Book 6: Rainbows.

Series: Light, Water, Muses.

Rating: NC17

Warnings: The sex games are still going!

Category: The continuing saga of Reflections/ Resurgences/Refractions/Rapids/Ripples.

Pairings: Still mix and match. Davie/Sylvia.


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Summary: As the fun winds up, Karen mollifies Sylvia. Davie gets together with Sylvia and then everyone goes their separate ways.

Chapter 6 :: Purple

++ Anastasia ++

I really wish I could be watching Karen and Sara in action. The introduction of that sweet girl into our lives has certainly brought out a side of Karen I haven't seen in far too many years now. I've missed Bane, and I think Karen has, too.

The sounds emanating from the bathroom have enraptured all of us in the room, even Olivia, who staunchly observes only. There's a look in her eyes that makes it rather obvious who she's thinking of right now. "I think I need to take lesson from her," she mutters.

This only makes me chuckle more, and causes Dace to cackle delightedly. "Oh man, if you can get Alex to do that, I'd pay good money to hear it! Hell, I'll pay Bane to teach you, if that's the case."

"Oh shut up, Dace!" Olivia tosses back in a good-natured grumble, squirming a bit in her seat. Her next words are stopped dead in their tracks by the loud keening wail coming from the bathroom, signaling Sara's climax. Well, that and the cessation of the door rattling in its frame. "Damn, it's quiet all of a sudden."

After a few moments, the door swings open to reveal Karen strutting out, Sara tossed over her shoulder. "Next!" she bellows with a shit-eating grin and slaps Sara's ass for effect, earning a squeak in response.

Dace chuckles and heads over to kiss her girl senseless, shamelessly fondling the dildo still strapped to Karen's waist. "I'm so next in line after we finish with your wife, Bane. Damn, woman, that shit was hot!"

"All a part of the service," Karen deadpans, letting Dace pull Sara close for a moment. She strips the condom off before moving to kiss Darya. The kiss they share is far more intimate and demanding than I've witnessed between them. Yes, Bane certainly has had an effect on Karen tonight, and I silently offer up the perverse thanks to Snake Eyes for bringing all of us back together again.

They whisper intently when they're not kissing, hands constantly on each other's bodies in the way of lovers who never let the honeymoon phase leave their relationship. I notice that Karen never does anything to allow Darya any kind of relief from the sexual high she's on. This makes me smirk, knowing she's doing everything she can to keep the aura of Bane involved right now. When Darya nods suddenly with a coquettish giggle, Karen brands her with another demanding kiss before turning around to face her compatriots.

"Jane, Salix, we require your unique talents," she says with a grin. "Dormouse has requested the table."

I can tell by the look in her eyes, Darya thinks she'll get something easy like being spanked when on the table. None of us are about to tell her otherwise. She'll need to learn not to assume such things when she plays, whether with this group or anyone else she chooses to play with in the future.

As the two women move to position Darya on the table and begin their handiwork, Karen moves to speak with Fenris and Dace, who has temporarily handed Sara into Olivia's care. Their heads are bent together as they whisper and cast glances back at Darya. Their laughter and behavior are enough to have Darya's gaze torn between watching Jane bind her arms and the three women who have been teasing her all weekend.

"You're a devious woman, Bane," Fenris says with a broad grin, clapping Karen on the back. "I'm glad you're not my wife."

"You're too damned high maintenance, Fen," Karen shoots back before pulling the brunette back in for more discussions.

"Eyes over here, Dormouse," Jane says suddenly, and we all pause to watch as Darya guiltily returns her gaze to her immediate surroundings. That Jane has picked up Dace's nickname for Darya says a lot. She's doing a far more intricate binding with the ropes on Darya than she'd done with Sara. I can see that this beautiful, intricate macramé being created is set to compensate for the height difference, as well as keeping Darya far more immobilized than Sara had been. While she's working on Darya's arms, Salix is repeating her delicate chain work on Darya's legs. I know Salix is a pro at this, but she's playing up the game with Darya, repeatedly brushing against Dare's clit with each pass around her legs. By the time they're done, Darya's trussed up just like Sara had been, despite their height differences. The faint tremors along her skin show she's just as horny as she was when this started, if not more so, and Salix and Jane barely touched her.

