Chapter Notes: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt "Making love".

Chapter 9 :: Beltane
By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

++ Monica ++


Excerpt from the personal journal of Monica Reyes

It's been nearly a week and a half since William was last able to have a proper play date with the other children. Between the cold he ended up getting and Dana's bad sunburn after our Earth Day planting extravaganza, none of us were in any kind of shape to see anyone else. I worried that Dana might get his cold, but thankfully she dodged that bullet. Now that he's feeling better and got a clean bill of health from both Joan and Kerry, Dana finally feels comfortable letting William spend some time with his friends. She refuses to admit that she's been going a little stir crazy stuck in this apartment with a sick and cranky boy; she tried to act like it was no big deal that he was finally able to get outside as of late yesterday afternoon. We all knew better, especially me.

The call from Olivia this morning came as a welcome treat; she and Alex offered to take William for the day, giving us a welcomed mini-vacation. Once Olivia stopped by to pick up William on her way to her bungalow after her shift ended this morning, I transferred the gate phone to Kerry and Zo's place and headed back to bed. A nice, lazy nap ensued, and I was just about giddy at the sheer delight in laying there for hours, alternately sleeping and watching Dana sleep. Sheer bliss!

Hunger finally got us out of bed and I happily helped with the food prep; I was in charge of the tea and toast while Dana expertly made eggs and bacon for the two of us. I will admit to a certain pang of guilt at not sharing the bacon with William, but Dana must have read my mind and said she'd make more tomorrow so he wouldn't be totally left out of the bacony goodness. We settled on the couch to watch a movie together while we fed each other our nummy munchies. Dana didn't even object when I put in Desert Hearts, which thrilled me to no end. I just don't get to watch that movie often enough, damn it!

Thankfully that movie ended up doing what I kind of hoped it would. Dana was polite enough to let me finish watching the movie, but she could barely keep her hands to herself. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. It made for a great bit of fun once the DVD was turned off, vigorous enough that we had to take a nap afterward.

"Monica?" Dana's voice drifts out from the bedroom, cutting into my thoughts. "Are you coming back anytime soon? Or did you get abducted by aliens bringing back that core?"

Glancing down at the very item she's talking about, I guiltily close the OJ container and place it back in the refrigerator so I can head back toward the bedroom; I'm just thrilled at the ability to move about the apartment completely naked. I have a funny feeling I'm going to need the fortification before this day's over with. Stepping back into the bedroom, I stop in the doorway to just stare at the sight before me: Dana's stretched out on the bed, naked as I'd left her, and stroking her hands down her body. But it's the sight of the harness attached to her hips, various black straps crisscrossing her pale skin, which sends a jolt of desire through my body.

"I thought this was for you?" I finally ask, throat dry from the implications of how this afternoon is going to end up.

"It is," she replies matter-of-factly and gets up to her knees smoothly before making her way to the end of the bed. "I just felt like returning the favor today. That is okay, isn't it?"

There's the faintest hint of hesitation as she glances up at me from under those impossibly long eyelashes of hers. But it doesn't last long as she reaches for the frozen tube and deftly inserts it into the silicon sheath designated for me, then secures the whole thing into the harness. The image of my pale, redheaded lover harnessed into black nylon straps with a seven inch half-frozen dildo protruding out from between her legs is hotter than hell, and I want nothing more than to submit to whatever debauchery she wants to commit on me, with me, to me.

"Fine." I wince as my voice cracks dangerously in the middle of that simple word. Jeezus, Monica, horny much?

Dana chuckles and crooks a finger at me. When I'm close enough, she tugs me even closer with a hand wrapped around the back of my skull, lips fitting against mine as if they were two halves of a single whole. The head of the dildo jabs into my lower belly, and I can't help giggling at the sensation. This gives Dana the entry she's looking for, and her tongue slips into my mouth to slither sinuously against my own. My hands stroke down her arms and back up again before gliding down to cup her full breasts. Motherhood has certainly enhanced her décolletage and I love the new sensitivity her nipples have gotten since the pregnancy.

