Book 4: Rapids.

Series: Light, Water, Muses. An alternate universe for a variety of television series. See disclaimers below.

Rating: R, for violence.

Category: The continuing saga of Reflections/ Resurgences/Refractions. Begins just after the new year, only days after Refractions ended.

Pairings: Sandy and Joan, revisited.

General Disclaimer: This site contains stories between mature, consenting adult females. All characters are borrowed without permission, but without the intent of infringement. Previously unrecognized characters and places, and this story, are copyrighted to the author. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

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Disclaimer: “The Division”, All publicly recognizable characters and places are the property of Lifetime Television, Kedzie Productions, Viacom Productions, and Paramount.

Disclaimer: “The X-Files”, Created by Chris Carter, produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Ten Thirteen Productions.

Spoilers: Nothing specific, but this is set in a very-parallel alternate universe of Lifetime’s ‘The Division’, second season. Warning! The X-Files as we know it, does not exist in this alternate universe. Mulder, Scully and Reyes are in their original FBI jobs as profiler, forensics and field agent. Give them a shot, I think you might like my versions! Just work with me, okay? Several characters are from earlier sections of Light, Water and Muses, and aspects of their characters and backgrounds were established there.

Inspiring quote: Part of what makes fantasy so appealing is its ability to transcend the one-dimensional aspect of the mental. -Lex

Note from the author: This tale is an experiment for me to push the boundaries of plot and taboo. I love fiction! The character of CD from Lifetime’s ‘the Division’ fascinated me until TPTB assassinated her character with various potshots, one more outrageous and insulting than the next. I took the aspects I loved in her and added in every twist that I could come up with. Tracy Needham, who played CD, is a goddess in my eyes, for giving me very subtle layers to draw upon.

Summary: Something sinister is happening in the Windy City. A whole new cast of characters comes in to combat this new threat and widen the circle of family.