"Damn, Bane!" Dace suddenly cries out. "You can't do that to a neophyte!"

Karen just cackles as the three of them turn to stare at Darya, who goes pale before her face darkens in a deep flush of embarrassed desire. Having known Karen as long as I have, I can see the barely disguised desire in her eyes as she stares at her wife. Outside of the pictures she sent to Tessa and me on our anniversary, she's not shared her wife before, or had an audience like this, but I can see very clearly that Karen wants nothing more than to fuck her wife senseless right about now. I'm impressed by her restraint.

"Bane," Salix's voice startles me from my musings. "Would you like to choose the cat for your wife?" She holds the rubber-stranded cat in one hand and the suede-stripped in the other.

I watch as Karen considers them for a long moment before turning to face me. "My Lady Heartsblood, may I defer to your judgment on this?"

I raise my eyebrows in surprise, but nod nonetheless. We both see the reaction this exchange has caused in her wife. I study both implements for a moment, occasionally flicking my eyes over to overlay their effects on the tapestry of Darya's skin. "I'd suggest the one in your left hand, Salix. Far more appropriately suited, don't you think?" Darya's pout makes me chuckle. Salix is standing in such a way that Darya can't see what is in her hands, nor does she know what I've chosen to be used.

++ Michael ++

I certainly approve of Anastasia's choice, and can't wait to see how Salix wields it. I grab the portable stool and settle myself by Darya's head, stroking her hair and face, keeping her attention while Salix prepares herself. Plus, I just can't wait to see the look on Darya's face when she feels the first lash. It's always been a thrill to witness a sub's first experience like that.

And it takes less time than I'd expect. Those deep green eyes, focused on my face, suddenly transform into wide, surprised ovals as the suede strips land against her ass. Her mouth forms a perfect O, and I feel the perverse desire to slip one of the dildos into that space. Force her to count the lashes while sucking that dildo. The idea gives me a devious thrill, but I'll be nice to her. "Comptez les mèches pour moi (Count the lashes for me)," I purr, tracing the curve of her lips.

She swallows thickly, blinking owlishly at me, as she stammers, "One."

"Vous aiment cela (Did you like that?), Darya?"

She nods and squirms against her bonds, murmuring, "Please."

I continue to tease her as she takes another half dozen lashes. Her eyes are wide with her need, and she whines indignantly when they suddenly stop. I glance up to see Salix handing off the cat to Anastasia. My grin grows wider and I lean in to kiss Darya as the next lash strikes. I continue to murmur at her in French, mostly just nonsense, but it keeps her on the edge of arousal. I'll definitely have to thank Bane for that little hint.

"It sto-ah-ah-ah!" she squeals when the cat is tossed aside after another half dozen lashes, only to be replaced by those long fingers filling her. I reach down to tweak her nipples, helping to get her arousal even higher. Squirming fiercely, she squeals again as a hand lands sharply on her ass. She spins her head around as far as she can to see Anastasia behind her. Apparently that sight is all it takes to send her over the edge with a loud, wailing cry.

When Darya finally drops her head to pant heavily, Anastasia steps around to stand next to me. "Dormouse, look at me," she demands in that low, arousingly commanding tone of hers, and I find myself getting wet at the sound. When Darya finally lifts her head to stare at her mother-in-law, I see the devious smile spreading across Anastasia's face. She brings her hand to her face and delicately sucks her fingers clean. "Mmm, you do taste good, my dear," she purrs. "Next time? I think I'll forgo the fingers. And trust me, my dear Dormouse, there will be a next time."

++ Sylvia ++

"Beautiful night tonight."

I stiffen at the sound of her voice, but I'm not entirely surprised she's coming out. She always has come to Dace's rescue, even belatedly. I fiddle with the empty bottle in my hands, but can't meet her gaze just yet. "It's very peaceful here."

"I certainly like it."

A bottle appears at the edge of my vision. I certainly won't turn it down, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see it's the microbrew I've come to adore from Fenris. "I'm surprised to see you out here, what with your wife dipping her toes in our lifestyle tonight."

Karen's throaty chuckle sounds absolutely decadent. "Oh please, Sylvia. She can barely stand right now, let alone know who's around her. Darya has been well-fucked and is currently curled up in an orgiastic puppy pile with Sara, Dace, and Catherine, fast asleep. She feels safe and can handle me being gone for a while."

