Chapter Notes: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt "Showering together".

Chapter 7 :: Daylight Savings Time Begins
By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

++ Sam Carter ++


"I am so sorry, Garcia," I reply, resisting the urge to blush from embarrassment. "I really thought that they remembered this teleconference meeting this morning. Let me try to call them really quick."

"Really, it's not a problem. Besides, it's not like we need them to work on the secured connections, right?"

"No, we don't, but you came in on your day off to get this taken care of and Monica should be here as the head of the project," I argue and force myself to count to ten in Ancient Egyptian before offering her a tight smile.

Grabbing the phone, I quickly dial the extension up to Dana and Monica's apartment. It rings half a dozen times before going to the voicemail system. Sighing, I hang up before the message even ends and try Monica's cell phone instead. That only rings twice.


"Mon? It's Sam." The smile on my face and in my voice is totally faked, and I really don't know that I care if it sounds like that or not. "Where the hell are you?"

"'M sleeping. Why're you calling so early?"

That causes me to chuckle. "You don't remember the teleconference with Garcia, do you?"

There's grumbling in the background, two voices from the sounds of it. Obviously Dana's up now, too. Good. This is really unprofessional, especially for Monica as the head of this whole project.

"Sam?" That's Dana's voice now. "Why are you waking us up at nearly seven in the morning on a Sunday?"

"Because it's actually nearly eight, and you're both late for the teleconference about the secured connections with Garcia."

"No, we're not. The alarm's" -- the sound of said alarm clock blaring in the background actually makes me jump -- "just going off now. We've got half an hour yet before the meeting. Mon's just heading for the shower now."

Squeezing the bridge of my nose to suppress a sigh, I shake my head. "Daylight Savings Time, Dana. You didn't set your clocks ahead last night, did you?"

"Oh fuck!" she mutters harshly. "We'll be down ASAP."

And with that, the line goes dead. Hanging up with a shrug, I grin back at Garcia. "They should be down in just a few minutes."


++ Monica ++

The water's barely warming up as I step under the showerhead, yawning loud enough to make the sound echo in the bathroom. I'm just sticking my head into the spray when the bathroom door slams open.

"You don't have time for a shower," Dana says, hurriedly reaching for the brush to run through her hair. "We're late for the telec--"

"No, we're not. We've got enough time to get in showers and be on time, baby."

She stops her brushing mid-stroke and turns to stare at me. Oh god, I hate that look on her face.

"Daylight Savings Time, Mon. Spring fucking forward. We're late," she snaps, starting back out of the room.

"Dana!" The sound of her name so sharply on my lips pulls her up short in the doorway. "Get back and here and get in this shower. We reek of sex and lube, and I am not about to go downstairs anywhere near Alexis smelling like that." I step back, holding the door open for her. "Come on, we'll soap up really quickly and dry off. Then I can slip into something comfortable, but presentable and head down to the office while you get William over to Darya's place before joining us."

She hesitates for a moment, and I can see indecision warring in her eyes. Unable to wait too long, I start to close the door and grab for the shampoo, but her hand on the door stops me. For once, I 'm grateful that we didn't bother with jammies or anything after last night's calisthenics, as she eases into the shower pretty quickly. Stepping back to let her under the spray, I work shampoo into my own hair before lathering up her silken tresses. Without thought, my body begins to respond to her closeness as I massage the suds into her hair.

As I work the mini-loofah over my face, Dana grabs for the shower gel and the larger pouf. Her hands move the pouf over my body with practiced ease, and I can feel my nipples stiffening from the almost careless touch.

"No way," I sigh, glancing down to confirm what I can feel.

That causes Dana to stop and look up at me, pouf-filled hand pausing just inches from the juncture of my hip and leg.

"Mon, we don't have time for this," she growls softly, but without any kind of malice in her tone, and she continues to scrub me down.

"I know."

I take deep breaths, trying to think of, well, anything other than the thought of my beautiful partner on her knees in front of me, washing my legs and feet andů Damn! Damn damn damn! My hand moves to rest on the top of her head for a brief moment before I snatch it away as if burned.

"You have got to be kidding me, Monica Reyes! We don't have time for this!"

Dana gets to her feet and none too gently turns me around to scrub the pouf over my back and legs. Each swipe of the nylon pouf against my skin leaves a trail of goose bumps in its wake. I should know better than to get turned on, especially at a time like this, but I can't help myself. I love it when we shower together, and it's truly a testament to how tired I was that I really didn't think this through before suggesting it in the first place. I lock my elbows, arms outstretched against the wall, and shift my legs further apart for balance. As she continues cleaning, I can hear that she's muttering something under her breath, but the exact words escape me. When she grips my hip for leverage to get back to her feet, I can't suppress the soft moan at her touch.

"Oh for god's sake!" she growls.

I stand there for a moment, trying to get myself under control again before I start to turn around to rinse off and help her soap up, but am stopped by a firm hand in the middle of my back. The pressure startles me just enough that I lean toward the wall a little too quickly and very nearly smack my forehead against the tiles.


"Don't move," is all she says, body pressing up against mine.