Thumbs flicking across her nipples elicit a series of moans that I greedily swallow as our tongues duel for domination in my mouth. The sharp tug of pain as her fingers close around a handful of my hair only serves to turn me on more, and my fingers pinch one of her nipples without my conscious thought. This is seriously only designed to incite further tugs on my hair until I'm practically a quivering mass of nerves in front of her.

"You're not playing fair, amante," she growls, pulling back to stare at me for a moment.

"Right back atcha, baby."

Her left hand lands sharply against my ass; I squeak in surprise and jump nearly a foot in the air. The delicious heat radiates out from what I'm sure is a reddening handprint on my right cheek, and a part of me wants her to do it again. As if reading my thoughts, Dana lets her hand fall against my skin again in the same spot, intensifying the sensations.

"You're being a cheeky thing, aren't you?" she purrs and leans in to nip at my lower lip. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think that you wanted me to take you over my knee and punish you."

"Oh god," I moan softly. Damn it, she really does want to play dirty today. I can feel the twitching need skip along my nerves to settle in the pit of my stomach.

"Is that how you ask for something?" That superior tone of voice is enough to nearly undo me every single time, and she damned well knows it, too.

"My apologies, Mistress," is my automatically murmured reply.

"That's much better." She releases my hair and runs her hand down my neck and chest to rest over my heart. "What do you want, love?"

"Yes?" I reply, unable to choose anything that she might think to offer me, and receive another sharp slap to my ass for my impertinence.

"Perhaps I shouldn't give you what you want," she ponders, as if talking to herself, as if I don't really exist. "Perhaps I should just make you stand there, dripping in your own need, while I lay back and fuck myself with this dildo. Get you all hot and bothered and unable to do a damned thing about it."

I bite down on my lower lip to keep from answering. Anything I'd say at this point will only push her to do just as she's described, and I really would prefer to get fucked today while we have the apartment to ourselves. She strokes her hands along my body, hitting every single hot spot I have, except the one place I really want her to touch. Dace taught her too damned well!

"That's a good girl, keeping quiet like that. I'm feeling in a magnanimous mood today, so I do believe I will give you what you want." She settles herself back on the bed, feet flat on the ground. "Across my lap, love," she says softly, patting her thigh. "You'll count them for me, won't you?"

If there's any hesitation on my part, it's minor and I practically trip over myself to stretch across her lap on the bed. The coolness of that dildo presses against my skin where it's trapped between her stomach and my left hip. I shiver slightly, unable to completely ignore the sensation for very long, and let my head fall into my upturned palms for support. Dana's fingers trail lightly down my spine, raising goose bumps in their wake, until she can stroke and fondle the curves of my ass.

I want to squirm in her lap, ease away from the cold dildo, arch up into her touch, grind myself into her lap. I hate it when she takes her time tormenting me, even though I know that's the point. Normally, I'm better prepared for a game like this, but right now I want nothing more than to have her wield that silicone cock as if it's an extension of her own body and fuck me senseless.

Dana's soft chuckle sends another bead of molten need oozing down my spine. "Such a beautiful girl," she murmurs, fingers teasing my skin. "It would be such a shame to--"

Her sentence doesn't get finished. Or rather, if it does, I don't notice it in the wake of the blossom of heat and pain radiating from my skin as her hand lands with a heavy slap against my ass. The sensation startles me, and yet I want more of it.

"One. Thank you, Mistress," I whisper, whimpering as she drags the tip of a fingernail across the sensitive skin. In less time than I would have hoped for, but more than I expect, a second slap's sound rings in my ears. "Two. Thank you, Mistress."

Dana sets up the rhythm quickly: a slap lands, I count and thank her, and she teases the obviously reddening skin -- lather, rinse, repeat until I am a quivering mass of need and fire. I don't even know just how many spanks I end up getting, but I know I keep up the count correctly, or she'd find some other sort of punishment for me.