Savoring a sip of my beer, I smile as she settles herself on the table next to me. "And you'd rather spend your time with a bitter old woman than partake in the puppy pile? You've definitely changed over the years, Karen, just like your sister."

"How can we grow if we don't change?"

"How very esoteric of you," I retort. "I didn't realize you were still coming to your sister's rescue."

"Oh give me a break! You're just as fucking stubborn as she is, you know that? I'm here because I chose to be here, Sylvia. I could have left you to stew out here by yourself, but I can't. If I've learned anything from my wife and kids, it's that no one does well alone, especially if they're upset."

There's an edge in her tone that sounds very familiar; it's as if I'm being dressed down by Anastasia herself. I chuckle wryly and take another sip of beer. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think your former mistress sent you."

I can feel her steady gaze on me. "So it's okay that I'm here on someone else's orders, but I can't come to you on my own? First it's Dace, now it's Anastasia? So why am I being invested as a Joker then?"

"So you're here on official Suits business, are you?"

"Partially," she responds evenly. "I happen to respect you, Sylvia, I always have. And I've learned that I don't feel comfortable when those around me aren't. That includes Dace and you. Dace has Catherine to help bleed off her issues. You're here alone."

I turn to stare at her, surprised by the open honesty written on her face. Then again, Karen's never really had any kind of a hot temper. She always seemed the perfect match for Anastasia, but other things proved a higher priority, including her new family. From viewing her interactions with these people she calls her family, it's clear that Karen doesn't have many regrets about that decision. But I have to admit it's nice to see she's coming back to the Suits via this new Joker role. It makes perfect sense, really; we've always needed someone to act as an intermediary and a stand-in, but it never happened when it was the four of us originals. Maybe… Maybe Dace is right. I've never been one to give up control easily.

"It didn't seem appropriate to bring Nicole. I understand that my presence here has primarily been an opportunity to let the Suits meet again after the chaos of Chicago, but I do appreciate that you and your family have tried to make me feel included. The children are quite well-mannered."

"I'll relay the compliment to the other four parents." Her tone is practically bubbling over with amusement. Not that I blame her; my comment was rather inane. "And for the record, you weren't invited solely because it made the Suits meeting that much easier. If that were the case, you'd have flown in for today only, attended the meeting, and flown back to San Francisco again. You wouldn't still be here, nor would you have been the first of the Suits to show up, outside of Dace and Catherine, for the festivities. And if I can be so bold--"

"Can I stop you?" I ask wryly, receiving a chuckle in response.

"Touché. But, Sylvia, consider what I just said and tell me this. What does that have to do with why you're out here alone?"

"I was…" What have I been doing? Hiding? Contemplating my life? Both? Neither?

"Building up your armor in private again," she replies softly. She must read the disbelief I'm feeling. "I know about your aborted attempt at reconciliation with Dace this afternoon. I was looking for Cubby, and must have missed you by only a few moments. Dace was pretty shook up, and I'll bet you were, too."

"You'd win that bet."

"So… Wanna talk about it?"

I stare at her for a long moment before the chuckle bubbles up. "Do you really think you can be impartial where your sister and I are involved, Karen?"

"It has nothing to do with impartiality, Sylvia." There's a note of exasperation in her voice. "Having the kids around has made that glaringly obvious to me. Every single time that the kids get into arguments, each one thinks they're right, even if they're not. As a parent, I can't play favorites or pick sides because it's easier. It's pissed Emily off several times when she's been wrong. But it's doing the right thing."

++ Karen ++

The narrowing of her eyes should have alerted me to the folly of my actions. But honestly? I'm still high on the endorphins of all that lovely sex play upstairs. And if it gets Sylvia to shed her protective armor, I'll take any punishment she chooses to dole out.

"Are you saying I'm behaving like a child?"

"If I were, I'd take you over my knee and paddle your butt until it got into that thick, stubborn skull of yours. Do I need to resort to that, Sylvia?"

She stares at me, stunned, for a long moment. And then the laughter starts again, but I can hear that note of bottled hysteria in her tone. "You wouldn't dare!"

