Title: Ten Lords A-Leaping
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 23 November 2007
Fandom: CSI / Facts of Life / Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia, Jo/Michael, hints of Jo/Blair
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1057
Summary: On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, ten lords a-leaping.
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Note: Seating order :: 1: Gramps, 2: Tiny, 3: Tad, 4: Gabe, 5: Boot, 6: Ben, 7: Ian, 8: Elliot, 9: Rick, 10: Gil

Beta: mrswoman & ariestess

On the tenth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, ten lords a-leaping.

++ Elliot ++


I'm happy to be here, really. Despite the hassle of getting the night off, despite fighting our way across town in an overcrowded van and the madness of two days before Christmas eve in the biggest city in America. For a week now, Liv's been around, my wife and kids are all healthy and doing well and I'm, for the moment, not living the job 24/7.

At the moment, I watch Alex poke Liv in the side and point to where two women bear down on Jo's squeeze, Michael. Part of me is still shocked by the nature of their relationship, but a bigger part of me looks back and isn't the least bit surprised. The intent of the newcomers has all the earmarks of a confrontation, but not a bad one. Liv inhales a mouthful of her drink, coughs and splutters dramatically enough to catch the newcomer's eyes, earning girlish squeals of delight and pouncing hugs. Wait, I remember them. Those two are the rest of that group of friends of Jo's. That's right. It's been years since I've met them and the couple of pictures of Liv's were old and all of these women have changed. Kathy's hand on my neck immediately strikes others from my mind and I return my focus to my immediate family.

Liv will have to take this one solo.

++ Gil ++

It's quite amusing to watch this crowd, both the familiar and the strange. Particularly Jamie and her new sidekick, the little blonde whirlwind. It's so good to see her happy, so complete. After all, I feel about her the way I would if she were my own! Watching her grow up has been one of the great delights of my life. Being part of Rick's life and his daughter's will always be my greatest accomplishment and the best present any man could have.

Snuggling into Rick's side, I drink in his smile and the affectionate kiss on the nose. "Think Michael will survive the Eastland Gang?" I can't help but tease, making him laugh. The man has never changed, in all these years. And here we are, still together and okay with the world.

++ Gabe ++

I should be out in the middle of that chaos, but, frankly, I'm tired. Days now with the gaggles of children and more family than any one mostly sane man can handle. Thankfully, this little zone of quiet is just what the doctor ordered. Leslie is curled up on the chair beside me, head on my shoulder and Pai is coiled up tightly in a ball on my other side, head in my lap. Both of them are worn out from all the excitement, but at least it's for the best reasons. It has been good for us to break out of our insular lives. Stroking Pai's dark head and nuzzling Boot's crown, I smile warmly at the path of our lives.

++ Tad ++

When marrying Blair Warner, I knew that my life would no longer be my own. Like any good vassal, this has been taken in stride and is now simply part of my existence. However, today I am getting a rare treat in watching the Eastland pack circle Jo's poor woman like hungry sharks. Natalie and Dorothy are planning their strategy and Michael watches them in amused consternation. Blair hangs back, but anyone with two braincells to rub together knows that the bond she's spent a lifetime building with Jo is threatened by this statuesque woman. At least in her eyes.

++ Jesse ++

While I regret not being able to spend more time with the delightful clan from Colorado, the gathering here is anything but boring. It appears that Lindsey and Jamie have noticed Michael's dilemma, giggling girlishly as they watch Jo's oldest friends close in. This should be interesting to watch. Fenris is a very accomplished woman at dealing with people and knowing exactly what treatment will work with each individual. But the stakes have never been so personal.

++ Ben ++

I've known Michael since our military days and Gabe since we were both in short pants. Jo has changed our dynamics and, after the initial growing pains, I believe that the changes have been for the better. While part of me bristles at this interloper to our fortress, I understand the need for Jo's addition to our lives. The chaos that has accompanied her has been a culture shock, though. This crowd of noisy, happy people is fascinating in a somewhat alarming way. It's starting to grow on me...

++ Rick ++

This is the most damn fun I've had in years. Why the rest of Jo's crew has waited this long to gang up on Michael is a mystery to me. The fact that I get to bear witness to the festivities makes me smile evilly and settle into Gill's side to nurse my beer and keep score.

++ Ian ++

This has been a delightful Christmas. Family, friends, lots of parties and fun, and now Jo's oldest friends are here to finally back the boss into a corner. I adore and respect Michael, but she really has avoided this confrontation for far too long. In fact, her eyes have widened in alarm now that she's noticed her pursuers and this time, Jo is too distracted to save her. Let the games begin.

++ Boot ++

It's alarming and amusing to watch powerful Michael, pinned in by the pair of Jo's friends and their obvious curiosity. This has been a long time coming and we three will always be here when she needs us.

++ Tiny ++

It has been a year of ups and downs, testing the mettle of our enormous network of friends and family. We have very nearly lost some of our own. My gaze settles first on Dace, before going to Fenris, where they are both deep in conversation with different people. We have been reunited as is shown by this big gathering. We have prospered and faltered, we have loved and lost and our gambles have been a mixed bag. Much of our lives have remained the same, unaltered by the chaos, and some have shifted like the desert sand.

But the signs are all good that the warming trend of our lives.