Chapter Notes: Written for the schmoop_bingo prompt "Massage - erotic".

Inamorata: Chapter 3 :: Valentine's Day
By A. Magiluna Stormwriter

++ Monica ++


"How the hell is my favorite FBI agent?"

Glancing up at the intrusion, I narrow my eyes and watch Dace come sauntering into the observation room, surprisingly unencumbered by Rose and the Monkey Twins. Alexis is working with Zo today, more of their art therapy, and I'm really only here in an official capacity to make sure nothing gets out of hand. It's been a great way to get caught up on the paperwork that seems to multiply like bunnies when dealing with the Sentinel Project. Doesn't matter than I've been doing this for four years, it gets crazier as time goes on. We're going to need to get some further assistance pretty soon. Maybe I can talk to FLOTUS, see if she can get the President involved in greasing the wheels to get me a few more agents or something.

The polite, amused chuckle from my side brings me back to the present. With a scowl I stare up at the lanky, blonde Sentinel that started this whole project in the first place. Her wide grin is almost contagious, and I have to consciously fight to keep from joining her.

"Can I help you, Dace?" I finally ask. "Or are you just here to torment me?"

"That depends," she drawls, grabbing a chair next to me with a quick spin to straddle it. Her eyes never leave the scene unfolding on the other side of the observation glass, and I know she's paying just as much attention to me as to Alexis. "When are you outta here?"

Glancing at my watch with a frown, I shrug my shoulders. "When Zo's done, I suppose. I can just take my paperwork back to the apartment if I don't get it done. Well, unless Alexis gets really worked up before this is over, but she's been having another good day today. Why? Am I forgetting something?" Dace actually turns at my words, staring at me with those eerily flashing eyes of hers. Great! I am forgetting something, and it's obviously important if the Cougar's golden eyes are making an appearance. "What?"

"Do you even remember what day today is, Mon?"

"It's Tuesday the fourteenth. And?"

She scrubs roughly at her face. "Oh god, and here I thought I was bad with this kind of thing. Please tell me you at least bought a card? Some chocolates?" I must be staring at her even more strangely than I guessed; she reaches across the desk to grab my phone. Activating the screen, she holds it up to my face so I'm staring at the image there of Dana holding William the day he was born. "Take a look at the date, dumbass."

"Yeah, it's the fourteenth. So?"

There's a saying that realization hits you like a ton of bricks. I am here to tell you that this is so damned true, it's not even funny. It's painful, and hard, and uncomfortable as hell, and makes you want to throw up until your body is completely turned inside out. I can practically feel the blood draining from my face, and have to wonder how it is that I'm not passing out on the spot. I am completely and utterly screwed six ways to Sunday.

Valentine's Day.

"Dana's going to kill me!" I mutter, throat gone dry from resigned disgust. "I promised her I wouldn't forget this year. And I can't leave to get anything, or she'll know I forgot again! Fuck!"

Dace's knowing chuckle has a layer of sympathy; if it doesn't, I'll take the perceived emotion anyway. "It's a damned good thing I know you and your partner's tastes decently well, isn't it? But you're going to owe me, Reyes."

"Yeah, I know. I get to watch the Monkey Twins while you and Catherine have a night to yourselves. I can deal with that kind of deal. What did you get me?"

She reaches into the inner pocket on her beloved leather jacket and pulls out a key ring decked out with triple charms of a dormouse, a tiger, and a red Joker's hat before tossing them to me. "Go check the trike's trunk. There's four packages in there, and they're all labeled, so don't grab the wrong one. Bring it back in and I'll explain it a little more."

Without hesitation, I go to do as ordered, knowing she'll keep an eye on Alexis while I'm gone. Fumbling with the keys, I finally pop the trunk hatch and push aside the packages marked "Dace", "Bane", and "Art". At least I'm not the only one who's an idiot today. I hope. I just would have expected more out of Art and Karen, I guess. Shoving that thought aside as pure speculation that I don't have the time to waste on, I make my way back down to the bunker without arousing any suspicion from anyone else. Especially Dana.