I simply shrug and glance over at the gazebo. "You'll never know, will you?" And then I walk toward the hot tub. "I offered to listen, but if you'd rather be stubborn and silent, that's your choice. Me? I'm taking advantage of the late hour and the quiet solitude of the hot tub." Without looking back, I start to strip off my clothes. Nobody's going to be coming out here at this late hour. I'm not exactly here to seduce Sylvia, but if the shoe fits…

"How on Earth can you wear one of those things?"

I smirk, knowing she's talking about the strap-on I haven't taken off yet, but I keep stripping down the rest of my clothes. "My wife happens to like them."

"I've never understood what use they are to a woman." The disdain is clear in her tone. "If I wanted something like that, I'd find a damned man."

"If we all liked the same things, life would be pretty fucking boring," I reply, undoing the straps to let the toy fall onto the pile of my clothes. Turning to face her, I can see Sylvia's studying me with the calculating gaze of a horseman considering a breeding stallion. I won't deny the swelling of pride at that gaze of hers. "So, care to join me? Or would you rather contemplate the universe some more?"

There's just enough of a breeze to tease at my nipples, and I can see she's watching me intently. I move with a deliberate slowness toward her. Before my time in the SGC, I never would have considered being so bold with the Red Queen. Now? After everything I've seen and experienced, not to mention this whole thing with becoming the Red Joker, nothing really phases me any longer. I don't even allow her the chance to protest, not really; I just start to unbutton the pristine blouse. There's no mistaking the telltale signs of her own interest in what I'm doing.

"Karen, I'm not so sure about this."

"You've got safe words, Sylvia," I murmur, letting my fingers run through the luxurious hair so close in color to my own. "I'll honor them, of course; any other reaction would be disrespectful. Or, if you'd prefer, I can go see if Davie's awake."

"Wha…? I've no idea what you're talking about, Karen," she stammers, leaning into my touch.

"Of course, you don't," I tease, fingers moving along her scalp and neck. "You may be the Red Queen, but you're still human, Sylvia, and I know you're intrigued by my sister-in-law. Luckily for you, the feeling is rather mutual. I could bring her out here to share the hot tub with you. She doesn't have many hang ups from what I've understood."

Is that actually the faintest hint of a blush on her face? How amusing! I guess I haven't lost my touch for noticing things people try to hide. No safe word has been given, and I continue to remove her clothes. The bra is the next thing to go, and I can't stop myself from fondling those lovely, lovely breasts that are only just beginning to show the signs of age. There is a tiny shiver running down her spine as my thumbnail scrapes lightly across one nipple.

"This is wrong," she breathes, arching into my touch. "You can't make me forget that fight with Dace."

"I never said anything about making you forget. All I'm doing is lending an ear, and whatever else is needed, to a respected member of my extended family. That is why you hired me for the job of Red Joker, isn't it? Besides, you were one of the people to teach me about safe words. If you don't use them, I don't know to stop." Sylvia goes quiet for a long moment, still arching into my touch as easily as Darya does. "What do you want, Sylvia?"

"Why won't she talk to me about what happened?" The question is only slightly out of left field. "What did I do that was so horrible to her, Karen? Why would she tell me to fuck off and walk out of my life like that?"

"Do you really want me to answer that, Sylvia?"

"You know, don't you?" she asks curiously, still arching into my touch, only now her hands are moving up to tangle in my own long hair. "Tell me, Bane, I need to know."

"Come on," I command quietly, tugging at the waistband of her jeans as I head toward the hot tub. She hesitates briefly, and I wonder if I've pushed too far, but she simply moves to slip out of the rest of her clothing. She steps past me, tugging at my hair as she does, and eases herself into the hot water. My, but naked Sylvia is a lovely sight. "I'm glad you see things my way."

"Never let it be said that the Red Queen doesn't accept hospitality where it's given," she replies with a smirk as I move to sit next to her. She leans back, relaxing into the bubbling heat for several heartbeats. "Will you tell me what I want to know?"

I slip completely under the water for a few seconds, letting the effervescent warmth surround me. When I surface, I'm greeted by Sylvia's curious smile. "You want to know why she's acting the way she is?" I don't continue until she nods. "She's scared and hurt, just like she was then. She could have died in January, Sylvia, and she hasn't fully dealt with that. None of us really has. The fight between you four years ago was a long time coming, if I'm going to be blunt. Yes, Dace was a wild, out of control child when you found and rescued her. And you used that iron fist of yours to break her of that, mold her into something acceptable by society. But that also broke a fundamental part of her spirit. Now that we've learned more about the Sentinels, I'll wager what you did was put the cat into submission, into hiding even, until the events surrounding Snake Eyes came into play."

