Title: Two Turtle Doves
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 15 December 2007
Fandom: Bad Girls via the LWM universe
Pairing: Nikki/Helen
Word Count: 2033
Summary: On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two turtle doves.
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On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, two turtle doves.

++ Helen ++


As interesting as meeting the President of the United States would have been, frankly I'm happy that Abbey Bartlett had mercy on us. Truthfully, just meeting her and the Secret Service agents had been quite enough strain on my already shaken comfort zone. Thank goodness for Nikki, or I would have probably burst into tears or something equally undignified. Being exhausted and jet-lagged had been no help either.

There are faint memories of Nemo and her partner, a sweet-faced woman named Gina with a mouthful of a Italian last name I cannot recollect now, giving us a lift to our hotel. Well, the hotel that Abbey insisted we use. Honestly, at the moment I cannot remember its name, but the feel of the decadently crisp, soft bedding is good enough for me. The room, well it's really more of a suite, is luxurious in that posh, understated way that is incredibly difficult to create.

But it is all reduced to pointlessness as I roll to my back in the enormous four-poster bed and regard my sleeping lover. Against the creamy beige sheets, Nikki's skin glows with that exquisite tone graced to her by her mixed Welsh and Middle-eastern genetic heritage. The rich dark hair is characteristically askew in all directions except for the coveted curls at the base of her skull. Odd perhaps, but this is one of the hottest things about her to me. How many times did I stare? Fixated on those coils of inky hair against her skin, begging for my touch? Separated as we were by our roles inside of Larkhall Prison, looks were our only ways of communicating most of the time. Now, I never tire of playing with the thick, soft curls and Nikki has learned to love the caresses. Hell, I've even managed to make it a bit of a hot spot.

The staff had moved in our bags, setting them neatly on appointed surfaces in the room and we'd managed basic business in the luxurious loo before stripping and tumbling into the bed. Scooting close to Nikki's long, firm, curvy body, I'm thankful that nakedness had at least been accomplished.

And bless her heart; she's even rolled over onto her stomach to accommodate my morning libido. My long hair touches first, skittering over all that delicious bare skin, making Nikki murmur and stir. So I follow the impulse to nuzzle the coveted curls, smoothing my hand over her waist and hip. "Good mornin', sweet'art."

There is a sub-vocal rumble of reply, but words aren't really necessary as long as she keeps arching all sexily like that.

++ Nikki ++

My sexy little Scot has two modes in the morning; scattered and half-asleep, or sensual and randy. As we're on holiday, obviously the latter has won out. Lucky me! Making those loving sounds deep in her throat, she's at my nape now, that spot where's she's trained my libido so carefully. By this point in my life, I only have to catch her eyes there at the base of my skull to be dripping.

While I started this relationship the experienced one, Helen's natural sensuality has easily surpassed any perceived shortcoming in her abilities to please my soul and body. The whole naked length of her, so blissfully familiar, presses against my back while that wandering hand grows bolder. "Love you so much," she moans, obviously barely aware of her words. This too, I know well.

There are some things to be said for a new lover, or dabbling in the exotic. I certainly sowed my wild oats enough in my youth! But for me, rolling to my side and knowing exactly my lover's response is sexy and comforting both. And, lucky me, she still surprises me on a regular basis too.

I am full enough in the hips to provide Helen with a perfect platform for her favorite lazy early morning pleasure. We know this dance very well. Making a happy puppy sound, my petite woman straddles the point of my hipbone. Twisting my torso, I can stroke her face and shoulders and breasts while she presses kisses all over my chest and upper arm.

"I love you," whispers low and truthful from deep inside me, breathed into the warm silk of her hair, scattered over my shoulders and throat. "So beautiful." Helen's slowly grinding hips bathe my skin with the wet her body is so generous with. So I drop a hand to her hip, scratching lightly at her skin, winding her tighter. Eyes gone dark and mysterious with shadows and lust stare unflinchingly into mine, telling me clearly of her mood.

Yesterday had been difficult on both of us and this familiar lovemaking is a sweet balm on those rough nerves. With adoration in my hands, I skim over her lush curves to bring her pleasure closer, to bring my dearest to completion.

++ Helen ++

I never see it coming. Never.

Every climax is a shock, be it gentle or shattering. Perhaps the diversity of the physical reactions that Nikki causes in me is the source of the unexpectedness. Honestly, I don't know, nor do I care.

Grunting in pleasure at the physicality of this, and the adoration in the coveted dark eyes, I let the orgasm wash over me, at last soothing away the stress of yesterday. "Come here," Nikki whispers, rolling onto her back to cuddle me into her lanky body.

I love Nikki Wade for many reasons, and while her physical beauty is certainly on the list, it's not the first. Though, in this case, it might have moved to the top temporarily! Snuggling into the much longer, stronger body beneath mine, I revel in the press of her full breasts against my upper chest, the thrust of her collarbone against my cheek, the press of belly and groin and thighs cradling me. So, it seems only right to start my worship of her fantastic body, stroking with fingertips and kissing with mouth and tongue over her skin. Even now, after knowing Nikki for as long as I have, I marvel at her, the way she feels and tastes. Since finally committing to her, my eyes and hands have not strayed and anyone else has only a passing interest to me.