Finally the spanking comes to a pause; I don't know for sure if Dana's actually done yet or just taking a break at this point. The sensation of those beloved, blunted fingernails scraping across my red, hot ass triggers the fiery fury of my nerves again, and I can feel the muscles in my pussy clenching in need. That she continues to trace multiples lines across my skin is maddening, particularly since I can't quite make out what she's saying to me; the blood is pounding in my ears, drowning out everything but the sensations flashing across my nerve endings.

The next thing I know, those nails are scraping up the length of my thighs, from knees to the curve where ass and leg meet. Half a dozen times she leaves sets of five stripes on each thigh; half a dozen times my entire body shudders in needy response, and I very nearly bite through my lower lip in my attempts to be silent. But when those fingers continue upward and inward on one pass to cup my hot pussy, I can no longer hold back the sounds.

"Oh god, Mistress, please," I whine, ready to beg as if my life depends on it.

Dana says nothing, but continues to gently move her palm against my skin for another couple of moments. Once or twice, the tip of her middle finger shifts just enough to slip between my lips and glide across my clit. I whimper at the brief contact, arching back into her touch. Dana clucks her tongue softly, continuing to gently stroke my skin, keeping me on edge even longer. The sharp crack of her palm connecting with my ass again startles me, particularly when she slips a finger of her other hand into my pussy.

"So wet and needy," she murmurs, finger moving in deeper before slowly pulling back out. She repeats this several more times. "You're practically soaked with your arousal, love."

Her hand lands sharply on my ass again, and a second finger joins the first in fucking me. I shudder at the sensation, wriggling on her lap, wanting more. Those two fingers slip out to glide up and trap my clit for the briefest of moments before returning again to the clenching heat of my pussy. Dear god, she's going to kill me before she lets me come, I just know it. And yet, I will do nothing to stop her from doing it either; I'll just suffer this dizzying balancing act on the razor's edge of orgasm.

She says something else, but I don't quite catch the words, so intent am I on the slow, teasing fucking. The sharp tug at my hair, pulling my head back from the cradle of my hands, brings me back to the present instantly, and I find myself apologizing without knowing exactly what I've done. Not that it matters anyway.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. It won't happen again."

She snorts softly, barely releasing her hold on my hair. "You say that now, but we both know it will happen again. You can't help that you're a greedy, wanton little thing, can you?"

"No, Mistress."

"That's right," she replies, releasing hair and pussy both. "On your feet, love."

It takes a moment, but I get to my feet shakily to stand in front of her, hands crossed and linked behind my back, legs splayed slightly for balance. I think she called this parade rest. She leans back on one hand to study me, the other hand lazily stroking the dildo still jutting out from her waist. When I realize she's stroking that dildo with the hand that so recently was coated with my arousal, I moan softly.

Dana chuckles darkly and pulls me closer, fingers once again slipping into my pussy as her thumb flicks against my clit. The sensations nearly make my knees buckle, and I want to cry out how much I want her to fuck me senseless, or just let me come this one time before she continues torturing me. The sound of her clearing her throat makes me look down at her. Her blue eyes have gone darker with lust and the promise of what's to come.

She stands suddenly and leans up on her toes to press a decadent kiss to my lips. "Get on the bed," she says as she pulls back, licking her own lips. "On your knees, ass in the air."

My brain misfires for a few seconds before my body scrambles into action to do as she's requested. I know this position well from when I've worn the harness, but Dana so rarely takes the lead in this kind of position. Once in position, I lay my head down on my crossed arms, eyes closing in anticipation, and wiggle my ass in invitation. The sharp slap that results is hardly a surprise, and only manages to increase my desire again. Dana's hand presses down on my lower back, and I immediately slide my knees further apart, lowering my ass in the process.

Please, Mistress. The words repeat over and over in my brain, taking on the traits of a mantra.

"When I'm good and ready," she replies with another slap to my ass.

It's only at this point that I realize my mantra has been more than internal thoughts. Damn! But before I can apologize, I feel the head of that dildo rubbing along the length of my pussy and clit a couple of times. Finally Dana takes some sort of pity on me and on the next thrust forward, the dildo presses slowly into me. The delicious tightness and fullness make me moan wantonly, and I arch my ass back toward her to get even more. Another spanking only makes me jerk away in shock, pulling the dildo out just a bit.