"She said it started when I let her go to Japan," she says slowly. "When I let her learn to become a Top. She said she liked that taste of freedom, that she didn't want to keep being solely my property. I never should have let her go to the Police Academy. I could have gotten her back under my control if I hadn't."

"And you'd have likely completely broken her spirit, made her hate you even more, or both. Is that really what you would have wanted?"


"Would you really have denied Dace the ability to grow into the woman she is today? Yes, Paul was a huge fucking mistake. We all knew it then, and she finally realized it and got him out of her life. But it was her life and her decision to make." I pause then, letting her digest my words. "Tessa told me that you spoke this evening, how you apologized for mistreating her all those years ago. Did you mean it?"

"Of course, I meant it!" Sylvia replies indignantly. "Do you honestly think I'd say it just to say it?"

Holding up my hands in acquiescence, I smile again. "I know that you are an honest woman, My Queen, but you also have very specific behaviors. Without sounding impertinent, did you choose to apologize to Tessa because of your aborted conversation with Dace?"

She doesn't answer me initially, instead her eyes move up as a falling star streaks across the sky. "Star light, star bright," she whispers. "First star I see tonight. Wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight." She goes silent for another moment. "Do you believe in wishes, Karen?"

I chuckle softly. "I have my family, don't I?" Her watery smile tugs at my heart, and I reach over to stroke her cheek. "You are not a bitter old woman, Sylvia Ventura. If you were, you wouldn't be here this weekend and you wouldn't have attempted to make amends with both Dace and Tessa. You are still the Red Queen, and that will strike fear in the hearts of many, many people, but that's not all you are. Tell me, do you miss Nicole?"

"Very much," she admits carefully. "Seeing all of these couples has made me realize just how isolated I've made myself. Of course, the events of January were also a contributing factor in that realization. It's part of the reason I attempted a reconciliation with Dace, but I think that bridge has not only been burned, it's destroyed beyond recognition."

"Not true. She's just not ready yet to deal with that whole situation. Give her some time to settle everything on her plate. I offer my services as an impartial mediator when you do choose to try again, in my capacity as the Red Joker. Hell, Olivia and I can both take on the situation as the Red and Black Jokers. There are too many reasons to overcome the animosity, and you've met several of them this weekend."

"Thank you, Karen." Sylvia glances back at the house for a moment, a devious smile slowly creeping across her face. "It would appear we have an audience," she murmurs, reaching out to grab my wrist as I start to turn around. "No, no, don't look. Your sister-in-law…"

I chuckle darkly. "Poor Davie. She felt all of that great sex energy upstairs, thanks to her sister. And she's been curious as hell about you. I've seen her flirting all weekend with you."

"She's not serious…"

"Bullshit! Davie Farazell doesn't do anything she doesn't want to, and that includes flirting. It's like breathing to the woman. I still can't believe she considered actually taking her vows as a nun when she was younger."

Sylvia's eyes widen at that. "She didn't!"

Nodding, I smile and pat her thigh under the water. "She's got a very strong spiritual sense. And she knows what she wants and doesn't want. She's a lot like Dace in that respect. And I happen to know she's quite curious about you."

"Are you trying to pimp out your sister-in-law to me?" Sylvia teases coyly, fingers stroking down my arm.

"Maybe. Are you interested?"

She glances over toward the house again. "I must admit, I'm intrigued by the prospect of bending her to my will."

"No, I don't think Davie will submit easily, and it would be ugly if you tried to break her. But try her on for size as an equal, Sylvia. Try something different. Hell, I did by attempting to seduce you tonight. I didn't get very far, but I'm glad I took the chance."

"You got me out of my clothes, Karen," she replies with a laugh. "That's more than anyone's done in many, many years. You got much farther than you think. But I must admit a certain curiosity…"

Rolling my eyes at her, I turn and call out in a tone loud enough to Davie to hear, but not to carry too far, "Davie, get your ass over here. Now!" I'm quite sure that Davie and Sylvia are wearing damned near identical expressions of shock on their faces. Good! Life is too fucking short to be pussyfooting around like this. "Don't make me get out of this water to drag you over here, Davinia Farazell."

