Title: Mood Swings
Author: A. Magiluna Stormwriter
Feedback address: stormwriter@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 14 June 2007
Fandom: Poltergeist: the Legacy / LWM
Pairing: Alex/Rachel, mention of Anastasia/Tessa
Rating: R
Date Written: 13-14 June 2007
Word Count: 1916
Summary: Kat learns more about her mom than she cares to know on an important anniversary.
Warnings: Mature relationships between women. If you don't like that, get the fuck out!
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Disclaimer: This story is an original work of amateur fiction, and is written purely for the private entertainment of P:TL fans. This story is no way affiliated with Trilogy, MGM Worldwide Television or the Sci-Fi Channel. The characters are their property, and this story is not meant to infringe upon the copyrights of MGM, Trilogy, or anybody else who owns an interest in "Poltergeist: the Legacy".

Author’s Disclaimer: All original characters belong to ShatterStorm Productions and are the creations of A. Magiluna Stormwriter and Shatterpath. They also belong in the Light, Water, Muses universe, tho’ this is a standalone within the whole of that universe. Characters briefly mentioned from other shows are owned by the companies/people that own them.

Author’s Notes: This is the sixth calendar, and the sixth initial story involving my favorite OTP of all time. This story's a little different in that it's from Kat's POV, instead of Alex or Rachel, which was a lot of fun to do. I don't use Kat nearly enough. And this one's finally fully in the LWM universe.

Dedication: To my muses. I’d be nowhere without them.

Beta: Shatterpath, as usual…

"Mood Swings"
by A. Magiluna Stormwriter


It's the thought that counts, right?

It shouldn't matter that Mom's having a bad day. That shouldn't stop her from celebrating. This is a big deal for her and Alex. And it's actually ticking me off that's she's pulling Alex down in the process. They chose this day specifically because they wanted to make a good memory to balance out the bad. Even five years later, it's still hard for Alex to get through this day. It's like Mom's reaction to the anniversary of Dad and Connor's deaths. Normally Mom's really good about being there for Alex on this day. This year, she's not.

"Kat! Wanna go splash now!"

Shaking off my issues with my mom, I head out of my room to scoop up my little sister and spin her around in a circle until she squeals with delight. It's been a total blast watching Rosie grow up from a squiggly, wrinkly little blob into this totally fun little person who thinks she's the biggest big girl in charge of the monkey children. In some ways, I blame Fawn for that attitude. In others, she's so like her mom, it's not funny. But at the same time, she's totally her own person.

"Kat, I'm trying to get some work done here."

Rose giggles into her hand when I roll my eyes. "Sorry, Mom! We're heading out to the pool now. You can join us if you want." I don't wait for an answer, because I don't want her joining us until she chills out and makes nice with Alex again, and we make our way across the complex to the little pool Dace had built for all the little kids around here.

Rose wiggles her way out of my grip when we see the monkey children dragging Sara toward our destination. The chirps and squeals as Guide and her twin Sentinels are once again reunited bring a delighted smile to Sara's face, and she waves me over.

"Morning, Kat."

"Hey, Sara! You joining us by the pool this morning?" I ask as we follow behind the girls, who are waiting impatiently by the pool gate.

"I couldn't sleep for some reason," she replies, looking pointedly at the giggling blonde twins. "And Kerry got on my case for being cooped up inside too much again lately. So I decided a little sun couldn't hurt. Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?"

Shaking my head, I open the gate and usher the girls in to join the others. "Mom always takes me out of school two days a year: the anniversary of Dad and Connor's deaths and today."

The most adorable look of confusion crosses Sara's face until she figures it out. "Oh! Damn! Sorry, I forgot." We take a few minutes to outfit all three little girls with sunscreen and their water wings before letting them in the water. "Wait a minute! This is their anniversary, too, isn't it?" When I nod, her forehead furrows in thought. "Then why's Alex down working with Darya and Alexis?"

"Because Mom's being a psycho bitch?" I retort without thought, flushing hotly when Anastasia's knowing chuckle wafts over to us. "Sorry, Stasia," comes automatically as we move to sit by her and Tessa.

"Kat dear, you're older than Dace, Karen, and Tessa were when I met them, and they had far filthier mouths than you do. You're not offending me in the slightest. Your mother on the other hand…"

There's a definite teasing smirk in her tone, and I stick my tongue out at her, which only causes Tessa and Sara to laugh at me. "Don't get me started on Mom right now. She's seriously on my shit list today."

"Naughty words, Kat!" Fawn's voice wafts across to us.

Without thought, I stalk over to pounce on the girl who reminds me so much of my sister, tickling her until she squeals in delight and wriggles in my grip. Before I know it, I'm on the bottom of a tickle pile of children half my age. Did I mention these children have been swimming? Yep, I'm slowly getting soaked, but I don't mind.

"Get your cute little butts back in the water," I warn with a grin, "or it's nap time."

That certainly clears the way for me to head back to a chair at the table by the trio of adults.

"You've certainly got a way with them," Anastasia teases me as I sit back down, but I shrug it off casually. "They're lucky to have someone like you around, Kat."

"Thanks," I reply in embarrassment. "It's nice having a bunch of sisters and brothers. Doesn't matter that they're not related to me, I'll still defend every last one of them without thought. Alex taught me that." And then I remember that I'm still pissed at my mom. "Too bad she couldn’t teach Mom that lesson."