After the hell we went through to come together, the commitment is a blessing I never, ever take for granted.

Unlike my quick ride on her hipbone, I draw out my seduction of her body. Nikki is always more patient than I, wallowing in my lovemaking and rarely making an attempt to rush me. It's a powerful feeling, her trust in me, and one I broke too often in our colorful past. We are much more careful of one another now.

After getting to my hands and knees, I share shattering, deep kisses, her lips and tongue against mine in loving adoration. Murmuring loving nonsense, I shift to worship down her throat and upper chest, moving to the glorious expanse of her breasts, suckling carefully at her tight, dark nipples. Then I get to tickle over her belly and abdomen, loving her squirming at the caress of my trailing hair. Whether Nikki's figured it out or not, I keep it this particular length because I get the best reactions from her. Musky and sweet, her aroused wet greets me and I dive in with enthusiasm.

++ Nikki ++

Grunting with the dizzying sensations in my nerves, I grip Helen's mane in my fingers, completely at her mercy, her greedy feeding sounds driving me as mad as her touch. Hot and fast, the climax roars over my body, leaving me weak and breathless. Immensely pleased with herself, Helen climbs my shivering body, bringing the covers with her, and sprawls possessively over my larger body.

"Now, it's a good morning," she chortles smugly and I have to laugh.

"I agree completely, Love. What a smashing way to start a holiday!"

"I couldn't agree more," her soft brogue growls over my nerves and she bends her amorous attentions to me again.

Eventually our growling stomachs interrupt our enjoyment in one another and this fabulous bed, sending us giggling into the shower to make ourselves presentable. Breakfast in the opulent dining room downstairs is lovely, but the check makes me cough out loud.

"What is it?" Helen questions as I pull out my Visa card and the server melts away.

"Let's just say that I'm glad that our lovely benefactor gave us the suite with her complements."

Helen has never been comfortable with material excess. It makes sense, but causes me amusement and some consternation at times. Thanks to Trish's excessive good sense and hard work while I was incarcerated, I have been blessed with good fortunes from Chix. At least Helen's desire to see Jamie and Lindsey and their adults again overrode any objections to this extremely long holiday! I don't live like a moderately rich woman, so this is an excellent way to utilize those monetary assets.

"Fancy a bit of sightseeing?"

"In this weather?" Helen splutters as we leave the dining room and eye the city beyond the great picture windows. "Are you mad?"

"Oh, come on," I laugh, pulling her into a loose hug. "What kind of tough, Highland Scot are you? A bit of snow and cold and you're crying like a wee baby." It's a truly awful impression of her accent, but it earns me the hot glower I wanted.

"Cheeky sod," she growls, but allows me to kiss her nose. "If bits of me freeze off, it's your fault."

++ Helen ++

Despite my misgivings about the winter cold, Nikki has managed to find activities that haven't allowed the chill to linger. Helpful cabbies have directed us to indoor sights and waited patiently while we jump from the cab to goggle at things out of doors. Our third cabbie, a man with a strange accent who calls himself Bubba, is so charming that Nikki offers him enough cash to keep him in our services for the rest of the day.

While we wander, Bubba regales us with tales of his native Texas and his adopted home here in Washington DC. At least now I know where his accent is from and Nikki translates with much amusement when we occasionally have trouble understanding one another. It might all be a close proximity to the Queen's English, but we both alter it with the verbal evidence of where we hail from.

Deciding to leave the Museums for the next day when we'll spend less time abed, theoretically, we while away the clear, crisp day with our new friend and one another's adored company. Luckily for me, not only is my beloved Nikki smart, sexy and all mine, she's also a wonderful friend and great fun to be around. Larkhall ensured that she doesn't take life for granted and I continually benefit from that lovely attitude.

Dusk is falling now, somber and beautiful over this foreign city, peeking colors through the gathering gray clouds. As we have done several times today, the car passes the sprawling lawn and lake beneath the Washington Monument, only this time, Bubba stops the cab and turns to smile at us. "You should hop out for a sec'," he drawls. "Snow's startin' to fall and a romantic kiss is just the thing."

Giggling breathlessly, I shove at Nikki, who chuckles and willingly allows herself to be manhandled by my much smaller self from the cab. Sharp and crisp, the wind picks up from the Atlantic, scuttling the clouds and swirling the dry snowflakes about us.

"I love you," Nikki purrs softly, gripping me to the haven of her body and playfully rubbing her nose to mine. "This has been the loveliest day."

"I love you too, and it has certainly been the loveliest day. Kiss me." My whispered plea is answered with the press of that fine mouth to mine and the rest of the world fades away. There is nothing but my lover and I as we kiss here in the falling snow.