"I'm coming, Red," she grumbles, but there's a good-natured undertone to her voice, as well as a healthy dose of curiosity. As she comes over, I catch Sylvia watching her closely, nipples definitely saying hello now. "What do you want?"

"Strip and get in the water," I growl, using the Bane voice that she's never actually heard from me before. There's a startled gasp and she stares at me. "I'll do it myself if you don't."


"Please, Davie," Sylvia says in that whiskey smooth voice of hers. Jeezus, but the woman's good when she wants to be. "Unless you have issues with nudity, which you shouldn't, because you've got a fabulous body."

Davie flushes and preens a bit, but begins to pull off her clothes anyway. She hesitates when she gets down to sports bra and panties, and I have to agree with Sylvia: Davie looks fucking fantastic. There's a perverse part of me that wants to see my mother-in-law naked now, just to make the full comparison. Fuck, I am turning into Dace! Sylvia clearing her throat brings me back from my thoughts with a sheepish grin.

"Didn't you get enough sex upstairs, Red?" Davie teases, slipping into the water, and I realize that I've actually missed her losing the last bits of clothing.

"There's no such thing as enough sex when it's good," Sylvia retorts easily, reaching out to fondle the dampening strands of Davie's hair. "But I'm sure you already know that, don't you, Davie?"

Okay, this is weird and kinda hot to be watching Sylvia trying to seduce my sister-in-law. Davie is eating up the attention, too. But that doesn't really surprise me. For the last six months or more, Davie's pretty much given up her own life to help with the babies, and has never really had any sort of a steady relationship according to Darya. She and Sylvia might be really good for each other. But I think I should leave them to it. It might be a bit awkward for me to stick around.

"Red, are you even paying attention?" Davie's snapping fingers in my face startle the hell out of me.

"Sorry, I got distracted," I reply honestly and move to stand. "And I think I'm gonna head in to check on my wife. You two have fun."

"Did I say you could leave, Bane Sidhe?" Okay, that's not fair. She's using the Red Queen voice on me. Fuck, I hate my training some days. Without realizing it, I sink back into the water. "Good girl."

Impetuously, I stick my tongue out at her, which earns a snicker from Davie. "I was just trying to be polite, My Queen. I'm sure you and Davie would like some time alone to get to know each other."

"Tell you what, Red," Davie says before Sylvia has a chance to respond. "You hear me say Emma's name, that's the same as the proverbial sock on the doorknob. That good with you?"

Damn! Is she asking me what I think she is? "Uh, okay. So what are you saying, Davie?"

++ Davie ++

"I know damned well your sister isn't the only one that wants to take a bite out of me. You forget that I don't have the hang-ups Dare does." My words startle her, and I can't help giggling at her reaction. "I do like making you speechless."

Karen snorts and splashes at me. "Pain in my ass," she mutters. "I should take you over my knee for that."

"You'd both enjoy it too much," Sylvia teases and tugs at my hair. "And you… Come here." She pulls me closer by my hair before kissing me. It's been a while since someone's kissed me like that, and I'm finding that I've missed it. She tastes of beer and warm caramel, a very unique combination to say the least. Her fingers move back into my hair, holding me close and teasing at the same time. Pulling back from the kiss to meet her gaze again, I'm sucked into eyes the color of rich malachite shot through with honeyed amber. "How long has it been?" When I don't answer her quickly enough, she tugs none too gently at my hair. "Have you lost your voice?"

I giggle nervously and shake my head. "It's been longer than I care to admit," I reply softly. "I actually haven't been with anyone since before Emily turned a year old. My sister and niece were my primary focus until Karen came along, and then it was just habit, I suppose." Karen's startled breath makes me grin. "Yes, Karen, it's been that long. I like to flirt, it's like breathing for me, but my sister's loss has been a pretty strong deterrent for me to consider any sort of commitment. So sue me for being gun shy."

She shakes her head and shifts to sit closer to me. "No, I just hadn't considered the effects on you, that's all," she says with a grin before leaning in to nip at my shoulder. "I kinda like the idea that I get to help break your dry streak. I mean, I broke your sister's. That gives me one up on Dace."

I chuckle at that. "And they say romance and chivalry are dead."

