well, as it burned both ways.

Not knowing exactly how to deal with the strange canine that we needed so much, the cat oh-so-helpfully vanished into the shadows of my mind. Balling my hands into fists, I leveled my best icy glare at Catherine.

"Either jump in and follow my rules, or get out."

There was a long moment as Sara breathed heavily into the back of my neck as I stroked her hip under my hand. Blue eyes flickered from my glare to my caressing hand and back and forth. Cougars were solitary hunters by nature, but my human need for companionship was a compromise that the cat seemed to understand. By seeing them as sexual prey, I soothed that beastly need.

"You do remember that there's a perfectly comfortable bed in the other room, right?" Jo's sarcasm had the desired effect of getting us to move. As we separated, Sara nearly tripped up as her jeans dropped around her ankles and we burst out laughing like a pack of hyenas, effectively scattering any lingering tension. So that's what Jo had been doing, fumbling around at our waists. I swatted them both on the butt to get them moving, enjoying their startled and pleased 'yipes'. Then I grabbed the silent Catherine with a rough hand on her jaw.

"Please stay. I need you, but my need manifests in such strange ways sometimes. I can finish what we started at the bar that first night." The small blonde flushed at the memory and I grinned. "C'mon then. We have unfinished business." My hard grip shifted to grip the back of her neck and propelled her into the next room. It was a sexy tableau; Jo sprawled back on the disarrayed sheets and Sara in her tousled t-shirt and silky lingerie, standing nervously beside the bed. "You," I growled at Catherine and gave her a firm push towards Jo. "Bed. Now." There was another moment of hesitation that was hurried by the crack of my knuckles across the fine ass I'd been admiring since I'd met her. That left me to step up behind Sara, who had obviously remained aware of where I was at all times. Curious about the feel of her, I stepped up behind her and placed both palms on the prominent shoulder blades. She moaned softly and Jo rolled onto her side to grin wickedly at us and Catherine climbed into the bed beside her. Grinning at the sight of them, I smoothed my hands over Sara's narrow back to curve around her ribs and down to cup her flat abdomen, teasing the bare strip between the t-shirt and the silky panties.

"Oh yeah," Jo breathed. "Just like that."

The tie dyed cotton bunched around my fingers as they wandered higher to map the terrain of Sara's skin. Nuzzling into the shoulder-length hair, I found her skin and began to lick and suckle at the tight tendons of her neck. "Sara?" I breathed. It was a mean tease, to make her think while I was feeling her up, but I was curious about something.

"Yes?" She groaned and gripped my wrists as my hands slithered higher, brushing the underside of her breasts. Oh, she was a sensitive one. Excellent.

"What nationality is Sidle? I've always been curious."

"Umm..." She hedged and I upped the ante by circling the rough pads of my fingertips around her erect nipples, making her gasp, and pressing my body tighter to her back.

"Aw c'mon," I coaxed in my darkest and sexiest tone. "You can tell me."

"Wha..." Oops, guess it was time for me to back off from those tempting nipples to give her a chance to think for a moment instead of twitching like a bug on a pin. "I have no idea," she finally managed to breathe out. "What does CD stand for? Everyone in the police force in San Fran... Francisco must have wondered at some time or the other."

I snorted softly in annoyed amusement and covered her breasts in a loving hold. Instantly, she was groaning and squirming and her grip on my wrists tightened. A sharp look at the pair on the bed effectively smothered the humor in their blue eyes.

"It's short for Candace Dorothy," I responded to her body's delightful begging, not quite believing I was confessing my hated name so publicly. "And don't laugh or I'll leave you hanging like this." A firm squeeze of her nipples ensured my dignity would stay intact.

"Wouldn't... fuck... dream of it."

++ Jo ++

Oh, this was just too damn good. It was like some illicit fantasy played out for my amusement. The afternoon sun filtered through the skylight, casting them in a hazy light that was fascinating on their pale skins. Sara arched back into Dace's stronger body, pressing her chest into those teasing hands. One of her hands wove into the short sunshine of Dace's mane, while the other remained wrapped tightly around the hand now trailing seductively down her belly. My own hormones were reawakening fast in response to the sight of my new lover pleasing another so skillfully, and Catherine was panting near my ear, her body warm against my back. Those blunt-nailed fingertips skimmed along the elastic edge of the peach-silk underwear and Sara unsuccessfully tried to press them closer, tried to arch her aching sex into the tormenting touch.

"CD," she groaned and it slurred out more like 'seed'. "Please."

I watched hungrily as that familiar hand slid under the flimsy fabric, curling around the sweet curve of Sara's groin. Now she cried out in earnest, every slender muscle taunt, knuckles white with pressure. All I could do was stare in abandonment at the press and stroke of Dace's hand beneath the cloth, Sara's hips rocking towards release. In a few long heartbeats, the pressure broke and Sara cried out brokenly. Dace growled aggressively and stroked nipples and crotch to keep our new lover strung out for a few more blissful moments, while Catherine groaned softly and tried not to press into my back. It was like a slow, inexorable tsunami, the way Sara continued to quiver and come in Dace's grip. Wow...

"C'mon," Dace hissed, pushing her further and further, the stuttering cries growing in intensity. "Let it all out. I won't let you fall." It was a cracked, quavering bark of a pinnacle that made Sara sound like a howling dog, every muscle and tendon painfully taut in ecstasy before she at last began to wind down. The hand at her chest curled around her waist, its tormenting mate further down, now still in comfort. Gasping and whimpering, Sara went limp, turning her head into Dace and pressing soft kisses to her cheek.

"Oh," she moaned almost incoherently. "Oh God..."