I force myself to take slow, even breaths as Dana takes her time filling me with that delightful cock of hers. Once fully seated within me, she pauses for a moment, and I swear I can still feel some of the cold held in that inner core, warring with the heat of my body. What a fucking fantastic feeling! But it's nothing compared to the sensation when Dana eases out the dildo just as slowly as she pressed it in.

When only the head is still in me, she snaps her own hips and I am filled again. She doesn't hesitate nearly as long this time before pulling out again. Gradually speeding up with each thrust, she begins to stroke my body again to add to the sensation overload. One hand grips my hip, while the other moves from hip to thigh to ass to back. On one of her forward thrusts, she stills her body and leans over to pinch one of my nipples.

"Like that?" she asks huskily when I yelp at the touch.

"Oh god yes, Mistress!"


She stretches her other hand forward and gives the same treatment to the other nipple before leaning back to pick up her thrusting rhythm again. She suddenly grips my hips tightly and starts to thrust harder, faster, filling me over and over again. I can feel the initial tremors of my orgasm starting to lick their way down my spine to spread out to every nerve in my body. I force myself up on my elbows for leverage to push back and meet her, thrust for thrust.

Dana's grip on my hips is tight enough that I wonder if I'll have bruises later on. I'll certainly wear them with pride. Dana shifts behind me slightly and presses down on my hips to spread my legs a little wider. The change in angle shifts the dildo, pressing more heavily against my G-spot. This changes everything, and the tremors grow in strength and intensity.

"Ohmygod! Dana, don't stop," I moan repeatedly, only dimly aware that I've stopped calling her Mistress at this point.

She continues fucking me without compunction, each thrust and retreat dragging the head of that dildo across my G-spot until I can't even see the darkness behind my tightly closed eyelids. Shifting her stance slightly once again, one of Dana's hands slides around my hip until her fingers glide across my clit. The jolt of sensation exploding out of my clit at that slight touch has me bucking against her roughly, but she doesn't stop anything she's doing.

"Come for me, love," she growls, fingers trapping my clit, and it feels like she's grinding that impossibly hard dildo against my G-spot.

In the space between one breath and the next, my entire world goes white and soundless. I once grabbed a live wire while helping a friend do some remodeling in his house. The sensation of that electricity shooting through me for those couple of seconds pales in comparison to what is ripping across my nerves right now. This must be what the Big Bang felt like: this complete absence and fulfillment of all sensation at one time, centered on one point in the universe.

And then, nothing…

The next thing I remember, I am curled up in a ball on the bed, shivering and in some sort of sensory overload. Sounds are too bright, sights are too strong, and anything touching my skin is just too damned loud. Eventually, the low buzzing I hear coalesces into Dana's soft voice murmuring my name repeatedly.

"Oh god," I groan, trying to open my eyes, but quickly closing them again.

"Welcome back, amante," she says with a grin. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I ate electricity and it spit me back out." Dana's gentle chuckle both irritates and soothes my frazzled nerves, and I reach out for her hand. "What happened?"

"Apparently, I made took you to Nirvana and out the other side of the universe," she replies, a certain smugness filling her voice. "And um, you have a new trick now."


"You, um, soaked me and the towels we were smart enough to put out on the bed."

Forehead wrinkling in confusion, I stare up at her. "I lost control of my bladder?"

"No, Mon," is her slow, amused reply. "It would seem that me fucking you like that, the angle we were both at, triggered you to… squirt. A lot."

The heat of my blush is strong. "Oh."

"Yeah." She pauses for a moment, squeezing my hand gently. "It was kind of hot to see you lose complete control like that, and feel your orgasm roll through your body. I didn't even notice the ejaculation thing until you fell forward on the bed after I pulled out. I just stood there and stared."

I can feel my nerves still throbbing between my legs, but I am in awe of my body and its reactions. "Wow! I know that the way you were fucking me was totally stimulating my G-spot like you never have before." Glancing up at her, I lick my lips slowly. "I want you to do it again sometime, please?"

"Like I can say no to you."