Before I let her lose the nerve, I pull Karen in for a quick kiss. Okay, so it's not as quick as I planned. The woman's a damned good kisser. I can totally see why Dare always goes weak in the knees when she's been kissed by her wife. Her lips trail down along the side of my neck, forcing my head closer to Sylvia, who immediately picks up the opportunity to kiss me again. Fingers ghost across my nipples, and I can't help the moan sucked greedily into Sylvia's mouth.

"Damn, that's hot," Karen murmurs; the sound pulls Sylvia away from our game of tonsil hockey. We turn as one to stare as Karen advances on the older redhead, and I'm able to watch the two of them fighting for dominance in their kiss. Without thought, my hands move to stroke and tease at their nipples, thrilling at the thought of being the filling in that particular redheaded Amazon sandwich. "If you want in the middle, you get to get your ass over here, flirt," Karen purrs, tugging me closer. Gahmahtoh! I said that out loud, didn't I?

In no time, I find myself straddling Sylvia's lap, my every movement causing our nipples to brush enticingly together. The sensation sends a jolt straight to my clit, and I lean in for another of her intoxicating kisses. I can feel Karen right behind me, trapping me between their longer, leaner bodies, and I arch back against her. Her arms reach around to tweak first my nipples, then Sylvia's. But it's when her fingers glide down further, teasingly scraping those short nails up along the insides of my thighs, that I actually whimper with need. I no longer care if this is just a one time thing or if they decide to turn me into their mutual chew toy. All I want is more…

"Tell me, Bane," Sylvia's smooth voice floats around my senses when I rest my forehead against her shoulder, sucking in much needed oxygen. "Is your wife this responsive? If she is, you're a very lucky woman."

Karen just chuckles darkly and bites down lightly on my shoulder. "I certainly have no complaints."

"I'm curious," Sylvia breathes, tongue teasing along the rim of my ear, but she never finishes the question. Her fingernails scrape roughly down my side and across my hip. One elegant finger taps a random pattern across my clit, and I realize I'm completely at the mercy of these two powerful women. "Are you a screamer, Davie?"

Karen chuckles darkly from behind me and shifts me back against her chest as Sylvia slips two fingers past my clit and deeply into my pussy. I can't stop the involuntary shudder ripping down my spine at the sensation. "Let go, Davie," she murmurs hotly in my ear. "You're completely safe with us."

Her words swirl around my brain, continuing in the same vein, and suddenly I'm surrounded by the heady intensity of their attraction and desire. Sylvia's fingers take up a slow, steady rhythm, her thumb tapping out the identical beat of my pulse against my clit. Karen supports my weight easily, her hands wandering across my body easily.

"Look at me, Davie," Sylvia commands in that low honeyed whiskey tone that I would follow to the ends of the Earth. When I do, she adds a third finger to her thrusting, and Karen takes over teasing my clit. "You're so tight, my dear, so needy. I wonder what you taste like." The whimper is past my lips before I even realize I've exhaled any sort of breath, and I'm completely enraptured by her words. "I do believe I'd like to find out, but I don't want the first touch of my tongue to your hot pussy to be the cause of your climax. Come for me, Davie, and I promise you'll never regret it."

Her words, combined with the concentrated dual efforts of their fingers, send me right over the edge with a sharp cry. My eyes close automatically as the sensations roll along my nerves like fire, every single touch jolting another spasm out of my body. She and Karen work to get me relatively upright again, and I find myself the recipient of another of Sylvia's kisses.

"Damn, that was hot," Karen murmurs in a ragged voice. We turn to look at her, and I can see she's got a hand between her legs, the same one that was tormenting my clit.

"Not yet, Karen," Sylvia purrs in that steely velvet voice, causing Karen to groan and stop. Then she turns to me again. "Shall we let her come first or sit there and watch us some more?"

I don't answer her with words; instead I lean down to capture one of her nipples just under the surface of the water. Delighted by her garbled groan, I alternate between her nipples, and shift to straddle one of her legs. The movement lets me rub against the toned thigh, as well as slip my own fingers between her legs for a little retaliatory action. Coming up for air, I stare deeply into her eyes and feel her need wrapping around my senses like a well-loved comforter. I waste no time in sending Sylvia over the precipice of desire. The strength of her orgasm creates a feedback in my senses and I find myself cresting again with her. As she returns to herself, I can sense the depths that have been locked away for so long in this woman. Gods, what I wouldn't do to break down all of those walls and see her completely unfettered. I've a strong suspicion very few people have actually seen her like that, not even these other players she's aligned herself with.