Dace grinned wickedly at me, her own eyes fiery with need, and gradually drew her hand from the peach silk to show we of the audience the glitter of moisture on her fingers. With both arms wrapped securely around Sara's willowy body, Dace walked them both to the bed and lowered her down beside me.

"Oh," she breathed once more and cracked one eye open to regard me. "You get this all the time? Good God, I'm jealous."

++ Sara ++

Limp and satiated for the moment, I sprawled out beside Jo and basked in the sensations. I couldn't remember ever feeling this good. CD's lovemaking combo of gentle and demanding coupled with Jo and Catherine as intent audience had pushed me further than I'd been before. There was a distant part of my brain that was in full panic mode at what the hell was going on, but my body just felt too good to care.

"Now Kittens," Dace growled and my libido stirred to life again at the black velvet promise of it. "Who's next?"

All I could see was CD crawling onto the bed and ducking down behind Junkie's body beside me. There was a soft moan in Catherine's distinct tone and my lizard brain perked up further. Then the bright blue eyes that contrasted with the waterfall of near-black hair swung my way and Jo smiled warmly. "You've wanted that for a long time," she murmured softly as the twined bodies behind her blurred together.

Grumbling irritably, the lizard brain allowed a few of my cognitive functions to come to the forefront only enough to feel a small embarrassment and a few scattered memories of San Francisco. "Yeah, I realize that now."

"Excellent. So, you feelin' good?"

"Oh yeah," I giggled stupidly and her grin deepened.

"She's good," Jo praised quietly and I could see how much she adored the blonde Amazon.

"I always liked her in that arrogant cop kinda way," was my honest confession and she chuckled softly.

"Good. C'mere."

In a few swift moves, I had been tugged into Jo's body and rolled until I was wedged up against CD's strong arm and hip, watching the big woman molest my partner. A lifetime of rules and inhibitions faced off with desire and an odd comfort zone that these women inspired. Jo curled against my back and began stroking me with lazy but deliberate intent.

There was less gentleness in Dace's handling of Catherine, the almost-rough press of her body and hands making my partner writhe. One knee drew up, nudging Catherine's leg to hook over a bare hip and pressing that limb between mine.

"Now," Dace murmured softly against Catherine's mouth. "I've been teasing you for awhile." Catherine moaned softly as Dace's hips ground into her pelvis and her fingers tightened in the dark gold hair. "You like it?" Again a moan and the feral grin deepened. "Betcha do. If I keep you strung tight and hard like this, I bet you'll come like a gasoline explosion, huh? Walk that razor edge, feel your clothes too tight, too hot, too wet. When I'm damn good and ready, I will fuck you until you can't see, or breathe, or think. And," Dace's voice had dropped to a low, threatening hiss by now. "You'll beg for it."

There was so much mule-headed stubbornness in Catherine's face that I smothered a snort of dark humor. No wonder Dace was so rough with her. The power clash between them was like two armies battling. Panting like runners, noses pressed together, blue stares unbroken, their hips rocked together in a none-to-subtle dance. Then CD's larger body tensed like a coiled snake and Catherine writhed impotently under her implacable weight.

"Beg for it."

It was little more than a hiss of sound and Catherine tried to halfheartedly to resist. I didn't know what possessed me to do it, but I leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss to Dace's temple. The impulse worked as Catherine made a desperate sound that was nearly a wail of desperation. "Please! God Dace, please!"

That's all the encouragement Dace needed and she attacked Catherine's fine body like a cat over a fresh kill. It was raw and frenzied, both of them scrambling for the brass ring.

++ Catherine ++

How I hated Eddie's rough treatment of me in the past. How I adored the way this enigmatic stranger would do something that once would have seemed similar. The orgasm swept over me like a riptide and I couldn't hold in the shattering scream. While part of me hated being teased into a frenzy, the completion was all the more intense. The bizarre connection between us sang harmony.

I swear I could hear the Cougar screaming her mating need.

Listening to Dace's harsh breathing, there was more in our immediate future. "C'mere sexy," Jo coaxed her, and Dace climbed away from my exhausted body with no further prompting. I watched them kiss, hard and loving, Jo's fingers tight in the short blonde hair. "You've been so good to us. You need some relief. Sar, c'mere."

It was heavenly to watch them kiss as Sara squirmed over to catch Dace's panting mouth in a kiss. Dace was desperate and disjointed in her movements, so Sara grabbed the short tresses to keep her focused as Jo began wiggling further down the bed. Oh yeah, we all knew where this was going...

Sara very nearly got her lip bit as Jo reached her destination and dove in with relish. Crouched on her hands and knees, Jo wrapped tight around her hips, Dace was well on her way to satisfaction. In fear of Sara getting bit in way that didn't sound at all appealing, I scooted around to pay attention to hard pink nipples. Sara shifted so that she could join me, leaving all of the major erogenous zones occupied. The position got her away from clenched teeth and let me watch Jo expertly make love to this woman with that smart mouth.

In a series of long, groaning cries, Dace's body began bucking, her fingers digging into the bedding, head thrown back as the orgasm roared through her. Between the three of us, we helped her collapse to lay panting and winded.

As Dace tried to catch her breath, I crawled up to wedge my body imperiously between the tall blonde and Sara's lean body. I adored cuddling and had far too few opportunities to indulge and was delighted with this dog pile of bodies. The sense of family, of pack, was as deep as it was foreign. Sara nuzzled into the back of my skull and sighed happily, her hand resting lightly on my hip. Dace pressed her mouth to my forehead, using her knee to coax me to toss my thigh over her hips. Jo's arm brushed mine where we both rested them on Dace's chest.

It was bliss.

To be continued…

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