"I thought your mother got over a lot of those issues she had when you first moved here?"

I shake my head. "No, it's not that, Sara. She's been acting so weird lately. One minute she's fine, then she's all frisky with Alex, then she'll burst into tears, then she'll be all clingy and 'mom' me to death. It's like she's suddenly gained several alternate personalities, and I never know which one I'm talking to. And it's taking its toll on Alex, too. We just don't know what to do. At least Rose has an excuse not to be around. She can stay with Dace and her Sentinels. I wish I was that lucky."

A strange look crosses Tessa's face, which causes Anastasia to laugh. "Oh pet, I know that look well. What are you turning over in your brain?"

"Kat, does your mom have temperature issues?"

That's an odd question. "Yeah, I guess so. She's been bitching about the weather being unpredictable this winter. Something about going from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. I think she's losing her mind, because that's so not happening."

Tessa starts to chuckle. "No, I don't think that's what it is, but I can see where you'd come up with that idea." Anastasia suddenly nods and pats her hand. "Kat, I think your mom's going through the first stages of menopause. I might be wrong, but I bet Kerry or Joan could verify that for you."

"But she's not old!" I protest.

"No, she's not. I haven't gone through the change yet," Anastasia says gently, patting my arm. "I know KC already has, and I think Sylvia's currently in the middle of it. I'm still going strong with my sex drive and my monthly bleeds. I'm looking forward to menopause, but then I've never felt anything negative relating to the biological processes we women go through, I've always embraced them as part and parcel of being a woman."

Nodding, I smile. "Alex says the same things, too. She said there's nothing wrong with any part of the body and its normal functions. She's definitely made a lot of changes in our lives. And I think that's why I'm so pissed at Mom right now. Today is a really hard day for Alex, and Mom knows that, but she's still being a total harpy right now."

"Because she's probably not relishing the idea of growing older. You do realize that most people see menopause as the last signpost that a woman is old. Not many women are okay with admitting they're old. Because I'm viewing this as another normal part of my life, I'm pretty sure I won't need any sort of hormone medications to help me through this, nor will I necessarily go through the extreme mood swings as badly. I could be wrong, but I suppose we'll see." She pats Tessa's cheek gently. "I apologize in advance if I turn out to be wrong, my love."

Tessa smiles, despite the fear in her eyes. "I'll keep that in mind," she teases back. "But, Kat, your mom can't control what's happening to her right now. She's not doing this on purpose, and I'll bet good money Alex understands that. That it's happening on this particular dual anniversary is unfortunate, and I'm sure your mother's quite upset that it is happening. But maybe it's better if she sequesters herself away until she can get through this current bout of moodiness, rather than inflict it on the rest of you."

"I suppose…" I reply slowly. "I just wish this could have waited another day. The whole thing with the castle blowing up's been a really big deal for Alex. I mean, she's not still hung up over it, but it's still hard. Just like me and Mom for the day Dad and Connor died. It's hard sometimes, but we get through it. Maybe we'll be lucky and she'll get over this soon."

"Kat! Come play?"

The sound of my Rosie begging me to join her and the other kids certainly sounds better than dwelling on Mom's hormonal issues.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After helping Sara return all of the kids to their respective homes, which included getting Rose, Sandy, and Katie tucked in for a nap, I head back to my own home. Hopefully everything that Anastasia and Tessa said is true, but I still need to figure out how to talk Mom into seeing Kerry or Joan for verification. Hearing Mom yelling "Damn it, Alex!" gets me running to the house.

Throwing open the front door, I freeze in my tracks at the sight before me. I've seen Alex naked before. She's never had any nudity issues, and I've never been bothered by it. But those straps on her hips? Yeah, I know what those are for, what's attached to them. Not to mention the fact that Mom's legs are wrapped around her waist.

"What's the matter, Rachel?" Alex purrs.

"Quit teasing!"

Okay, that's more than I really need to hear. The door closes quietly but quickly, and I take off away from my home. I don't stop until I'm walking into the kitchen of the main house.

"Kat? Is something wrong?" Kerry asks in that "mom" tone she's got down pat.

"Can I--? I can't go home," I finally get out.

"What's wrong?" This time it's Tessa's voice, and I glance up to see several of my extended family's adults sitting around the kitchen island.

Kerry leads me over to an open chair next to Anastasia. I collapse into it and turn to bury my face in Anastasia's shoulder. She easily holds me close and murmurs softly while I try to catch my breath.

"Can I stay with one of you tonight?" I finally plead. "I can't go back home."

"What happened, Katherine," Anastasia asks gently, stroking my cheek.

"I heard Mom yelling at Alex, so I ran in to see what was going on. And I ended up seeing way more than I ever should have seen." I run a hand through my hair. "Alex was naked and wearing something that required straps, and Mom had her legs wrapped around Alex's-- Okay, I can't finish it. I don't wanna think about it anymore."

"Obviously she got over her angry mood swing," Tessa deadpans in a knowing tone, and Anastasia chuckles.

"Ahh, menopause perhaps?" Kerry asks, grinning when they nod. "I'll have a talk with Rachel tomorrow."

"I'm never gonna be able to sit on that couch again," I whine petulantly. "And I really liked that couch, too!"