"Okay, so what have I got here?" I ask, slipping back into my chair.

Package set down, I quickly save all of my files and set aside the laptop and my reports for the time being. Dace grins and motions for me to open it. Caught between an overwhelming sense of self-recriminating guilt and childlike curiosity, I ease the items from the bag. There's a lot more in there than I would have expected, too: a folded sheet of shiny, deep red wrapping paper; a coil of darker red satin ribbon; a card in its pristine white envelope; a box waiting to be pressed into shape; a small basket; a package of red raffia; a small heart-shaped box of the expensive Vosges chocolates that Dana adores; a trio of heady beeswax candles; two small bottles of unknown liquids; a small, dark jar; a downy feather; and a long, discreetly charcoal grey box.

"This is your redemption, Monica Reyes," she intones in a low, steady voice. "Seduction in a box. And you don't owe me for this. You owe Tessa big time for this."

"Anything she wants that I can give her, she can have it," I murmur reverently, inhaling the beeswax again. "This is fantastic."

"Top of the line, all of it," Dace replies and points to the charcoal box. "Including that."

And suddenly, I have an idea what is so discreetly boxed up like that. The flush heating my cheeks is embarrassing as hell, especially in front of Dace! Unable to wait any longer, I reach for the box and carefully ease the flap back on the end to peer inside.

"Oh my god!" I breathe, images of what I can do with the item inside sending a delicious shiver down my spine. "Yeah, whatever Tessa wants, she can have it; except for William and Dana, of course."

Dace laughs at that and claps a hand on my back. "You get that all wrapped up pretty and take it home to the little woman. Just make sure William's deeply asleep before you give it to her and start using it, okay?" She pauses for a moment; head cocked to the side as she studies me. "You do still have the stuff that attaches to, right? And some good wine?"

"I'm not a complete incompetent, Bogart," I shoot back. "I know better than to fuck up the toys you've given us by not taking care of them. It's all good. I got it from here. You go play Sexy Saint Valentine to Karen and Art, make sure they get their gifts before it's too late. Once Zo's done here, I think I'm just gonna call it a day and head back to the apartment to spend some quality time with my girl."

"Have fun, Mon," she tosses back over her shoulder as she heads out. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"


Thankfully, when I finally get back to the apartment, there's a note from Dana that she and William have gone to visit with Kerry and Tamia. It's a longstanding agreement that Kerry and Dana have a weekly coffee break with the kids while Zo works her magic with Alexis. This affords me a few minutes to prepare the bedroom for tonight before they return home again. The deeply, sinfully red package rests on the nightstand for all of a minute before I move it to her pillow instead. I'm almost to the bedroom door when I race back and replace it back on the nightstand.

Forcing myself to be satisfied with this arrangement, I head back into the kitchen with the card and the chocolates, which I set aside to start cooking dinner. The very least I can do is make one of Dana's favorite meals. It's not like I can sweet talk Kerry or Alex into cooking for me on Valentine's Day, especially not last minute like this. But first, I really need to check on Dana and William.

"Hey, baby," I say happily, licking at the icing on my knuckle. "You and William having fun?"

"William's decided that he's going to marry Kerry because she made him hotdogs for lunch today," she says with a chuckle. "He even told Zo as much when she came home. He's currently fast asleep in her lap. I'm just waiting until he wakes up to come home. Unless you want to come get him?"

"Are you and Kerry having a good chat today?"

"Definitely. We're going to look into a few outreach program ideas for the clinic, and intend to present them to Anastasia next week. Did you need me to come home?"

"No, no! I was just curious about what you're doing, that's all, considering what day it is and all. Go ahead and come home when mi hijo [my son] wakes up. Dinner will be ready and waiting for you."

"Are you making it?" she asks, her voice going suddenly husky. The sound goes right to my gut and I squirm a bit on my feet. "Please tell me you're making it for me."

