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Series: Refractions.

Category: Sequel to Reflections.

Pairings: Elizabeth/Maggie.

Personal disclaimer: Zo Goldston, so briefly introduced in Reflections, is mine! I hope you enjoy her and any other newcomers, as well as my version of Cook County General.

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Author's note: This now-infamous Love Scene has shown up four times before being used here. It was originally written for Kathryn Janeway/Seven of Nine. It was later rewritten for Sam Carter/Janet Fraiser, then Jinny Exstead/CD DeLorenzo then Barbara Gordon/Helena Kyle and now these two. I like the challenge of altering the framework of the scene for the individual characters.

Spoilers: There are references to events in ER season 7, but most of this tale is an 'alternate universe' version of season 8.

Summary: These two desperately need to get it on! Ask and ye shall receive...

Chapter 11 A Love Scene

++ Maggie ++

Arousal pooled like molten stone deep in my body. My breath was shallow and labored, skin damp with sweat, heart pounding with carnal need and something not unlike stark terror. All from the feathery warmth of that slow breathing against the nape of my neck and the pressure of the long body at my back. Astonishment swirled with the fear and desire at the intensity of the reaction. As though sensing the conflicting emotions welling up from my half-asleep body, Elizabeth burrowed closer and tightened her loose embrace. A soft murmur rumbled up from deep in the tall woman's chest and I moaned softly in response. Again Elizabeth stirred and breathed something incoherent across the back of my neck, while I felt the pull of my need shatter my self-control further.  

The relaxed hand on my abdomen suddenly splayed across the borrowed sweats and pressed against the quivering muscles there. Gentle breathing at my nape changed tempo and soft lips brushed across the tiny hairs protecting my spine. Now I groaned in earnest, unable to control myself. In response, Elizabeth shifted the arm beneath my head to curl around me more tightly. Her breathing grew deeper, heavy and wanting against my skin. Man, I had it bad.  

++ Elizabeth ++  

A slight start of surprise rippled along my body when Maggie's strong hand covered my own. Something deep and primitive drove me blindly on, the trustingly curved neck, the soft note of desire, the press of the slighter body into my own. Signals I hadn't given into since my youth, that were still deeply familiar. Maggie jumped when my inquisitive mouth suckled at the base of her neck and my curious tongue caressed her skin. What must she taste like beneath the protective layers of cloth? How hot she burned, low in her body. An answering pull of desire settled in my groin and left me shaken.  

“I need you,” whispered gentle and urgent against Maggie's ear. Hoarse with need, there was more emotion in my voice than either of us was accustomed to. Too much, too little, too soon, too long, want her, need her, love her...  

There was an undercurrent of animal panic in Maggie's deep moan even as her body begged. All I could do was hold her close and watch the conflict between need and control. It took a moment for Maggie to realize that I had grown still. Only the tiny brush of my index finger, low on her abdomen, gave her any indication that I was still awake. What did we do now? Either deny ourselves… or just give in.  

++ Maggie ++  

“Move back for a sec Elizabeth,” I whispered uncertainly and was startled when I rolled onto my back and saw the black, disappointed scowl on her expressive face. This was the part where I could get out. At this moment, I could let her remain disappointed and try and bury this attraction. Or... or I could take an insane chance with this mercurial woman. Something changed in Elizabeth's expression as I hesitantly reached up to brush over high cheekbones and her chiseled nose before moving on to reddish brows. I explored her with uncharacteristic openness and fascination.

“I've never looked at you so closely,” I whispered and a tiny smile flashed across Elizabeth's face. My heart stopped for a breathless moment and I dropped my fingertips to her lush mouth and begged hoarsely, “Do that again.”

Confusion and curiosity etched themselves across Elizabeth's features, but I didn't need those familiar expressions.

“Smile. C'mon Elizabeth, please,” I begged, feather soft, needing it like I needed air. Delicate muscles shifted across mouth, cheeks and eyes. There was nothing in my formidable emotional arsenal that could resist that sweet, shy smile. By the shocked, sensual quiver in my gut, I wondered if I had ever seen her smile. The last shreds of resistance were tossed away and she watched in fascination as my worry and fear at long last drained away. My exploring fingers hesitantly coaxed her closer until our breath mingled. “I need you too.”