Satisfied she's at least temporarily sated, I kiss her deeply before turning to face Karen. There's a wild look in her eyes, and a part of me wonders if she got caught up in our feedback loop; I know she's linked into Darya. With a saucy grin, I tease her nipples and give her a demanding kiss of my own. She returns it willingly, legs spreading to let me stand between them. I bend enough to be able to sink a couple of fingers into her clutching depths and tease her orgasm out of her, but not before squealing as Sylvia's fingers find their way to fondling my ass and thighs. Obviously someone's not done with me yet. Good. I'm not done with her myself.

As Karen comes with a needy growl, I nip my way along her jaw to her ear. My tongue swirls around the shell of her ear as she shudders back into herself. "Thank you, Karen," I reply in a low voice, just loud enough for Sylvia to hear me, as well. "But right now? Well… Emma." I pull back to gauge her reaction, delighted when she nods her understanding. The appreciative purr from behind me signals Sylvia's agreement with my request.

Karen pulls me close for another kiss, this one far gentler than before. "Good for you," she murmurs. "Enjoy this side of her. Few have ever had the pleasure you're being given." And then she shifts closer to grace Sylvia with a similar kiss, whispering something that I can't quite hear, but the lovely flush on Sylvia's face gives me a good idea of what she's said. "You two have a good night," Karen says in a slightly louder tone as she moves to get out of the water and grab her clothes. "Davie, our old room upstairs is still available, as is the playroom. Enjoy yourselves." And with that, she heads into the house, pulling her jeans and t-shirt onto her damp skin.

She no more than closes the sliding glass door and I'm being pulled back into Sylvia's embrace. "I think I like that idea of finding a bed. My skin is getting rather prunish, and that's not an attractive look for anyone. Unless you'd rather stay out here a bit longer?" Sylvia asks in a low, curious tone.

"A bed sounds heavenly," I reply with a grin as I step out of the water to pull my clothes back on. "And is it bad of me to want to request the playroom? I kind of like the idea of the soundproofing in there. Besides, have you seen that killer bathroom?"

Sylvia chuckles darkly as she also does a basic covering up. "I take it you'd like to be a bit more uninhibited?"

"No," I reply quickly, but with deadly seriousness. "But I'd like it for you."

"Davie, I…"

I shake my head. "I know you're spoken for, Sylvia, and that you miss her, even if you can't admit that to anyone else, including yourself. Consider me your temporary substitute until you can go home to her tomorrow."

I turn to head into the house, but am stopped by her hand in my hair. Sylvia spins me back around to brand me with another plundering kiss, practically bending me over backward. "Don't you ever settle for being anyone's substitute, temporary or otherwise, Davie," she growls roughly. "I didn't agree to this simply to assuage a need. But we can discuss that further in private, yes?" The last question, while still very much dominant, holds a note of hope in it.

"Yes, I think I'd like that," I reply, sensing the honesty in her words. I've no idea where this is going to lead me, but I've never shied away from the challenges life's journey has given me. With a broad smile, I grab for her hand and lead her into the house and upstairs.

++ Dace ++


In the early afternoon, it is time to go.

We have once more come together to celebrate and we must once more go our separate ways. I cling tightly to Mel and then Jane before jumping on Tiny for a squeeze that happily makes me whine for mercy. Even Salix gets a quick hug, which startles the daylights out of her. Michael grips me for a long moment and Gabe does his best to bend whatever ribs Tiny left intact.

I always miss them, my friends that I only see irregularly, but this is the way it is. At least our reunions are always special!

Nearby, Lindsey clings to Jamie and the dark-haired teen cuddles the young sentinel. Their separations are so difficult, but neither is old enough to be away from her family. It will be some time before they can be together all of the time. In the meantime, we adults will bolster them up.

My pack gravitates to me as we symbolically break down into our groups in preparation to leave. With my women tucked to my sides and a tearful Lindsey with her arms around my waist, we are once again together and apart.

In the gaze of each of these beloved friends, we will always be together.