"It's Valentine's Day, isn't it? What do you think, babe?" Her delighted squeal makes me chuckle. "And don't you dare wake our son up early just so you can get to the food faster, or you won't get any."

She mutters something under her breath that I don't quite catch, but I get her drift. "Fine," she finally says. "I'll see you when William wakes up. I love you, Mon."

"Love you, too, Dana."

Grabbing for the remote as the call ends, I turn on my favorite radio station and lose myself in the intricate and comforting details of making the meal that Dana begs me for on a regular basis. First the decadent dark chocolate mousse cake is mixed and set to bake, and then I work my mise en place for the kitchen sink lasagna that my mother taught me as a little girl. Mami always said that I'd snag my husband with that lasagna. She'd only been a little off in that estimation, but I certainly had Dana eating out of the palm of my hand the very first time I made it for her. In fact, I'd made it to celebrate our very first Valentine's Day together, even though I hadn't been able to cook it until practically her birthday. There had been far too many more pressing issues to deal with on the newly purchased Ranch at the time.

Before long, the lasagna is replacing the cake in the oven, and my focus becomes the rose petal butter crème icing. I very nearly change the icing to the chocolate ganache she also likes, simply because I didn't think ahead to get a rose to decorate the cake itself. Thankfully, I can get away with the rose water for the icing, and… That ton of bricks hits again as I realize that Kerry made the fondant roses for me last week with this cake in mind - definitely going to need to see about getting someone else to help me with the administrative crap for this project.

The difficult things out of the way, I decide to wait on the garlic bread and salad until right before we eat, so they stay nice and fresh. Glancing at the clock, I realize that nearly three hours have already passed since I started cooking, and Dana's still not home yet. As if on cue, my phone rings, and I grin at the sensual club mix that Zo set up as a ringtone for me. The memories of dancing with Dana to that very song back in Chicago are more than pleasant.

"Hola, mi corazon," I murmur into the phone.

"Monica!" she whines. "Don't do that! You know what it does to me when you do!"

I can't help the chuckle at her protest, knowing she loves every second of it. "Yes, I do, and I'm hoping to make you do it some more tonight."

"You're incorrigible," she mutters with a huff. "Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that we're just picking up the last of the toys before we head home, so we should be there in about twenty minutes or so."

"Oh good! That gives me just enough time to shower before you get home. I got a little dirty making dinner and there was no one here to help clean up the mess."

The soft moan from the other end of the phone is following by faint laughter in the background. "I hate you sometimes," she replies, no hint of malice in her voice whatsoever. "But you did save me the beaters? I mean, you saved them for William, right? You know how much he loves his Mami's icing."

"Yes, the bowl and beaters are in the fridge. I'll see you when you get home, babe."

Once off the phone, I leave the music on and head into the bathroom for my shower. I want to linger under the hot jets, soapy fingers gliding over my own sensitized skin in imitation of what Dana likes to do in the shower, but I can't. I'm not about to get myself off without her here to at least watch. She'd kick my ass! With a lusty sigh for what's yet to come, I quickly finish up my shower and head into the bedroom to get dressed. Nothing fancy tonight, not without giving Dana fair warning to get dressed up herself. No, I think tonight is more about just being together, loving each other and enjoying ourselves, rather than some grandiose scheme to concoct that might not have the same end results.

Slipping into the worn jeans that Dana absolutely adores, I debate one of the sexy lacy bras before going with a simple tank top under a half-unbuttoned oxford shirt, forgoing a bra completely. It's not like I'm going to be wearing any of this stuff for all that long after William's gone to bed. Padding back into the bathroom, I run my fingers through my hair a few times to air dry it a bit and brush my teeth. Before heading back out of the room, I grab a couple of the bath sheets and set them by the side of the bed for later on.