++ Elizabeth ++  

At last our lips met, barely brushing, and by tiny degrees the kiss deepened as the heat intensified. Ripples of delight echoed out along my nerve endings as I felt our mutual desires for the first time. We weren't touching nearly enough and Maggie solved that problem by shifting to her side and wrapping a leg around my hip and thigh. Heat burned through the thick material into my groin, making me dizzy. While mouths and tongues dueled, our hands began to explore. I ran one hand over the expanse of Maggie's back and over the curve of her hip. That earned a low growl of desire and I leaned away from the kiss to regroup emotionally.  

“I've never had anyone affect me this way before,” came Maggie's quiet confession and my heart skipped a beat. “You drive me pleasantly nuts.” A gentle grip in her hair coaxed Maggie into another kiss that I felt all the way to my toes. When we came up for air, I was desperate for her, all sense of propriety blown away by the taste and feel of her.  

“Teach me how to make love to you, Maggie, please. I've never felt quite like this either.”  

After a long moment's contemplation, Maggie gave me a quick, hard kiss before playfully pushing me away. “On your back, woman.”  

Eagerly, I complied and watched as Maggie rose to her knees and worked her slender body into a luxurious stretch. It was a mouth-watering sight. After shaking herself out, Maggie straddled my prone body and settled herself across my hips. I wondered if I looked as nervous as I felt. Earthy-toned hair tickled across our cheekbones when she bent to kiss me again. I lightly stroked the long muscles of toned thighs until Maggie moaned into my mouth, “you know how the clothes work. Take them off.”  

++ Maggie ++

Her long fingers trailed over the different textures of grey material covering me, memorizing every swell and dip hidden beneath. My sudden hiss of reaction made Elizabeth pause and stare into my eyes. “You like that.” It was a statement, not a question. Curious thumbs again brushed over my hardened nipples and I jumped on her with a kiss that was rough and demanding. The fumbling of our fingers with the buttons was lost amid the heavy sounds of our labored breathing. The loose men's shirt was quickly discarded and I sat back to give her better access. So she ran curious hands ran over my bare arms and traced the line of my shoulders before tugging the silky black undershirt loose from my jeans only far enough to allow her hands underneath. Nothing could have prepared me for the way her callused palms felt against my bare skin, and there was so much more to go...  

Elizabeth watched me squirm and moan with hooded eyes as her hands roved over my belly to my ribs before creeping higher. Sitting up, she gave me a quick kiss before stripping my undershirt over my head and tossed it away. Sensitive surgeon's hands swept over my nearly naked torso and I saw stars when she cupped both breasts.  

“Show me what you like,” she growled and all I could do was moan.  

Carefully, I covered her strong hands with mine to show her where to touch and rasped urgently, “please Elizabeth. I need to feel you everywhere.”  

++ Elizabeth ++

Lazily tracing my index fingers around Maggie's dark areolas, I found myself hesitant all of the sudden. Maggie groaned in relief and tightened her grip on my biceps, but my hands remained barely moving. “What's wrong?” She finally asked softly.  

Startled by the question, I dragged my eyes away from her pale breasts to stare into those captivating brown eyes. Dozens of emotions played tag across her face. “I'm a little… overwhelmed, I guess.”  

Fondness curled the corners of Maggie's mouth. “I'll take that as a compliment. Now where were we?”  

Her butterfly soft kisses soothed my rattled equilibrium until my hands began to explore her again. I was ever so pleased at the satin softness of Maggie's skin and the warm, weight of her breasts in my hands. I would have never guessed at how good this felt, to feel another woman after so many years. So much wasted time… When my thumbs again brushed over hardened nipples, I again earned a hiss of response. Maggie threw her head back and arched her back as I delicately kneaded her sensitive flesh. I was enthralled by the way her smaller body began to writhe in abandonment, hot color rising on the pale skin.  

++ Maggie ++  

Gold and brown hair whispered across my mouth and jaw as Elizabeth bent to nuzzle my neck. The pressure of those fingers increased until I was happily pressed against her upraised knees. She knew me so well, even with only minutes on my body. No lover had ever been so thorough, so curious, and so careful of both our needs.  

