Title: Nine Ladies Dancing
Author: Shatterpath
Feedback address: shatterpath@shatterstorm.net
Date in Calendar: 22 December 2007
Fandom: Facts of Life
Pairing: Jo/Michael, Karen/Darya
Rating: PG
Word Count: 598
Summary: On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing.
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Beta: mrswoman & ariestess

On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, nine ladies dancing.

++ Karen ++


"Are you sure about this, Kryn?"

Grinning at Emily's tentative tone, I carefully tighten the laces of her rental skates and twist to flop down next to her on the bench.

"Now, you were so enthusiastic just a little while ago," I can't help but tease my eldest, noting the way she stares at the white boots newly on her feet. Nearby, Fawn watches in fascination as Fenris expertly takes care of the skates on her own feet. For a woman who continues to protest having so many damn kids in her life, she sure is good with them. "Do you remember me telling you that I grew up in this city?"

Now I've distracted Emily and the blue eyes search mine. "A little bit."

"Because it's so cold here in winter, ice skating is really popular. And this is the best place in the whole city!"

Rockefeller Center is typically packed with bodies, some things never change, but I've spotted a couple of places where the crowd doesn't congregate so thickly. That is where we'll teach the newbies. Luckily, I have Jamie, Jo and Michael to help me with the lessons, because I think Darya is more nervous than her daughter! Fawn is rarin' to go, happy to have Michael and Jamie well, fawning over her. Lindsey is already tottering on the ice, clinging to an equally tottering Tisha, both of them giggling in complete hysterics. Jo's watching over them, smiling indulgently and completely at ease standing on twin narrow blades on slick ice.

"C'mon Monkey," I encourage, standing and taking her small hands in mine. "I won't let you fall."


"Have I ever let you down?"


"Well, I'm not about to start now!"

That's good enough for Emily and she totters across the rubberized floor towards the opening to the ice. We pause where Dare leans against the railing and she gets quick hugs and kisses from both of us.

"I'll be back for you in awhile," I promise my wife with a deliberate leer and she flushes prettily and waves me off with a delighted smile.

"Oh, go on."

Luckily, the ice feels more familiar to me than I had hoped and twenty-four year old body memory floods back. I'm even able to scoot backwards slowly, hugging the wall, and guiding Emily with her hands in mine.

It doesn't take long for her inherently superior physical nature to learn this new skill and we move off to where Fawn is having a bit more trouble. She'll do better with her other half there to encourage and calm her. Jo takes over their care with a smile and a nod and I take great pleasure in whipping fast and clean over the ice, dodging around the other patrons.

Darya claps as I scrape to a halt, showering the wall at her feet in slivers of ice and pose like a winning Olympian. She laughs in delight at my antics, leaning into my kiss as I press into the waist-high wall and wrap her in a somewhat awkward hug.

"Emily's with the other six over there in the corner," I reassure Darya even before she can ask, gesturing with a tilt of my head. "And, now you get to come out here and find your feet."

Even more nervous than Emily, nonetheless Dare lets me coax her onto the ice, gripping her small, curvaceous body close to mine. It's more of a mobile embrace than an ice-skating lesson, but looking down into the sparkling green eyes, I really couldn't care less.