Dinner goes smoothly, which is a blessing in and of itself with a twenty-month-old boy eating lasagna and cake. Dana keeps shooting me heated glances over the top of William's head, fucking me with her eyes, and I forget how to breathe more times than I really care to remember to count. After dinner and dessert, we open the public presents for Valentine's Day. William is so proud of the macaroni and popsicle stick picture frames he made both of us, with Zo and Alexis' help. And of course, he adores the Thomas the Tank Engine plushy and actually starts walking toward his bedroom without prompting.

"If I'd known that that's all it would take to get him to go to bed on his own, I wouldn't have saved it for today," I say with a laugh, eyebrows waggling at Dana as she brings him back to the couch for a little longer.

"You really are incorrigible and insatiable," she replies, then her eyes go round when she opens the box of chocolates. Dana leans over and plants a kiss full of all sorts of promises on me. She knows by the card that there's something more for later, and wisely says nothing about this in front of our son.

I am impressed by the pocket watch Dana gives me, particularly once I see the picture of our family from Christmas morning on the front within a beautiful border design that I don't immediately recognize. I've never considered wearing such a watch, but I must admit that I could get used to the comfortable, almost familiar weight in my pocket during the day, especially when I'm away from my family.

"I remember my father had always wanted a watch like this," she explains, a finger tracing the delicate ouroboros design on the outside. "He wouldn't dare use one when he was in the Navy, mainly because he didn't want to lose or ruin it. And then, he just never got around to it. I hope you like it."

Without thought, I reach out to pull her into a tight embrace and press a series of small, delicate kisses along her lips and jaw. "Like it? Baby, I love it. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful gift." My voice suddenly cracks as I realize there's an inscription within another ouroboros design on the inside. "Oh my god," I breathe as the words sink in, tears filling my eyes.

Eyes locked on mine, Dana takes one of my hands in hers and presses it to her heart as she reads the inscription. "Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God." She clears her own throat before saying anything more. "It's one of my favorite passages from the Bible." I can only nod slowly, still overwhelmed by the enormity of this gift. "I wanted you to have this. I just…

"When you had to go to Quantico last month to work with the BAU, I was beside myself. I hated that you were so far away, and it really had nothing to do with the fact that it was our anniversary. I've gotten very used to having you around these last four years, and I couldn't function properly with you gone. And when I went to bed that night, after you'd set up everything you had and called to talk to me, this passage ran through my mind just before I fell asleep. When I got up the next morning, I realized just what kind of an impact you've had on my life and I never want to feel as helpless and alone without you as I was that night.

"I love you, Monica, and I am willing to go wherever you go, as long as we're together. You and William are my reasons for existence."

Leaning in for a gentle, humbling kiss, I cling to this woman that has come to mean so damned much to me over the years. William snuggles in between us to press sloppy kisses of his own to our cheeks, and I turn to pepper his face with noisy kisses, making him giggle delightedly. It's enough to bring back a sense of equilibrium for me, so I can actually speak again.

"I honestly don't know what to say, Dana, other than thank you and I love you and William more than anything or anyone else in the world."

She smiles gently, blinking back tears, and I am lost in her eyes for what feels like an eternity. William's head slumping against my shoulder breaks that magical connection between us, and I glance down at the sleepy face of our son. Dana presses a gentle kiss to his temple before brushing her lips against mine.

"Go put him to bed and I'll clean up here," she offers.

"No, don't you move a muscle," I reply, adjusting William's weight as I stand. "Just sit here and enjoy your wine. I'll put mi hijo to bed and get everything into the kitchen."

"And then the other present that you alluded to?" she asks, a slightly teasing lilt to her voice.

"Something like that," I reply, feeling an embarrassed flush crawling up to heat my face, and escape to put our son to bed before anything else is said.


"You are a very sneaky woman, Monica Reyes," Dana chuckles, taking in the box on the nightstand and the towels next to the bed. "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you planned on seducing me tonight."