“S... sit up, babe, please. So I can return the favor,” I moaned softly and after a distracted moment, Elizabeth complied. Her hands continued to sweep slowly over me as I tugged her loose shirt away from her body. There was nothing but pale skin beneath. Her flushed curves were mouth-watering, nipples the color of blush roses dipped in golden honey. I began to explore her slim, sturdy torso and exposed breasts with a freedom and relish that shocked me a bit. “You're beautiful,” I hummed quietly into Elizabeth's soft flesh. Shuttered hazel eyes watched my every move and her nostrils flared with her labored breathing. Teasing kisses against her throat and chin earned a soft note of surrender. I wanted that sound again and trailed kisses up to her nearest ear and caught the lobe to be suckled lightly. Without thinking, I squeezed down on those succulent pink nipples much harder than intended and felt Elizabeth's hands spasm against me. A low, lusty moan grated up from her chest like rusted door hinges being forced open. That was an even better sound, and I wanted it again and again…  

++ Elizabeth ++  

With a quick twisting of our intertwined bodies, Maggie was again cradled by my familiar bed. The shock of our naked skin pressed together eclipsed every other sensation for long moments. We held one another in the bedroom's dimness and enjoyed the closeness. All the flirting and fantasizing hadn't even begun to prepare me for these feelings. Nothing had ever felt like this.  

“How are you doing?” Maggie purred as she stared in total absorption into my eyes, so close our noses touched.  

“Wonderful,” I breathed back. “What now?”  

Chuckling, Maggie continued her earlier exploration of jaw and throat, before expanding her territory. All I could do was pant along for the ride. Never leaving off from her open-mouthed kisses, Maggie suddenly pushed demandingly at me until I shifted away slightly. “What?”  

“This is perfect, just relax…” she purred softly, the vibrations making my skin sing.  

++ Maggie ++  

Teasing tongue and lips at the hollow of Elizabeth's throat gave me the pleasure of the sweet saline taste of her skin. Lower my velvet caresses wandered and she began to tense in anticipation. Then suddenly it wasn't enough and my mouth moved from tasting the curve of breast to capturing a puckered nipple. Her taste and feel was exquisite and I couldn't get enough. So when Elizabeth rolled onto her back I was right with her. A broken sound of ecstasy warmed the room in reward for the new sensation. Sucking and pulling at Elizabeth's body like a starving woman at a feast, I added my own groan of enjoyment in harmony with my new lover. Tender fingers twined in my dark hair to softly caress my scalp. Her gentleness slowed me down and I coiled my tongue sinuously over the hard knot of flesh. Trailing small kisses over Elizabeth's pale skin, I worked my way over to the other breast to repeat my explorations.  

“Oh, Maggie...”  

There was so much trust in that shaky voice, so much vulnerability and need. I knew exactly how she felt, wanted to show her exactly what she could mean to me. Continuing to suckle gently, I wandered a hand downward with a few side trips to caress flat belly muscles, the curve of strong ribs and the tickly indent of her navel. We chuckled briefly at her squirming before my hand slipped beneath the dark blue material of her sweatpants. I propped myself onto my elbow to watch her expression change, the gold-green eyes turn smoky and hot. Wispy curls were glued to Elizabeth's damp forehead and she was panting with excitement.  

“Are you this soft all over?”  

++ Elizabeth ++  

I perversely tried to take the question literally even as Maggie's wandering hand caressed across my abdomen. “I… I would think so… I've never really paid attention before.”  

Then those teasing fingers slipped into the wiry fur between my legs and my nerves girlie-squealed in reaction. A delighted grin split Maggie's face. “I like it. Such delicate softness on a woman so badass.”  

Lost in the sensations, anchored by her burning eyes, I reached down to cover Maggie's hand with my own. I could feel the curve of knuckles and curled fingers through the soft fleece, an exciting counterpoint to the press of her touch on my sex. Fully cupping her hand around the sweet arch of my groin, Maggie trailed her fingers through the heat and wet. “Raise your knees, lover, and promise you'll tell me if I do something you don't like.”  

“Yes,” was all I could manage to groan around the tension in my body. Long muscles rippled as my thighs drifted apart, one knee nudging up against Maggie's heat. Eyes locked, the gentle exploration continued. I suddenly felt a single finger slip deeper into the damp at the junction of my thighs, sending body and voice wailing in response and my hand clamped down hard enough to make both our bones ache. Bucking and whimpering, I stayed locked down on that exploring hand and felt tears gather.  

“What's wrong?” Maggie worried and I shook my head roughly.  

“... So strong...never felt like this… I...”  