The soap on my skin causes some delicious friction between us, and I suck in a breath at the sensation of her nipples gliding against my lower back. One hand tightly grips my hip for balance as she starts to stretch her other hand around to slip between my legs. When she suddenly pulls back, I whine and shift back toward her a little more. This only gets me a sharp slap on the ass that sends a jolt of arousal arrowing straight to my clit.

++ Sam ++

Glancing at the clock again, I sigh softly and shrug at Garcia again. "Maybe you're right," I finally say. "They do have to get their son taken care of as well. We might as well get started with the actual geek speak and fill them in when they get down here."

"I think that's an excellent idea. So what were you thinking you'll need on my end to make sure that all communications are completely locked down between our two locations?"

Falling into the comfortable banter of computers and technology with an adult who really does get what I'm talking about, I resolve to find a way to make Monica and Dana pay for this.

++ Monica ++

"Oh fuck, baby."

The sensation of her body gliding down mine as she drops to her knees again is heavenly, and my ass pushes back just a little more, for which I'm rewarded with another sharp slap.

"I told you not to move."

I open my mouth to answer her, but the words completely fail me as her fingers slide down my skin to skitter across my lips and clit. My breath hitches in my throat as I wait for her to touch me again. It feels like an eternity, with my skin crawling in need of her touch, but eventually her hand cups my whole sex, thumb rubbing lightly against my perineum. Whining softly, I can feel my body tremble against her touch, but do everything in my power not to move.

Her lips press against the curve of one ass cheek as two fingers slip into my clutching pussy. She thrusts a few times before holding completely still within my body. I can feel my muscles twitching and clenching around her fingers, my skin crawling with the need. Dana sighs softly, her only warning before she begins thrusting again, setting up a hard and steady rhythm. Try as I might, I cannot keep still, and push back to meet each thrust fully.

When she adds a third finger as her other hand reaches around to tease at my clit, I very nearly bite through my lower lip. Each deep movement is met with a low moan or grunt as my arousal spirals tighter and tighter toward my clit.

"Come on, amante," she chants softly. "Come for me. Let it go, don't hold back for me."

Thumb and forefinger have my clit trapped, relentlessly massaging the sensitive organ. The fingers of her other hand speed up a bit, going a little deeper, a little harder than before. My breath is coming in gasps, lungs just as much on fire as my skin at the moment, and I feel that sensation of hyperventilation on the horizon.

Suddenly, she steps up her teasing and thrusting, fingers now fluttering deep within my clenching pussy before curling forward to press down on my G-spot, over and over again. I lose count of how many times she does this before my spine snaps to rigid attention, orgasm exploding out from deep in my body. The whole world fizzes out like so much bad reception on a television until only my heart and clit frantically beating in unison matters. She continues to press her fingers against my G-spot and clit, extending my orgasm out as long as she possibly can.

"Stop," I finally whimper, body moving closer to the tile wall, tremors still dancing along all of my nerves. "No more. Please, baby, no more."

Dana's hands immediately still and ease away from my body. Beyond the harsh rasping of my breath, I can hear her getting to her feet behind me. The cap to the shower gel bottle snaps open for a brief bit before closing again. The sounds of her soaping up and rinsing off go to great lengths to help calm me down in the aftermath of that orgasm. Eventually, her hand rests lightly against my shoulder blade.


"Wow," is all I can say.

Dana chuckles and strokes her hand down my back gently. "Come on, love, let's get you washed up and back into bed."

"But the meeting--"

"I'll take care of it. It's the least I can do."

Smiling dopily at her, I do what I can to help Dana with getting me washed up and rinsed off. She briskly dries me off, wrapping me in a towel, and helps me sit on the toilet before she dries off herself. When she heads into the bedroom to get dressed, I slowly follow behind her and stretch out on the bed. My eyes sleepily follow her movements until she moves to lean over me to press a light kiss to my lips.

"Get some rest, love. I'll take William down to nap on my shoulder while we finish up the meeting."

"'Kay," I murmur and roll onto my side as she pulls the covers up over my towel-clad body. "Love you, baby."

"Love you, too, Mon. See you in a little while."

++ Sam ++

When Dana finally wanders down to the office, William asleep in her arms, I shoot her a barely restrained grin. I love it when she brings him around to visit. Plus, I know there's some sort of story for Monica not joining us after all. I wonder if the goofy grins and giggles coming from Alexis' room are any indication of what happened up in their apartment or not.

"Sorry I'm late," she says as she settles in the chair next to me, just the faintest trace of a flush to her cheeks. "Monica won't be joining us. She ended up feeling under the weather when she was in the shower. Hence me bringing my sleeping companion with me." She gives me an apologetic, almost pleading look before turning to greet Garcia. "I'm really sorry about this, Garcia. I completely forgot about the time change last night." And then she mutters, "I really hate Daylight Savings Time."

"Oh please! Don't worry about it," Garcia replies with a wave of her hand. "I had fun just geeking out with Sam here. I'm still jealous as hell that you guys not only work with her, but live with her, too. Super jealous, really."

"Oh stop!" I reply with an embarrassed chuckle. "So let's show Dana what we've got figured out so far."

And with that, we launch into an explanation that I know from experience will confuse the daylights out of Dana. Pun entirely intended, too.