Rubbing at the back of my neck, I hesitate for a moment before answering. "Yeah, about that…" My hand slips into my pocket, stroking the pocket watch. "You can open your present tonight or save it for tomorrow."

Dana turns to study me for a long moment before stepping close enough to wrap her arms around my waist, hands slipping into the back pockets of my jeans. "Are you telling me you've got a headache?" she teases lightly.

"It's not that," I reply, feeling that embarrassed flush creeping up my neck again. "I just feel differently now, after you gave me that watch. Hot monkey love just seems tawdry and cheap in comparison."

"Hot monkey love?" Dana's delighted laughter has a sensual edge that never fails to press the right buttons. "Well yeah, if you're going to call it that, it is going to sound tawdry and cheap!" She leans up on her toes to press a gentle kiss to my lips. "I don't want hot monkey love tonight, Monica, but I do want whatever you planned for me. The pocket watch wasn't supposed to change your plans at all."

"I know."

She tugs me closer for a moment before shifting to take my hand and lead me back toward the bed. Once we're settled, she stretches back to grab the box and sets it between us on the mattress. Her fingers trace the shiny paper and satiny ribbon delicately. "This is so beautifully wrapped, I almost don't want to open it. But I'm dying to know what Tessa picked out for me." My head snaps up to stare at her, but Dana keeps her eyes down on the package between us, continuing in her soft tone. "I know she helped you out, just like she helped several other people who shall remain nameless."

"I'm sorry, mi corazon," I murmur. "I promised you I wouldn't forget this year, and I did anyway."

Her finger pressed against my lips stops anything further I plan to say in apology. I meet her gaze unflinchingly, expecting to see some sort of recrimination there, finding instead that warm caring that has always melted my heart in mere seconds. This time is apparently no different.

"You remember our anniversary and my birthday, amante. Those are the important dates, and that's what's important to me. You even give me gifts on the anniversary of the day we brought Alexis to the Ranch, permanently validating the Sentinel Project. I know you don't forget on purpose." Leaning in, she replaces her finger with her lips for a far too brief kiss. "I know the meal was all you, but the rest of it was Tessa, right?" She chuckles at my nod of agreement. "I figured as much when I got the Vosges chocolates. So what else did she pick out for us?"

The package is carefully unwrapped, the paper folded up for some later use that only she knows. The ribbon she takes and ties in a loose bow around my neck before returning her attention to the box again. Each item is taken out and spread across the bed with the appropriate reactions. She opens each bottle of hand blended massage oils, surrounding us in the scents of sandalwood and cinnamon. A slow grin spreads across her face as she opens the jar of honey dust; dipping the feather daintily inside, she drags it across my lips before leaning in to lick it off my skin sensuously.

"Oh my god," I groan softly when she pulls back to glance hotly up at me from beneath the fringe of her lashes. There is dark promise in those beloved eyes, and I fight the urge to squirm.

Dana simply chuckles and pulls out the last box. One russet brow arches as she studies the box in her hand. She's drawing this out, I know she is. She obviously knows basically what's in that box, given everything else in the gift. Taking a deep breath, she eases the box open and slides out the smaller velvet box inside. Opening it, she stares at the twin silicon dildos within.

"This is an interesting gift," she finally says, the corner of her mouth twitching with the effort not to smile. Lifting one out of the box, she gasps at the sensation I well remember from my own exploration before I wrapped up the gift. "What in the world?"

Reaching for the other dildo, I let it move in my palm. "This is the latest thing that Dace and Michael have been working on. It's got that gel in it, like the stuff we have in the cold packs."

"Are you saying this can be frozen?" Dana's voice has suddenly gone hoarse at the implications of what these new toys could mean.

"Well, yeah. I just didn't freeze one because I wanted you to decide which one is yours," I say, flipping over the one in my hand to show her the end. "The gel's kind of liquidy, so it'll move inside if it's not frozen, too. And see, they're color coded, so we can each have our own. And they can go in the dishwasher, apparently."