++ Maggie ++  

Tracks of wet tears etched their way down Elizabeth's face and my alarm grew. “Maybe this is all happening too fast. I don't want to rush you or fuck up your feelings.”  

Light kisses stole the trails of moisture from the corner of Elizabeth's clenched eyes as she gradually caught her breath. Her free hand curled into my disheveled hair and pulled my head back until our gazes met. The blazing intensity froze me to the spot, branded my soul and forever left me marked. “From the start,” Elizabeth whispered in a fiercely possessive tone, “You kept me off balance and alert. Even as a pain in the ass Resident. You challenged me, and I failed you once and I will never fail you again. Getting to know you has changed me, made me insanely aware of you. I've grown to need you so badly. Give me half a chance to be what you need me to be and you won't be disappointed.”  

Vulnerable and awed, I searched her eyes to reassure my frightened heart that this was real. I was always the woman who never wanted to get involved. She would brand me forever... and I was strangely unafraid. We remained hunting one another's gazes to reassure ourselves of the growing bond. It thrummed like a warm, living thing between us.  

“Dunno how the hell this happened, gorgeous, but all for it.”  

“Fate. Now finish me off before I have a heart attack.”  

“You got it. Slip your hand down here and help me out.”  

++ Elizabeth ++  

My hand in her hair tugged Maggie into a deep kiss while the other slipped down the length of her arm. I was grateful for the baggy sweats as Maggie gingerly curled her middle finger and again I jumped as though I'd been shot. Good God Almighty that felt good… Slowly, Maggie stroked through the heat and wet to map me out, draw out my pleasure. I could barely remember to direct her touch occasionally; I was so lost in her loving. The pattern drew in on itself and centered on the liquid opening of my aching sex. When I pressed urgently onward with our twined fingers, Maggie obliged with a sultry chuckle. “Are you telling me I'm teasing too much?”  

“Please Maggie, I'm going to need medical attention soon…” I whined, and despite the gravity of the situation, Maggie managed a loving smile. Now the pressure was really on and our libidos growled into high gear. Our twined fingers slid carefully into the dark heat and I moaned again. “Please, Maggie... Please...”  

++ Maggie ++  

To that broken whisper we began to stroke in earnest. It was exquisite, the feel of her need and the abandonment on her face. A series of endless moments passed before Elizabeth's body capsulated with a jolt of completion. I watched the climax scorch across her nerves, race from point to point with the force of a car bomb. Within that satin darkness, the ripples radiated along her long body, pulling her muscles taunt. Head thrown back, body arched into a perfect bow, whining like an animal from between clenched teeth, Elizabeth was glorious. I ignored the ache of the strong hand in my hair and watched the storm pass.  

Gradually, Elizabeth relaxed into the bed until she was limp and immobile while I watched with baited breath. When the last tremor had passed from body to body, a lazy, satisfied grin curled Elizabeth's mouth. “You can examine me anytime, doctor.”  

That smug announcement earned a reaction neither of us expected. Delighted laughter bubbled up from my chest to escape me like steam. Elizabeth had only a moment to stare at me in confusion before I buried her face into her sunshine hair and let all the bottled up energy free. Great heaving chuckles wracked my frame as all the emotions crashed through me like vast tidal waves. And through it all, I was safe within the arms of the stunning woman who had moved me so.  

++ Elizabeth ++  

The emotional storm passed as quickly as it had arrived and I understood that Maggie just needed to just lie in the circle of my arms. It was a poignant moment.  

“Oh woman,” she grinned and I helplessly smiled back. “You are one in a million.”  

Pleasantly embarrassed and still tingling in all of the right places, I felt warmth on my face and tugged her back onto my body to lose myself in the gorgeous dark hair. “Thank you.”  

Maggie continued to chuckle softly, the sound not at all mocking, but warm and loving instead. Heartened by her acceptance and lovemaking. I trailed feathery fingertip caresses down her strong back. Hissing with pleasure, Maggie arched up like a pleased cat and nuzzled against my neck with gentle lips. Down her back, up her sides, lingering over the curve of her hips and shoulders.  

++ Maggie ++  

“Tease,” I growled and this time it was her turn to huff a short laugh against my ear. Before I could do more than squeak in surprise, Elizabeth sinuously twisted her body and I was trapped firmly on my back.