"So we're guinea pigs for Dace and Michael?" she muses, absently stroking the dildo in her hand. "They'll want a lot of experimental data for their analysis, too." She licks her lips slowly, the tip of her tongue dragging across her skin. "I want that one," she says, pointing to the dildo in my hand. "The black dot in the base reminds me of your eyes when you get totally turned on."

That does it! To hell with my earlier misgivings about this gift in the face of that pocket watch. I don't even know what color the base of the other dildo is, and I don't care. I won't be mistaking these dildos. With painstaking deliberation, Dana puts everything back in the gift box, except for the dildos and the massage oils. Box set on the nightstand, she grabs for the bath sheets. I'm instantly on my feet to help her spread them across the bed, then slip out of the bedroom to check on William. Thankfully, he's deeply asleep, curled around his Thomas plushy and snoring softly.

When I return to the bedroom, Dana's already pulled out the harness and fitted her new toy into it before resting it on the bed next to her. Lube, the massage oils, and a hand towel lay on the nightstand next to the box. She's slipped off her clothes already and is sprawled back indolently on the bed, eyes burning into me as I come closer.

"You are far too overdressed, amante," she purrs, one hand lazily gliding down her body.

My mouth goes dry at the sight of her lying there, wanton and needy. Fumbling to remove the few things I'm wearing, my eyes don't leave hers for a single moment. As I lay the pocket watch on my nightstand before slipping out of my jeans, she crawls to the edge of the bed, dragging the harness behind her. The heat of her gaze follows my panties down my legs until I'm standing just as nakedly as she is. She crooks her finger, beckoning me closer for a deep kiss before helping me into the harness. Finally letting me up for air, Dana grins and pulls me onto the bed by the harness, settling me in the center of the bed on my back.

"But I thought--"

"Change of plans," is all she'll say as she straddles my lap, the dildo jutting up along the curve of her ass. The evidence of her arousal warms against my stomach, and I can't help squirming in response. She pours a small amount from each bottle of massage oil into her palm, blending the scents as she warms it up. "Relax, amante, and enjoy."

Who am I to contradict such heady orders? I mouth "I love you" and reach up to stroke her cheek softly as I settle back more comfortably on the bed. Her hands grow slick and shiny from the oil before she leans in to rest them on my shoulders as she kisses me again. Her fingers glide across my face before moving down to massage the oil into my neck and shoulders. The combined scent of sandalwood and cinnamon surrounds me, and I arch into each touch she presses to my body: face, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest. My skin is tingling in the wake of her sensual movements, and I ache to touch her in the same way.

Her fingers tease my nipples into stiff peaks, and each touch sends a jolt of desire straight to my clit. My eyelids slide shut against the onslaught of sensations, my fingers gliding up along her thighs to grip at her hips tightly. Her teeth closing around one nipple is enough to snap my eyes open again to stare at her in shock and arousal. She licks her lips and stretches up to kiss me again, tongue plundering my mouth possessively. I don't even try to stop the groan escaping my lips, nor do I resist the urge to slip a hand between our bodies. Two fingers unerringly find and slip into her pussy as my thumb rubs along her clit.

"Mon," she moans into my mouth, hips bucking into my hand as I slowly fuck her.

It takes less time than I'd have guessed for her to start making those incredibly sexy little whimpers that drive me crazy. Pulling my fingers free, I grip her hips and tug her up toward me. She only hesitates for a brief moment before shifting up to straddle my head. Meeting her heated gaze, I pull her hips down and suck her clit between my lips.

"Oh fucking God," she whines, gripping the headboard for balance as she grinds down against my face.

Smiling against her heated flesh, I suckle and tease her trapped clit with lips, teeth, and tongue until she's a quivering mess above me, teetering on the edge of her orgasm. I stop then, delighting in the twitching muscles to either side of my face for a long moment. And then, with a sudden flick of my tongue, I push her over the edge into oblivion.

I guess we have all night to test out that new toy strapped to my hips.