“Stay,” she purred and sat up, straddling me. That half-lidded, freshly-fucked look was incandescent on her aristocratic features. I was so alert to her body that I had to wonder if she was exuding pheromones and I was helpless to her charms. Having her naked and rosy above me, her cunt wet against my belly and my hand still wet with her pleasure helped...

Smiling with feline intent, Elizabeth kept her grip on my wrists while she lowered her head towards my bare torso. The curls got there first, spilling over my skin and I cried out with the pleasure of sensation. Then that aggressive mouth was all over my sweaty skin, pushing my pleasure higher like a bird on a thermal. Oh, she was fishing for a reaction from me, and I decided to hold out, just to feel what she would do to me.

The suckling at my skin grew ever more aggressive and I was half blind with the glory of it. The woman wouldn't stay in one damn place, those lips all over my chest. A nip at my collarbone forced me to growl. “Oh, come now,” Elizabeth hummed playfully and fired me an incendiary glance from among the waterfall of curls. “You can do better than that.”  

++ Elizabeth ++

It wasn't until I bit down on a cinnamon-colored nipple, laving the trapped flesh with an aggressive tongue, that Maggie finally begged for mercy. “Please! God, Liz, please!”

Certainly, I had always preferred being the aggressor in bed, and I shifted my weight to toss Maggie's slender body onto he stomach and planted my weight firmly on her ass. “Oh, I'm going to make you feel so good.”

There was more than surgery that I could do with these talented hands and I proceeded to prove it to my new lover. Perpetual tensions drained away like freed water even as she grew tense with arousal, squirming beneath me. “Elizabeth... who taught you how... to do this?” Maggie groaned and arched into my touch.

“I've got a few skills you don't know about,” I chuckled and shifted my weight off of her to grab the grey sweats, stripping her naked with a few aggressive tugs. Now I could properly attend to her backside and thighs, earning a moan of approval. “Certainly, you didn't think I was capable only of surgery?” Levering nearly my full weight on carefully placed hands, I pressed heavily into the small of Maggie's back with enough strength to make her gasp. Tears of near-pain welled up for an endless moment before her torqued vertebrae gave in with an audible pop. Relief flooded down her lower body like warm honey, I could feel it under my hands. A sob welled up as she sprawled limp across my sheets and gave in to the sensations. “Stress is bad for your health, lover. So's standing on your feet all day and not getting enough sleep. When you're suffering...” Quickly, I turned her onto her back before ducking down to capture that fine mouth again, losing myself in her taste, and murmured against her lips. “I'll happily take that pain from you.”  

Rearing back on my heels, straddling Maggie's smaller body, I worked to stroke away every line of accumulated tension, inside and out.  

++ Maggie ++  

Expertly lulled into a place of pure sensation, I felt ten feet tall and more alive than I ever had before. She was magnificent at this, my body flushed and writhing beneath her masterful touch. I was buzzing so hard that it took a moment to realize the stroking had changed in intent.  

“Give yourself to me...” she growled in that lioness-in-heat tone that I was rapidly becoming addicted to. Arousal flared up hungrily and burned out of control along my well-primed body. There were no words, only this desperate, primitive yearning. Our bodies writhed and twisted on the bed, I clung with punishing force to Elizabeth's shoulders as she thrust into my aching body with tireless abandon. Savage sounds echoed in the room, we were drenched in sweat. She was perfect, rough and tender and careful to respond to any of my reactions and alter her lovemaking until I was out of my fucking mind…  

I wanted it so bad; it was so close, my precious control left in tatters. I was willing to give her everything, to be pried from my shell and made utterly hers. Then it hit me like a freight train and my overstimulated nerves gave up the battle and I screamed in ecstasy until it hurt as the orgasm roared through me like a firestorm.  

++ Elizabeth ++  

Pinning Maggie's thrashing body to the bed with my own weight, I ignored the pain those thankfully-blunt fingernails were inflicting on my poor back. It was as if she had never reached this peak, had never felt the pleasure explode like a geyser, leaving her weak and trembling with reaction. Maggie clung to me like a drowning woman and slowly pulled herself together.  

“Good God, Liz…” she breathed in an awed tone, staring into my eyes with pupils gone wide. I couldn't help but grin smugly. A gentle prod from my fingers still buried in her warmth earned a pleasurable grimace.  

“I'm glad you approve. Now that the edge is off, shall we go again?”  

“Bring it on, sexy...”  

To Be Continued...

To be continued…

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